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Magical Mahogany: A Personal Encounter With One Of Singapore's Most Commonly Seen TreesMagical Mahogany: A Personal Encounter With One Of Singapore's Most Commonly Seen Trees by Francis Lim Leong Keng

Francis Lim weaves a fascinating story of the mahogany tree by blending together selected scientific facts with a rich concoction of medicinal folklore as well as elements like personal encounters, field studies and observations, experiments, and discoveries about the life and times of one of the world's best known tropical hardwood tree, the mahogany. The result is an endearing and engaging account of many aspects of this incredibly resilient and useful tree.

Sketchbook Of Philippine Garden OrchidsSketchbook Of Philippine Garden Orchids by Gozon, Patrick Andrew

This book highlights commonly cultivated species and other resilient Philippine ornamental orchids as a visual reference. The description of these specimens were written by artist, architect and devoted gardener Patrick Gozon. The book showcases 50 colourful illustrations of popular and notable orchid varieties recommended for use in tropical gardens and Philippine-inspired landscapes. The accompanying drawings attempt to capture these orchids' beauty as subjects in art.

Visual Celebration Of Borneo's WildlifeVisual Celebration Of Borneo's Wildlife by Lai, Fanny; Bjorn Olesen

Illustrated with more than 350 images, taken by Bjorn Olesen and other wildlife photographers, this is a photographic tribute to the most spectacular wildlife species on the second-largest tropical island on Earth. It displays nature's beauty, revealing many private moments of the astonishing biodiversity of Borneo, where nature runs riot. It also describes the top 16 wildlife locations in Borneo, with a comprehensive list of recommended reading, websites and blogs provided.

Pain Free: True Stories Of Transformation From Chronic Pain To Instant ReliefPain Free: True Stories Of Transformation From Chronic Pain To Instant Relief by Vistisen, Else

Now is the time to return to your best and lead a pain-free and joyful fulfilled life. That is the message of this individualized long-lasting pain solutions that are effective, none invasive and intuitive for eliminating chronic pain without drugs, no remedies and no oils or expensive physical therapy.

Temasekia: 50 Plants And Animals Native To SingaporeTemasekia: 50 Plants And Animals Native To Singapore by Chua, Marcus Ah (Ed.)

This book celebrates the biodiversity of Singapore and discoveries throughout the nation's history. The species featured in this book were described from specimens collected from Singapore, with some bearing a scientific name related to the history, geography, folklore or cultural heritage of Singapore. A select few are found only in Singapore and nowhere else in the world. All these organisms are the life and soul of the land first known as Temasek, which was the earliest name of the island and settlement located on the present day Singapore. These are the "original Singaporeans".

Taryn Simon: Field Guide To The Birds Of The West IndiesTaryn Simon: Field Guide To The Birds Of The West Indies by

In 1936 an American ornithologist named James Bond published the definitive taxonomy Birds of the West Indies. Ian Fleming, an active bird-watcher living in Jamaica, appropriated the name for his novel's lead character. In this book, Taryn Simon casts herself as James Bond (1900-89) the ornithologist, and identifies, photographs and classifies all the birds that appear within the 24 films of the James Bond franchise. The appearance of many of the birds was unplanned and virtually undetected, operating as background noise for whatever set they happened to fly into. Simon's ornithological discoveries occupy a liminal space-confined within the fiction of the James Bond universe and yet wholly separate from it. This taxonomy of 331 birds is a precise consideration of a new nature found in an alternate reality.

Catastrophe & Regeneration In Indonesia's Peatlands: Ecology, Economy & SocietyCatastrophe & Regeneration In Indonesia's Peatlands: Ecology, Economy & Society by Kosuke Mizuno, Motoko S. Fujita & Shuichi Kawai

The serious degradation of the vast peatlands of Indonesia since the 1990s is the proximate cause of the haze that endangers public health in Indonesian Sumatra and Borneo, and also in neighbouring Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Moreover peatlands that have been drained and cleared for plantations are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. This new book explains the degradation of peat soils and outlines a potential course of action to deal with the catastrophe looming over the region. This book argues that regeneration is possible through a new policy of people's forestry that includes reforestation and rewetting peat soils.

Infectious Diseases And Singapore: Past, Present, And FutureInfectious Diseases And Singapore: Past, Present, And Future by Hsu Li Yang; Vincent Pang Junxiong

Singapore is a young nation at the crossroads of Asia and consistently faces the threat of infectious diseases. The infectious disease threats have changed with the times-it began with malaria, cholera and plague during the earliest days of the Straits Settlements; to vaccine-preventable diseases such as polio and smallpox; and now modern scourges including HIV, SARS, pandemic influenza, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Singapore has accomplished much to control and overcome the threat of infectious diseases. The collected stories and records in this volume provides and account of how Singapore's heathcare system has contributed to global and regional health and how hard-won is the protection from infectious diseases that we take for granted today.

Climate Change And The Bay Of Bengal: Evolving Geographies Of Fear And HopeClimate Change And The Bay Of Bengal: Evolving Geographies Of Fear And Hope by Sanjay Chaturvedi & Vijay Sakhuja

Climate Change and the Bay of Bengal argues that in the era of climate change radically different understandings of security and sovereignty are at work. It questions the geopolitics of fear and the manner in which meta-narratives of climate change tend to privilege the "global" and "national" scales over other scales, especially the regional and the local. The authors argue in favour of a new imagination of the Bay of Bengal space as a semi-enclosed sea, embedded in a large marine ecosystem, under the relevant provisions of the UNCLOS that impose various obligations upon its signatories to cooperate at a regional level.

