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All Agog In ChinaAll Agog In China by Mcdouall, Stuart

Stuart McDouall and his wife, Susanna, after each had retired, decided to go on a tour of China, beginning from the end of January 2012. It was an open-ended tour with a loosely-planned itinerary. In the event, it took five months. Here, they, they recount their journey in an impressionistic, episodic and selective way. He kept a hand-written diary of what he deemed to be noteworthy events and took over a thousand photographs to jog his memory. Many of them are included in this book.

7 Days In Myanmar7 Days In Myanmar by Falconer, John; Denis Gray Et Al

This is a unique photographic celebration of the rich culture, stunning landscapes and diverse peoples of Myanmar. Here is the new Myanmar as seen over a single week by a team of thirty famous photographers from eleven different countries. Their mission? To capture the life and spirit of Myanmar from every angle in every corner of the country. Through the downtown streets of Yangon and the handicraft centres of Mandalay, above the temple-dotted plains of Bagan and on the waters of Inle Lake, inside border towns and hilltribe villages and all the way to the furthest reaches of the north and south.

Exploring Bangkok: An Architectural And Historical GuidebookExploring Bangkok: An Architectural And Historical Guidebook by Ward, Robin

This book has eight tours, some walkable, others by skytrain, metro and Chao Phraya riverboat, which make sense of the city's complexity and reveal its variety of outstanding buildings, from the breathtaking to the bizarre. This is the perfect companion for curious visitors, architectural enthusiasts, designers and residents.

Images Of Indonesia by Von Holzen, Heinz; Fabian Von Holzen

The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago comprising over 17,508 islands. Indonesia was the centre of early international trade routes and since the 7th century, locals have absorbed foreign cultural, religious and political beliefs. The country also has a rich cultural history being home to many distinct ethnic groups. Covering a vast sprawling area, Indonesia boasts amazing natural beauty with volcanoes, waterfalls and many other natural features. Images of Indonesia visits the key attractions of the country and captures its people and their lifestyles. It is the perfect introduction for visitors, and an excellent keepsake for tourists, locals and anyone with an eye for culture brought to life through the camera lens.

Old Man's Rules For Hitchhiking, AnOld Man's Rules For Hitchhiking, An by Mcglynn, John Jr.

Populated with characters Mark Twain would have appreciated, McGlynn's tales of travels to Mexico, Indonesia, and other exotic ports of call are those of a modern-day Everyman, and are as recognizable to an American as they would be to an Indonesian about the common nature of man. His guide to hitchhiking, written after more than fifty years of experience on the road, displays a singular sense of wit and irony and provides remarkable insights into the foibles of mankind.

Short Ride In The Jungle, A: The Ho Chi Minh Trail By MotorcycleShort Ride In The Jungle, A: The Ho Chi Minh Trail By Motorcycle by Bolingbroke-Kent, Antonia

The Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the greatest feats of military engineering in history. But since the end of the Vietnam War much of this vast transport network has been reclaimed by jungle, while remaining sections are littered with a deadly legacy of unexploded bombs. For Antonia, a veteran of ridiculous adventures in unfeasible vehicles, the chance to explore the Trail before it's lost forever was a personal challenge she couldn't ignore - yet it would sometimes be a terrifying journey. Setting out from Hanoi on an ageing Honda Cub, she spent the next two months riding 2,000 miles through the mountains and jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Battling in hospitable terrain and multiple breakdowns, her experiences ranged from the touching to the hilarious, meeting former American fighter pilots, tribal chiefs,illegal loggers and bomb disposal experts.The story of her brave journey is thrilling and poignant: a unique insight into a little known face of Southeast Asia.

Tibet, The Last CryTibet, The Last Cry by Meyer, Eric (Text); Laurent Zylberman (Images)

Eric Meyer and Laurent Zylberman were the only freelance journalists allowed into Tibet after the 2008 riots which left parts of Lhasa in ruins. They saw the friction between two cultures: police and soldiers patrol the towns, while crowds of Han immigrants pour into the region like new frontier settlers seeking their fortunes. A series of black-and-white photographs intertwine - often in a single shot - the clashes between two very different communities who have never fully understood each other. Narrated day by day, both text and images immerse the reader in an eye-opening journey across the roof of the world.

