Economics (general)

Rethinking The Economics Of Land And Housing

Rethinking The Economics Of Land And Housing

Josh Ryan-Collins; T.Lloyd; L. Macfarlane /Paper Back /2017  (SB#060647)
Price: US$24.83

Pocket Piketty

Pocket Piketty

Roine, Jesper /Paper Back /2017  (SB#060646)
Price: US$11.88

Urban Strategies For Culture-Driven Growth: Co-Creating A European Capital Of Culture

Wahlin, Nils; Maria Kapsali Et Al /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060745)
Price: US$110.88

Handbook On Gender In World Politics

Steans, Jill; Daniela Tepe-Belfrage (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060740)
Price: US$253.44

Migration, Citizenship And Identity: Selected Essays

Castles, Stephen /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060739)
Price: US$190.08

Global Regionalisms And Higher Education: Projects, Processes, Politics

Robertson, Susan L.; Kris Olds Et Al (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060738)
Price: US$142.56

Linking Eu Climate And Energy Policies: Decision-Making, Implementation And Reform

Skjaerseth, Jon Birger; Per Ove Eikeland Et Al /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060736)
Price: US$126.72

Economics Of Climate-Resilient Development

Fankhauser, Sam; Thomas K. J. Mcdermott (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060735)
Price: US$118.80

Economics Of Environmental Policy, The: Behavioral And Political Dimensions

Sterner, Thomas; Jessica Coria (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060734)
Price: US$277.20

Ethics, Environmental Justice And Climate Change

Harris, Paul G. /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060733)
Price: US$522.72

Concept Of Climate Migration, The: Advocacy And Its Prospects

Mayer, Benoit /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060732)
Price: US$150.48

Refugees, Regionalism And Responsibility

Mathew, Penelope; Tristan Harley /Paper Back /2016  (SB#060731)
Price: US$134.64

International Law And Migration (2 Volume Set)

Chetail, Vincent /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060730)
Price: US$649.44

Global Public Goods

Kaul, Inge (Ed.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060728)
Price: US$419.76

International Monetary System And The Theory Of Monetary Systems

Salin, Pascal /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060727)
Price: US$126.72

What's Wrong With Keynesian Economic Theory?

Kates, Steven (Eds.) /Paper Back /2016  (SB#060726)
Price: US$55.44

Economics Of Food Security, The (2 Volume Set)

Jha, Raghbendra; Raghav Gaiha /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060724)
Price: US$784.08

Handbook Of The History Of Economic Analysis Volume Iii: Developments In Major Fields Of Economics

Faccarello, Gilbert; Heinz D. Kurz (Eds.) /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060722)
Price: US$348.48

Brief History Of Political Economy, A: Tales Of Marx, Keynes And Hayek

Magnussion, Lars; Bo Strath /Hard Cover /2016  (SB#060719)
Price: US$110.88

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