Encounter: A Novel Of Nineteenth-Century Korea

by Hahn Moo-Sook

Encounter: A Novel Of Nineteenth-Century Korea

Price:  US$20.84   (SGD28.95*)
Format:  Paper Back, 325 pages
Published:  1992, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  0520073819
SB#:  001325 (804)

About This Book

This is a historical novel by one of Asia's most honored writers, brings to life the world of traditional Korea on the brink of change. The novel recounts the experiences of Tasan, a high-ranking official and foremost Neo-Confucian scholar at the beginning of the nineteeth century. Because of his fascination with Western learning, then synonymous with Catholicism, Tasan is exiled to a remote province for eighteen years. In banishment, he comes to know people from many social and religious backgrounds - Buddhist monks, peasants, shamans - whose acts of perseverance, heroism, and quiet faith attest to the resilience of the Korean spirit.

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