Essentials Of Counselling Competencies: A Practical GuideEssentials Of Counselling Competencies: A Practical Guide by Tan Chue Tin; Jessica Leong Et. Al.

A counsellor's self-awareness and understanding of what counselling is, and what it is not, are foundational for a beginning counsellor's learning journey. Just as important is the ability to connect with a client from the first contact to closure, as well as to understand and utilise effective counselling skills. This practical guide taps on the four authors' considerable expertise and experience to highlight the most critical competencies any counsellor should aspire to acquire. It will serve as a relevant and useful reference for students of counselling and mental health, as well as for practising counsellors and those working in the mental health field, such as nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists.

Heritage Trees Of PenangHeritage Trees Of Penang by Gardner, Simon; P. Sidisunthorn; Lai Ee May

This is a celebration of 200 trees which form an integral part of the natural, cultural and urban heritage of Penang. This unique book covers a wide range of both forest and cultivated species, each with a special story to tell. Richly illustrated with 72 original watercolours and over 1,200 photographs, this invaluable guide is a beautiful and authoritative companion to Penang s botanical inheritance.

Winged Wonders: Malaysian HeritageWinged Wonders: Malaysian Heritage by Hum Kim Choy (Photos); Ooi Poh Sim (Text)

Winged Wonders: Malaysian Heritage is the companion and sequel to Winged Wonders in Malaysia. It represents the culmination of the last decade of bird watching and bird photography. All of the colour photographs and the over-90 bird species featured in this book are new and not recycled, lovingly captured in their natural habitats - lowlands; mudflats and mangroves; ricefields; freshwater wetlands; scrublands; lowland, small hill and highland forests.

1001 Garden Plants In Singapore1001 Garden Plants In Singapore by Chen, Lily; Ang Wee Foong; Arthur Ng Et Al

1001 Garden Plants in Singapore presents a quick pictorial reference to the great selection of plants found in Singapore. More than 2,000 plants have been selected for the enjoyment of all, including novice gardeners, students, keen enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

Clinical Psychology In Singapore: An Asian CasebookClinical Psychology In Singapore: An Asian Casebook by Lange, Gregor; John Davison (Eds.)

This casebook is a unique resource, offering never before documented insights into the practices and principles of clinical psychologists within local mental health services in Singapore. The 20 fascinating chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the assessment, formulation and treatment for clients across the lifespan. It includes accounts of clients with common mental health problems such as depression and panic disorder as well as more unusual problems like pyromania, exhibitionism and frontal-lobe epilepsy. This casebook is an ideal complement to abnormal, counseling or clinical psychology courses.

Rare Treasures: From The Library Of The Natural History MuseumRare Treasures: From The Library Of The Natural History Museum by Magee, Judith (Ed.)

The Library of the Natural History Museum contains one of the most exciting and comprehensive collections of natural history literature and artworks to be found anywhere in the world. Rare Treasures is a stunningly illustrated guide to a special selection of some of its most highly valued books, chosen for their scientific and artistic merit. For each book there is an essay by a Museum expert, explaining the role it played in the development of natural history.Accompanying the guide are 40, visually appealing colour prints, reproduced directly from the books and printed on the highest quality paper.

Headstrong Performance: Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise And NeuroscienceHeadstrong Performance: Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise And Neuroscience by Daane, Marcel

This breakthrough book challenges traditional views about business, leadership, and performance by linking the benefits of nutrition and exercise with the power of neuroscience to optimize executive performance. Armed with the latest science, this book provides numerous highly effective health strategies that will enable today's professionals to work toward improved, sustainable business performance-and remain at the top of their game for years to come.

Biodiversity: Nature Conservation In The Greening Of SingaporeBiodiversity: Nature Conservation In The Greening Of Singapore by

In a small city-state where land is considered a scarce resource, the tension between urban development and biodiversity conservation, which often involves protecting areas of forest from being cleared for development, has always been present. In recent years, the issue of biodiversity conservation has become more prominent in Singapore, both for the government and its citizens. This study documents the evolution of Singapore's biodiversity conservation efforts and the on-going paradigm shifts in biodiversity conservation as Singapore moves from a Garden City to a City in a Garden.

Collaborative Governance Of Forestry: Towards Sustainable Forest Resource UtilizationCollaborative Governance Of Forestry: Towards Sustainable Forest Resource Utilization by Motomu Tanaka & Makoto Inoue (Eds.)

This extensive reference writes a modern history of forestry in Japan, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, and other Asian countries, reflecting industrial and colonial exploitation, periods of excessive deforestation, and the alienation of local residents from natural resources. Drawing on their experience as "participant observers" in local practice, the authors suggest new, "inclusive" approaches to forestry governance that support sustainable development, environmental preservation, and the productive collaboration by various stakeholders.

Community, Commons And Natural Resource Management In AsiaCommunity, Commons And Natural Resource Management In Asia by Yanagisawa, Haruka (Ed.)

Managing the commons natural resources held in common by particular communities is a complex challenge. How have Asian societies handled resources of this sort in the face of increasing marketization and quickly growing demand for resources? And how have resource management regimes changed over time, with state formation, modernization, development, and globalization? Resource management developed in response to social and economic pressures, and the state has been at various times both a beneficial and a negative influence on the development of community-level systems of managing the commons. The chapters in this volume show that a simple modernist framework cannot adequately capture this process, and the institutional changes it involved.

Rainforest In A CityRainforest In A City by Chua Ee Kiam

This book showcases the habitats and unique biodiversity of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve . Featuring 477 images, it provides interesting details of more than 200 species of animals and more than 80 species of plants. The book highlights many species that have rarely, if ever, been photographed before.