Landskap Kembara: Perjalanan Rencam Seniman by Raja Ahmad Aminullah

SuaraSuara, suatu penerbitan imprint R A Fine Arts berhasrat untuk menghadirkan SuaraSuara generasi baru yang diekspresi dalam bentuk fiksyen, puisi, foto, lakaran, esei-esei perjalanan dan seumpamanya. ...Landskap Kembara: Perjalanan Rencam Seniman adalah suatu upaya ke arah itu. Melalui Landskap Kembara, kita dapat membaca tulisan penulis-penulis baru seperti Intan Rafiza, M.F. Nasution, Masnoor Ramli Mahmud, Ameruddin Ahmad, Tabosha Maddijee dan lain-lain. Namun kita juga ikut sertakan penulisan seniman mapan seperti Siti Zainon Ismail, Nisah Haron dan Rhimidin Zahari. Destinasi-destinasi yang dituju merangkumi negara-negara Indonesia, Cuba, Afganistan, Australia, Afrika Selatan dan Filipina. …penulis memperihalkan kembara yang bukan semata bersifat perjalanan fizikal tapi lebih kepada pengalaman melihat, merenung, dan berfikir semasa menangkapi suasana dimana mereka berada.

Travelscapes: Alternative Journeys by Raja Ahmad Aminul Aminullah (Ed.)

… consist of essays on travel by individuals with varied backgrounds. Among them is a retiree, two former young journalists, a young lawyer, and a new generation IT expert. The journey encompass not only the physical landscape. More interestingly, it includes fictional and mystical landscapes as well as more contemporary re-telling of a grandfather's durian orchard. It also involves a journey through history as in Majapahit by Zulkifli Mohamad. …the stories are also prescient observations made by the writers as they passed through various landscapes. The outer features are noticed, but so are the internal dynamics of these places which are also investigated by these writers.

Time Out: Seoul (Malay Edition)Time Out: Seoul (Malay Edition) by

Pakar-pakar Time Out membawa anda terus ke nadi ibu negeri paling menarik di Korea Selatan. Selain merangkumi maklumat asas bagi pelawat, memberikan maklumat-maklumat mendalam tentang budaya tempatan dan petua-petua serta ulasan-ulasan bebas lebih 400 lokasi yang tiada tandingannya, Time Out Seoul meneroka segala-galanya dari kuil-kuil yang bersejarah, bilik-bilik teh tradisional, pusat membeli-belah berlampu neon hingga ke bar koktel yang canggih.

Following Fish: Travels Around The Indian CoastFollowing Fish: Travels Around The Indian Coast by Subramanian, Samanth

In a coastline as long and diverse as India's, fish inhabit the heart of many worlds - food of course, but also culture, commerce, sport, history and society. Journeying along the edges of the peninsula, Samanth Subramanian delivers a kaleidoscope of extraordinary stories. Following Fish conducts rich journalistic investigations of, among others, the use of fish to treat asthmatics in Hyderabad; of the preparation and the process of eating West Bengal's prized hilsa; of the ancient art of building fishing boats in Gujarat; of the fiery cuisine and the singular spirit of Kerala's toddy shops; of the food and the lives of Mumbai's first peoples; of the history of an old Catholic fishing community in Tamil Nadu; and of the hunt for the world's fastest fish near Goa. Pulsating with pleasure, adventure and discovery, and tempered by nostalgia and loss, Following Fish reveals a series of unknown Indias in a book as revealing of the subcontinent as any three times its length.

Love In PenangLove In Penang by Tan, Anna (Ed.)

Penang, with its mix of old world charm and modern bustle, has captured the hearts of many - making it the ideal place for a little bit of romance. Bask in the sweetness of young hearts falling in love and cheer them on when circumstances stand in their way. Walk through the pain of broken relationships and rejoice at unexpected reunions. hether you prefer it happy or bittersweet, straightforward or a little complicated, Love in Penang offers you 18 morsels of love in various forms.

Images Of Gardens By The BayImages Of Gardens By The Bay by Go, Bernard (Photos)

Images of Gardens by the Bay is the definitive collection of photographs of the lively Bay South Garden showcasting the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. The highlights of Bay South Garden include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories as well as the Supertree Grove. Filled with stunning photographs Images of Gardens by the Bay captures the Gardens from dawn to dusk and into the night, presenting lush landscaped panoramas, close-ups of flora as well as dramatic structures with specialised integrated lighting effects.

