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Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale Of Women And Power In IndiaPink Sari Revolution: A Tale Of Women And Power In India by Fontanella-Khan, Amana

In Uttar Pradesh-known as the "badlands" of India-a woman's life is not entirely her own. This is one explanation for how Sheelu, a 17-year-old girl, ended up in jail after fleeing her service in the home of a powerful local legislator. In a region plagued by corruption, an incident like this might have gone unnoticed-except that it captured the attention of Sampat Pal, leader of India's infamous Gulabi (Pink) Gang. Poor and illiterate, married off around the age of twelve, pregnant with her first child at fifteen, and prohibited from attending school, Sampat Pal has risen to become the courageous commander and chief of a women's brigade numbering in the tens of thousands. Uniformed in pink saris and carrying pink batons, they aim to intervene wherever other women are victims of abuse or injustice. Joined in her struggle by Babuji, a sensitive man whose intellectualism complements her innate sense of justice, and by a host of passionate field commanders, Sampat Pal has confronted policemen and gangsters, officiated love marriages, and empowered women to become financially independent. In a country where women's rights struggle to keep up with rapid modernization, the story of Sampat Pal and her Pink Gang illuminates the thrilling possibilities of female grassroots activism.

Dapatkan Ex Kembali: Bukan Kitab Rumi IiDapatkan Ex Kembali: Bukan Kitab Rumi Ii by Rumi

Buku ini khas untuk mereka yang sudah pecah hatinya kerana seorang wanita. Jangan berhenti.

Migration And Integration: Common Challenges And Responses From Europe And AsiaMigration And Integration: Common Challenges And Responses From Europe And Asia by Hofmeister, Wilhelm; Patrick Rueppel Et. Al.

This publication includes papers with perspectives from Europe and Asia on dealing with migration and integration. The papers address issues on: What are the migration and integration policies as well as present challenges in European and Asian countries? What can they learn from each other? How do they try to facilitate migration and make it a beneficial process?

Cultural Mapping: A Guide To Understanding Place, Community And ContinuityCultural Mapping: A Guide To Understanding Place, Community And Continuity by Pillai, Janet

This book on cultural mapping provides an invaluable resource for everyone interested in having a deeper understanding of the unique character and identity of a historic place and its community. The simple step by step procedures outlining the processes, tools and techniques for collecting and assessing the cultural assets and resources of any community provide the user with a clear methodology to unravel the complex and significant elements which wake up any human settlement. This has been further demonstrated with the illustration from a case study of cultural mapping within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, Penang. An excellent resource for policy makers, planners, cultural advocates and community leaders.

Mental Healthcare Of The ElderlyMental Healthcare Of The Elderly by Kua Ee-Heok; Rathi Mahendran

Mental healthcare in many Asian countries mirrors the British model, which in the past was focused on the large mental asylum but now has a community emphasis. Geriatric Psychiatry books in libraries and bookshops are mainly from Britain and North America. In recent years, Asian countries have begun to rethink, reorganise and introduce innovations to improve their mental health services. Mental Healthcare of the Elderly contains some of these new ideas and is a primer for health professionals who are involved in the care of elderly people with mental health problems like depression and dementia.

Breaking Barriers: Portraits Of Inspiring Chinese-Indonesian WomenBreaking Barriers: Portraits Of Inspiring Chinese-Indonesian Women by Dawis, Aimee

As members of a tiny ethnic minority in Indonesia-the world's largest Islamic nation-Chinese-Indonesian women face hurdles of race and gender that others would find insurmountable. In Breaking Barriers, author Aimee Dawis profiles nine highly accomplished women who have overcome these obstacles and thrived.

Beyond The Singapore Girl: Discourses Of Gender And Nation In SingaporeBeyond The Singapore Girl: Discourses Of Gender And Nation In Singapore by Hudson, Chris

The branding of Singapore International Airlines with the image of a beautiful, petite and servile 'Oriental' woman dressed in figure-hugging sarong-kebaya is one of the world's longest running and most successful advertising campaigns. But this image does not simply advertise a service; it is part of a global and national regime of symbolic constructions of gender that today is seen as outdated and sexist. The nation's economic success has been a force for women's liberation. One catastrophic consequence of women's changed lives has been the plunge in fertility rates. Singapore has one of the world's lowest despite energetic government campaigns encouraging women to have more babies. The failure of these campaigns and rethinking of the Singapore Girl highlight a key premise of this book: there are limits to the power of discursive constructions of gender in the national interest.

Myth Or Magic - The Singapore Healthcare SystemMyth Or Magic - The Singapore Healthcare System by Lim, Jeremy

This book provides a comprehensive look at the political philosophy that has shaped Singapore's healthcare system over the last five decades, and the financing and delivery of healthcare in Singapore. It delves into different aspects of the Singapore healthcare landscape, including pharmaceutical cost management, medical tourism, doctors' remuneration, medical education, rules and regulations, workforce planning and health promotion. It suggests lessons that the Singapore healthcare story holds for healthcare policy makers and reformers and the challenges that the future holds.

Religious Activism And Women's Development In Southeast Asia (Revised Edition)Religious Activism And Women's Development In Southeast Asia (Revised Edition) by Noor Aisha; Abdul Rahman (Eds.)

2012, revised edition of 20 papers from the 2009 Singapore Conference on Religious Activism and Women's Development in Southeast Asia. Scholars from different religions and academic backgrounds (Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and politico-secular) draw on situations mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines as they explore: dominant ideas in scholarship on women and religion; religious elites and perceptions of women; woman, the family, and reproductive health; women and the law; women, education and social change; and women and the politics of social movements.

