Self-Help And National Integration (Amp Occ Pap 3)

by Simon Tay, Zainul Abidin Rasheed Et Al

Self-Help And National Integration (Amp Occ Pap 3)

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Format:  Paper Back, 50 pages
Published:  1996, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9810080166
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About This Book

This paper is an edited transcription of the proceedings of a seminar of the same name held on 10 June 1995 at the Kent Ridge Guild House, National University of Singapore. Ethnic-based self-help groups have existed in Singapore for some time. The main objective of these groups is to assist in the upliftment of the community, especially its more disadvantaged members, in the educational, economic and social fields. However, the existence of such ethnic-based self-help groups has also caused concern among many who fear their adverse effects on national integration. In discussing this issue, the seminar speakers examined the role of self-help groups and their impact on national integration, reviewed the pros and cons of the ethnic self-help approach vis-à-vis multi-racialism in Singapore, and debated the future of self-help groups in Singapore.

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