Financial And Consultancy Services: Issues In International Trade

by Rao, V.L & Jan Ter Wengel (Ed)

Financial And Consultancy Services: Issues In International Trade

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Format:  Hard Cover, 307 pages
Published:  2000, India, 1st Edition
ISBN:  0761993894
SB#:  030371 (103)

About This Book

This is the 24th volume of the influential series published by the Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development which promotes cooperation in and discriminating assessment of, policies and structures which affect basic human needs. Using data from India, the Netherlands, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaya the contribution of financial services and consultancy services to economic development in India and internationally is explored. Alternative structures and policies are assessed. The impact of liberalisation policy as an end in itself is among the important and timely issues raised, issues which are relevant to the work of policy makers, bankers and commercial firms as well as students and social analysts.

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