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50 Years Of Malaysia: Federalism Revisited

Harding, Andrew J.; James Chin (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057464)
Price: US$25.60

Religious Diversity In Muslim-Majority States In Southeast Asia: Areas Of Toleration And Conflict

Platzdasch, Bernhard; J. Saravanamuttu (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057449)
Price: US$39.92

Trafficking In Human Beings: Learning From Asian And European Experiences

Trafficking In Human Beings: Learning From Asian And European Experiences

Hofmeister, Wilhelm; Patrick Rueppel (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057443)
Price: US$28.00



Henson, Bertha /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057386)
Price: US$21.60

Starry Island: New Writing From Singapore

Stewart, Frank; Fiona Sze-Lorrain /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057367)
Price: US$19.20

Prisms On The Golden Pagoda: Perspectives On National Reconciliation In Myanmar

Kyaw Yin Hlaing (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057294)
Price: US$30.40

Identity And Pleasure: The Politics Of Indonesian Screen Culture

Heryanto, Ariel /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057293)
Price: US$28.80

"Good Coup" Gone Bad: Thailand's Political Development Since Thaksin's Downfall

Pavin Chachavalpongpun (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057284)
Price: US$31.92

Southeast Asian Affairs 2014

Singh, Daljit (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057282)
Price: US$34.32

Pemuda Rising: Why Indonesia Should Pay Attention To Its Youth (Rsis Mono. No. 29)

Sebastian, Leonard C. Et Al (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057207)
Price: US$62.40

Regional Dynamics In A Decentralized Indonesia

Hill, Hal (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057187)
Price: US$31.92

Migration Revolution: Philippine Nationhood & Class Relations In A Globalized Age

Aguilar Jr., Filomeno V. /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057110)
Price: US$28.80

Debating Democratization In Myanmar

Cheesman, Nick; N. Farrelly & T. Wilson (Eds.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057103)
Price: US$31.92

Misplaced Democracy: Malaysian Politics And People

Misplaced Democracy: Malaysian Politics And People

Limiere, Sophie (Ed.) /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057099)
Price: US$21.41

Jalan Yang Lurus

Kassim Ahmad /Paper Back /2014  (SB#057067)
Price: US$11.67

Sembang Kenidupan

Sembang Kenidupan

Meor /Paper Back /2014  (SB#056983)
Price: US$7.78

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