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Love In PenangLove In Penang by

Penang, with its mix of old world charm and modern bustle, has captured the hearts of many - making it the ideal place for a little bit of romance. Bask in the sweetness of young hearts falling in love and cheer them on when circumstances stand in their way. Walk through the pain of broken relationships and rejoice at unexpected reunions. hether you prefer it happy or bittersweet, straightforward or a little complicated, Love in Penang offers you 18 morsels of love in various forms.

Images Of Gardens By The BayImages Of Gardens By The Bay by Go, Bernard (Photos)

Images of Gardens by the Bay is the definitive collection of photographs of the lively Bay South Garden showcasting the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. The highlights of Bay South Garden include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories as well as the Supertree Grove. Filled with stunning photographs Images of Gardens by the Bay captures the Gardens from dawn to dusk and into the night, presenting lush landscaped panoramas, close-ups of flora as well as dramatic structures with specialised integrated lighting effects.

Walking Tour, A: Kuala Lumpur - Sketches Of The City's Architectural TreasuresWalking Tour, A: Kuala Lumpur - Sketches Of The City's Architectural Treasures by Southgate, Audrey; G. Byrne Bracken

Although a bustling city, Kuala Lumpur still contains pockets of old-world charm that have remained almost untouched since the city was first founded back in the nineteenth century. One of the best ways of exploring these different areas and really getting a flavour of their culture is on foot. This series of walking routes lets readers explore the city's rich and multi-faceted architectural heritage - from stately colonial-era bungalows to modern skyscrapers, accompanied by charming architectural sketches.

Lonely Planet: TaiwanLonely Planet: Taiwan by Bender, Andrew; Julie Grundvig & Robert Kelly

With its all-round adventure landscape, heritage-rich capital, diverse folk traditions and feted night market scene, Taiwan offers a continent-sized travel list for one green island. This guide book features city walks, full-colour Taipei maps and recommendations from our expert authors. Also included are features on Taiwan's outdoors, where to eat & drink like a local, temples and temple arts and a wildlife guide. This book covers Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Taroko National Park, the East Coast, Yushan National Park, Western Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, and Taiwan's Islands.

Lonely Planet: BhutanLonely Planet: Bhutan by Brown, Lindsay; Bradley Mayhew Et Al

Bhutan, known as the 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', is a Himalayan kingdom where the best of traditional culture thrives and the latest sustainable developments are enthusiastically embraced. This guide book features inspirational images, destination highlights, local secrets and hidden travel gems. Advice is also given on trip booking, trekking and surviving Bhutan. In addition, there are essays on Buddhism in Bhutan and on native architecture. This book covers Thimphu, Western Bhutan, Western Bhutan, and Eastern Bhutan.

More Than A Mountain: The Journey Of Singapore's First Women's Team To The Summit Of Mount EverestMore Than A Mountain: The Journey Of Singapore's First Women's Team To The Summit Of Mount Everest by Singapore Women's Everest Team

Six young Singaporean women climed Mount Everest in May 2009. With many photographs the background of this achievement is described and details given of the recruitment and training of the original 18 girls from 2004 until the final six were selected. Photographs and life summaries for each of the team include their own views on their aims and the training programme which included climbs at home and overseas. Their coach, Kim Boon, describes the original group of 18 girls and the very considerable obstacles they each had to overcome before the selection of final team of six who took the Singapore flag to the summit on May 20 and 22 of 2009. With photographs, graphics, glossary and sponsorship listings.

Bali & Lombok (Tuttle Travel Pack)Bali & Lombok (Tuttle Travel Pack) by Greenway, Paul

Tuttle Travel Pack Bali & Lombok is your passport to an unforgettable journey to Asia's favorite tropical islands. Author Paul Greenway is a seasoned travel writer and frequent visitor to these islands, and he recommends the very best places and activities-from the dramatic cliff-top temple at Ulu Watu with its entrancing Barong dance, to the cool highland lakes of Bratan and Bedugul with their hot springs and lush greenery, to the trendy beach resorts and boutiques of Seminyak, the idyllic beaches of the Gili Islands off Lombok, and much more.

Unforeseen Mile, The: A Journey Across AmericaUnforeseen Mile, The: A Journey Across America by Quistography (Photos)

In The Unforeseen Mile: A Journey across America, Quist Tsang crisscrosses America with a keen eye on capturing even the most fleeting moments of inspiration, emotion and nostalgia. From a backyard barbeque to a wedding ceremony, to the majesty of the Mohave Desert and streets of New York, each image offers a glimpse of something quintessential about American culture - and into Tsang's own uniquely free spirited soul.

Singapore: World CitySingapore: World City by Inglis, Kim

While at first sight this might be described as a "coffee table book" it does not present just the quaint and historic aspects of Singapore but in 370 colour photographs with insets and well-researched text introduces many of the realities of multi-dimensioned and dynamic city-state of today. Part One presents the city and its diverse population and their ways of life, habits and interests. Part Two explores Singapore's buildings, varied sites and sometimes unexpected habitats and biodiversity. With street plans, basic information on travel facilities, currency and emergency needs.