Walking Tour, A: Kuala Lumpur - Sketches Of The City's Architectural TreasuresWalking Tour, A: Kuala Lumpur - Sketches Of The City's Architectural Treasures by Southgate, Audrey; G. Byrne Bracken

Although a bustling city, Kuala Lumpur still contains pockets of old-world charm that have remained almost untouched since the city was first founded back in the nineteenth century. One of the best ways of exploring these different areas and really getting a flavour of their culture is on foot. This series of walking routes lets readers explore the city's rich and multi-faceted architectural heritage - from stately colonial-era bungalows to modern skyscrapers, accompanied by charming architectural sketches.

Lonely Planet: TaiwanLonely Planet: Taiwan by Bender, Andrew; Julie Grundvig & Robert Kelly

With its all-round adventure landscape, heritage-rich capital, diverse folk traditions and feted night market scene, Taiwan offers a continent-sized travel list for one green island. This guide book features city walks, full-colour Taipei maps and recommendations from our expert authors. Also included are features on Taiwan's outdoors, where to eat & drink like a local, temples and temple arts and a wildlife guide. This book covers Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Taroko National Park, the East Coast, Yushan National Park, Western Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, and Taiwan's Islands.

Lonely Planet: BhutanLonely Planet: Bhutan by Brown, Lindsay; Bradley Mayhew Et Al

Bhutan, known as the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', is a Himalayan kingdom where the best of traditional culture thrives and the latest sustainable developments are enthusiastically embraced. This guide book features inspirational images, destination highlights, local secrets and hidden travel gems. Advice is also given on trip booking, trekking and surviving Bhutan. In addition, there are essays on Buddhism in Bhutan and on native architecture. This book covers Thimphu, Western Bhutan, Western Bhutan, and Eastern Bhutan.

More Than A Mountain: The Journey Of Singapore's First Women's Team To The Summit Of Mount EverestMore Than A Mountain: The Journey Of Singapore's First Women's Team To The Summit Of Mount Everest by Singapore Women's Everest Team

Six young Singaporean women climed Mount Everest in May 2009. With many photographs the background of this achievement is described and details given of the recruitment and training of the original 18 girls from 2004 until the final six were selected. Photographs and life summaries for each of the team include their own views on their aims and the training programme which included climbs at home and overseas. Their coach, Kim Boon, describes the original group of 18 girls and the very considerable obstacles they each had to overcome before the selection of final team of six who took the Singapore flag to the summit on May 20 and 22 of 2009. With photographs, graphics, glossary and sponsorship listings.

Bali & Lombok (Tuttle Travel Pack)Bali & Lombok (Tuttle Travel Pack) by Greenway, Paul

Tuttle Travel Pack Bali & Lombok is your passport to an unforgettable journey to Asia's favorite tropical islands. Author Paul Greenway is a seasoned travel writer and frequent visitor to these islands, and he recommends the very best places and activities-from the dramatic cliff-top temple at Ulu Watu with its entrancing Barong dance, to the cool highland lakes of Bratan and Bedugul with their hot springs and lush greenery, to the trendy beach resorts and boutiques of Seminyak, the idyllic beaches of the Gili Islands off Lombok, and much more.

Unforeseen Mile, The: A Journey Across AmericaUnforeseen Mile, The: A Journey Across America by Quistography (Photos)

In The Unforeseen Mile: A Journey across America, Quist Tsang crisscrosses America with a keen eye on capturing even the most fleeting moments of inspiration, emotion and nostalgia. From a backyard barbeque to a wedding ceremony, to the majesty of the Mohave Desert and streets of New York, each image offers a glimpse of something quintessential about American culture - and into Tsang's own uniquely free spirited soul.

Singapore: World CitySingapore: World City by Inglis, Kim

While at first sight this might be described as a "coffee table book" it does not present just the quaint and historic aspects of Singapore but in 370 colour photographs with insets and well-researched text introduces many of the realities of multi-dimensioned and dynamic city-state of today. Part One presents the city and its diverse population and their ways of life, habits and interests. Part Two explores Singapore's buildings, varied sites and sometimes unexpected habitats and biodiversity. With street plans, basic information on travel facilities, currency and emergency needs.