Monkey (Reissued 2006)

by Wu Ch'eng-En; Arthur Waley (Trans.)

Monkey (Reissued 2006)

Price:  US$19.81   (SGD27.52*)
Format:  Paper Back, 351 pages
Published:  1961, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780141024941
SB#:  024687 (803)

About This Book

Prince Tripitaka, a young Buddhist priest, has undertaken a dangerous quest to travel to India to retrieve sacred scriptures from a temple. On his way he finds three unruly companions who become his disciples: the greedy pig creature Pigsy, the river monster Sandy, and Monkey. Hatched from a stone egg and given the secrets of immortality, the mischievous trickster Monkey can fly through the air, ride on clouds, become invisible and transform himself into other shapes. These skills prove very handy when the four travellers come up against dragons, bandits, demons and evil wizards that seem determined to get in their way. This classic tale, also known as Journey to the West, was translated into English by Sinologist Arthur Waley in 1942.

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