7 Days In Myanmar7 Days In Myanmar by Falconer, John; Denis Gray Et Al

Now, for the first time ever, the rich culture, stunning landscapes and diverse peoples of Myanmar are presented in a unique visual time capsule. Here is the new Myanmar as seen over a single week by a team of thirty famous photographers from eleven different countries. Their mission? To capture the life and spirit of Myanmar from every angle in every corner of the country. Featuring essays that provide context on Myanmar's history and culture and hundreds of outstanding original photographs, 7 Days in Myanmar shows why the world is watching Myanmar and why Myanmar is ready for the world.

Natural Wonders: Mountain, Rainforest And ReefNatural Wonders: Mountain, Rainforest And Reef by Hutton, Wendy

With its superb photography, highly readable text and diversity of locations, Natural Wonders: Mountain, Rainforest & Reef takes the reader on a voyage of discovery. From the coral reefs of Southeast Asia to the snowy mountains of Hokkaido in Japan, from the rich diversity of the rainforest to live volcanos, from misty cloud forest to idyllic islands, this book brings each and every habitat to life. Gibbons and orangutans, exquisite birds and jewel-bright insects, snakes and sea turtles, orchids and mangroves - all the richness of the wildlife and plants of eight different regions is captured here.

Scenes Of Singapore: A Watercolour AlbumScenes Of Singapore: A Watercolour Album by Foo Kwee Horng

Foo Kwee Horng presents in this album watercolours and ink some 90 views (plus 4 detachable postcards) of Singapore as it is. Public buildings and monuments, shops and markets, streets and dwellings, parks, popular food courts, bus queues, the river are among the facets of Singapore to be seen here or nostalgically admired from afar.

Bali: The Legendary IsleBali: The Legendary Isle by Booz, Patrick R.

High quality colour photography here sets out, with high introductory commentary, some of the beauties of the rural Bali scene and the traditional rituals and work of its rural people. This collection proves once again that the subject material is again proving to be inexhaustible source of beauty and grace.

Delhi, Agra & Jaipur (Dk Eyewitness Travel)Delhi, Agra & Jaipur (Dk Eyewitness Travel) by Chaturvedi, Anuradha; Et Al

This fully updated guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the must-see sites, plus street-by-street maps of all the fascinating cities and towns in Delhi, Agra & Jaipur effortlessly.

Top 10 Singapore (Eyewitness Travel)Top 10 Singapore (Eyewitness Travel) by Eveland, Jennifer; Susy Atkinson

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: Singapore will lead you straight to the very best on offer. Whether you're looking for the things not to miss at the Top 10 sights, or want to find the best nightspots; this guide is the perfect pocket-sized companion.

Mecca The Blessed, Medina The Radiant The Holiest Cities Of IslamMecca The Blessed, Medina The Radiant The Holiest Cities Of Islam by Seyyed Hossein Nasr; Ali Kazuyoshi Nomachi (Photo)

This informative and beautiful presentation of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and their significance may well be unique high quality photographs and explanatory text shows the devotion and diversity of the pilgrims from all over the world and the beauty and history of the holy sites and buildings. The specially-permitted photography is by Japanese Ali Kazuyoshi Nomachi and the text by scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr. Glossary.

Indonesia (Tuttle Travel Pack)Indonesia (Tuttle Travel Pack) by Hoffman, Linda

The "Tuttle Travel Pack Indonesia" takes you to the top 15 places to visit in Indonesia, and details the amazing array of things you can do in each location--including the old and modern worlds of Jakarta, the ancient temple of Borobudur, the beaches famous for surfing and sea sport, and so much more. With well thought-out, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry and packed with historical information, handy lists, 31 detailed maps, a large pull out map, photographs, and useful notes for planning your journey.

My Private ChinaMy Private China by Kuo, Alex

What do normal people in China look forward to when they get up in the morning? What about the personal friend of Chairman Mao - and how does his granddaughter relate to him after the murderous Cultural Revolution? For the last 73 years, American Book Award winner Alex Kuo has travelled back-and-forth between America and China. These letters and essays portray the private China, and provide indispensable cultural information for anyone interested in the People's Republic in the 21st century.

Middle Kingdom Ride, The: 2 Brothers, 2 Motorcyles, An Epic Journey Around ChinaMiddle Kingdom Ride, The: 2 Brothers, 2 Motorcyles, An Epic Journey Around China by Pyle, Colin; Ryan Pyle

Circumnavigate China on a motorbicycle? Perhaps a harebrained dream but achieved by the two Canadian Pyle brothers in 65 days in 2010. Here they share the tale of many unexpected events and sights, unforeseen tests of endurance, thrills and misunderstandings as well as glorious sights and examples of human kindness. With sketch maps and colour photographs.

Dream Cities: Inspirational Urban EscapesDream Cities: Inspirational Urban Escapes by Mason, Anthony

Here are scenic photostudies with a descriptive commentary and information insets for 50 of the world's most "inspirational" cities.