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Mian Dian - Jun Shi Du Cai Wu Shi Nian

Gu Changyong (Samuel Cy Ku) /Paper Back /2015  (SB#058118)
Price: US$14.96

Uncommon Nation, An: Singapore Through The Eyes Of Andrew James Ong

Ong, Andrew /Paper Back /2015  (SB#058080)
Price: US$17.20

Institutional Engineering And Political Accountability In Indonesia, Thailand And The Philippines

Ziegenhain, Patrick /Paper Back /2015  (SB#058060)
Price: US$31.92

Can Singapore Survive

Kishore Mahbubani /Paper Back /2015  (SB#058018)
Price: US$20.00

"Original Sin"? Revising The Revisionist Critique The 1963 Operation Coldstore In Singapore

Ramakrishna, Kumar /Paper Back /2015  (SB#058016)
Price: US$28.72

Singapore Perspectives 2014

Matthews, Matthew; C. Gee, W F Chiang (Eds.) /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057968)
Price: US$23.20

Institutions And Social Mobilization: The Chinese Education Movement In Malaysia, 1951-2011

Ang Ming Chee /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057922)
Price: US$31.92

Japan's Asean Policy: In Search Of Proactive Multilateralism

Sudo, Sueo /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057921)
Price: US$31.92

Tragic Orphans: Indians In Malaysia

Belle, Carl Vadivella /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057919)
Price: US$39.92

Quest For Political Power: Communist Subversion And Militancy In Singapore

Singh, Bilveer /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057868)
Price: US$29.84

Politics Of The Temporary: An Ethnography Of Migrant Life In Urban Malaysia

Politics Of The Temporary: An Ethnography Of Migrant Life In Urban Malaysia

Parthiban Muniandy /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057857)
Price: US$9.74

Old War, New Methods: The Fight Against Terror

Old War, New Methods: The Fight Against Terror

Murugaian, Nirmala /Paper Back /2015  (SB#057810)
Price: US$11.20

Navigating The Indo-Pacific Arc (Rsis Mono No. 32)

Graham, Euan; Tsjeng Zhizhao Henrick (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057962)
Price: US$88.00

13Th Malaysia Elections, The: Issues, Trends And Future Trajectories (Rsis Mono. No. 30) (Rsis Mono No. 31)

Mohamed Nawab; Bin Mohamed Osman (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057960)
Price: US$100.00

Colour Of Inequality, The: Ethnicity, Class, Income And Wealth In Malaysia

Muhammed Abdul Khalid /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057930)
Price: US$16.80

Trends In Southeast Asia 2014 #11 - The Politics Of Religious Expression In Malaysia

Mohd Azzizuddin Mohd Sani (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057917)
Price: US$10.32

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