Women In Southeast Asian Nationalist MovementsWomen In Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements by Blackburn, Susan; Helen Ting (Eds.)

Books on Southeast Asian nationalist movements make very little - if any - mention of women in their ranks. Biographical studies of politically active women in Southeast Asia are also rare. Women in Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements makes a strong case for the significance of women's involvement in nationalist movements and for the diverse impact of those movements on the lives of individual women activists. Some of the 12 women whose political activities are discussed in this volume are well known, while others are not. Some of them participated in armed struggles, while others pursued peaceful ways of achieving national independence. The authors show women negotiating their own subjectivity and agency at the confluence of colonialism, patriarchal traditions, and modern ideals of national and personal emancipation. They also illustrate the constraints imposed on them by wider social and political structures, and show what it was like to live as a political activist in different times and places. Fully documented and drawing on wider scholarship, this book will be of interest to students of Southeast Asian history and politics as well as readers with a particular interest in women, nationalism and political activism.

Art Of Volunteerism, The by Tham, Mk

A senior medical practitioner with many years of experience of volunteer work in Singapore and beyond offers guidance on the preparation, personal qualities and motives for would-be volunteers. The nature, aims and support patterns of medical welfare and disaster projects and the likely roles of organizers and participants are overviewed. Photo insets indicate the diversity of ongoing volunteer work in Asia. Proceeds go to charity.

Our Amazing Quins: Raising Singapore's First Set Of Quintuplets by Chin, Dorothy

Dorothy Chin is the mother of Singapore's first surviving quintuplets, born in 1997 at KK Hospital. Here Dorothy and Humphrey Chin discuss how they prepared for and have dealt with many of the demands of their unusual - and happy - situation. Many photo insets show the children's development and the family's activities, holidays, and achievements. Mrs Chin discusses some of the problems and situations she has dealt with in a way which may encourage other parents of large families.

Challenges Of Ageing, The: Reaching Self-Awareness, Acceptance And ContentmentChallenges Of Ageing, The: Reaching Self-Awareness, Acceptance And Contentment by Navarro, Maria Carmen; Norma Miraflor

An internationally experienced psychotherapist and a writer with wide interests together ruminate on situations facing ageing individuals in today's fluid and urbanising society. The style is informal and many real-life case situations are quoted. Among the issues addressed are: strategies for mid-life; ageing as a couple; finance and housekeeping; retirement and the rest of your life; grief and bereavement; and surviving solo. In large print.

Queer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship And Mediated CulturesQueer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship And Mediated Cultures by Yue, Audrey; Jun Zubillaga-Pow

These 12 expert papers explore many different aspects of Singapore's past and present dealings with those LGBT orientation, referred to as Queer (although this term is not much used in Singapore itself). In Part One, six papers look at Cultural Citizenship and Queer Policies including: official policies in the 19th and 20th centuries; the current Regulation 377A and its twilight zone application; the 2009 AWARE Saga; homosexuality in the Singapore Military; transnational lesbian identity; Queer Politics. The Part Two papers on Media Cultures discuss gay venues in early Singapore; in English newspapers; in 1990s and 2000s cinema; in the Sapphic censorship policies; in Singaporean censorship policies; in Singaporean Indian representations; and in the Fridae web portal and innovations. With black-and-white photos, references, bibliography and index.

Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans In The Age Of ConnectionRewire: Digital Cosmopolitans In The Age Of Connection by Zuckerman, Ethan

In an age of connection supercharged by the Internet, we often assume that more people online means a smaller, more cosmopolitan world. In reality, it is easier to ship bottles of water from Fiji to Atlanta than it is to get news from Tokyo to New York. In Rewire Ethan Zuckerman draws on contemporary research in psychology, sociology and his own work on how humans "flock together" to explain why the technological ability to reach someone does not inevitably lead to increased connection.

Religion And Governance For Social Harmony In Singapore: A Christian ReflectionReligion And Governance For Social Harmony In Singapore: A Christian Reflection by Poon, Michael Nai-Chiu

How is the Singaporean society possible? This is a key question Singaporeans – new and old – need to face together, for the sake of their common home and nation.

Wild Women Do: Female Killers, Tricksters And Crooks In SingaporeWild Women Do: Female Killers, Tricksters And Crooks In Singapore by Yeo Suan Futt

This softback tells the story of 13 Singapore women in recent years who have become notorious for evil or seriously unacceptable offences against the law and social norms.

Murder Most Foul: Strangled, Poisoned And Dismembered In SingaporeMurder Most Foul: Strangled, Poisoned And Dismembered In Singapore by Yeo Suan Futt

In this volume are summary accounts of six of the most notorious and gruesome murder cases which between 1987 and 2011 made headlines in Singapore.

Deadly Stakes: Shocking True Stories Of Gambling Addiction In SingaporeDeadly Stakes: Shocking True Stories Of Gambling Addiction In Singapore by Leong, Kaiwen

Casino gambling is now of course a major feature of Singapore's economy and social scene. Here is a look at some of the industry's social impact. Ten real-life stories of local gamblers and their families show how the habit was acquired, the sometimes-immense personal and social damage it did to the gambler and to those around him, and how some but only a few have managed the almost impossible feat of conquering the habit. The author, an Assistant Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University, knows many of these gamblers and ex-gamblers through social enterprise projects.

Wise Women: Wit And Wisdom From Some Of The World's Most Extraordinary WomenWise Women: Wit And Wisdom From Some Of The World's Most Extraordinary Women by Mckenzie, Carole

Grouped alphabetically according to theme, here are more than 2000 quotations by women about women. With authors' index.