From Time To Time

by Lin Hsin Hsin

From Time To Time

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Format:  Paper Back, 255 pages
Published:  1991, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9810027052
SB#:  011458 (801)

About This Book

Singaporean Lin Hsin Hsin's collection is a kaleidoscope of entertaining and accessible poetry. She draws her themes from both the serious and the trivial: you will find powerful evocations of the horrors of the Gulf War side by side with whimsical commentaries on lucky draws and closing-down sales. Yet whatever the subject you are drawn in by the deceptive simplicity of the language and the form of the poems. Once inside you find yourself confronted by a new and unusual viewpoint; often expressed with a gentle humour, which obliges you to re-examine your own assumptions on matters great and small, from the language of economics to cellular phones and MRT ads.

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