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Faith, Authority And The Malays: The Ulama In Contemporary SingaporeFaith, Authority And The Malays: The Ulama In Contemporary Singapore by Saat, Norshahril

This book examines the nature of religious life among the Malays of Singapore by researching into the nature of religious elite and the basis of their authority or legitimacy. It examines the social-historical background of the ulama, their family roots, education, career paths, elements of thinking, and various forms of contribution towards enriching the religious lives of the Malays. While furnishing useful information on the institutionalization and administration of Islam in contemporary Singapore, the author raises many pertinent questions on the religious lives of the Malays and Muslims in contemporary Singapore, as well as their relations with the wider world of Islam and Muslims elsewhere.

Popular Hinduism: The Religion Of The MassesPopular Hinduism: The Religion Of The Masses by O'malley, L. S. S.

Originally published in 1935, this volume provides a discussion of the structures of belief and practice in popular Hinduism. Taking into account the complexity of Hinduism, and its position as a composite religion of many diverse elements, the text goes on to find certain common elements which draw together its various aspects. The relationship between Hinduism and social organisation is also considered, with detailed discussion regarding the importance of the caste system. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in historical interpretations of Hinduism and religious studies in general.

Introduction To Hinduism, AnIntroduction To Hinduism, An by Flood, Gavin D.

This book provides a much-needed thematic and historical introduction to Hinduism, the religion of the majority of people in India. It traces the development of Hindu traditions from their ancient origins, through the major deities of Visnu, Siva and the Goddess, to the modern world. Hinduism is discussed as both a global religion and a form of nationalism.

Defining Hinduism: A ReaderDefining Hinduism: A Reader by Llewellyn, J.E. (Ed.)

Defining Hinduism is concerned not only with what Hinduism is, but also with what it has been and with the history of the religion and of the term 'Hinduism.' The book is composed of nine essays originally published over a ten-year period between 1991 and 2001 written by some of the most influential and interesting scholars working on the religions of South Asia today. These essays are put into context by a comprehensive general introduction as well as individual introductions to each of the three parts.

Contemporary HinduismContemporary Hinduism by Kumar, P. Pratap (Ed.)

Most overviews of Hindu belief and practice follow a history from the ancient Vedas to today. Such approaches privilege Brahmanical traditions and create a sense of Hinduism as a homogenous system and culture, and one which is largely unchanging and based solely on sacred texts. In reality, modern Hindu faith and culture present an extraordinary range of dynamic beliefs and practices. This book aims to capture the full breadth of the Hindu worldview as practised today, both in the sub-continent and the diaspora. Global and regional faith, ritualised and everyday practice, Brahmanical and non-Brahmanical belief, and ascetic and devotional traditions are all discussed.

Studying Hinduism: Key Concepts And MethodsStudying Hinduism: Key Concepts And Methods by Mittal, Sushil; Gene Thursby (Eds.)

This book is an indispensable resource for students and researchers wishing to develop a deeper understanding of one of the world's oldest and most multifaceted religious traditions. Sushil Mittal and Gene Thursby, leading scholars in the field, have brought together a rich variety of perspectives which reflect the current lively state of the field. Studying Hinduism is the result of cooperative work by accomplished specialists in several fields that include anthropology, art, comparative literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, and sociology. Through these complementary and exciting approaches, students will gain a greater understanding of India's culture and traditions, to which Hinduism is integral. The book uses key critical terms and topics as points of entry into the subject, revealing that although Hinduism can be interpreted in sharply contrasting ways and set in widely varying contexts, it is endlessly fascinating and intriguing.

Passion, Perseverance & Prayer: Life Is Meant To Be Glorious And Happy, Each Moment Of Every DayPassion, Perseverance & Prayer: Life Is Meant To Be Glorious And Happy, Each Moment Of Every Day by Ruprell, Pooja

Contemporary life often feels like a daily, all consuming, overwhelming grind, getting in the way of a peaceful, loving and healthy existence. But there is another way. Passion, Perseverance and Prayer is all about everyday guidance and inspiration, juxtaposing the personal with the profound. It is a story, a diary and a guide. The 52 inspirational, weekly readings encourage us to find beauty, shine with our own special light, and muster the courage to carry on through tough times.

Shadow Boxing With The Gods: The Story Of Mankind's BeliefsShadow Boxing With The Gods: The Story Of Mankind's Beliefs by Shankar, Vijay N.

This book is a tour through many traditions and beliefs in the history of Man, to arrive at the truths we recognize today. It is a book of aggressive but persistently rational thought, which deconstructs the beliefs and theologies that have accompanied mankind from the earliest times and often controlled human destinies. Based on the core truth that the greatest ideas, if carried to extremes, can become ridiculous and hurt people, the book traces the diverse strands of human belief in various civilizations, starting with fantasy and myth-making.

Spirit Of Zoroastrianism, TheSpirit Of Zoroastrianism, The by Skjaervo, Prods Oktor

Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest religions, though it is not among the best understood. Originating with Iranian tribes living in Central Asia in the second millennium BCE, Zoroastrianism was the official religion of the Iranian empires until Islam superseded it in the seventh century AD. In this volume, Prods Oktor Skjaervo, professor of ancient Iranian languages and culture at Harvard, provides modern and accurate translations of Zoroastrian texts that have been selected to provide an overview of Zoroastrian beliefs and practices. In a comprehensive introduction to these sacred texts, Skjaervo outlines the history and essence of Zoroastrianism and discusses the major themes of this the first fully representative selection of Zoroastrian texts to be made available in English for over a century.

Champions Of Buddhism: Weikza Cults In Contemporary BurmaChampions Of Buddhism: Weikza Cults In Contemporary Burma by De La Perriere, Benedicte Brac Et Al (Eds.)

Hidden at the margins of Burmese Buddhism and culture, the cults of the weikza shape Burmese culture by bringing together practices of supernatural power and a mission to protect Buddhism. This exciting new research on an often hidden aspect of Burmese religion places weikza in relation to the Vipassana insight meditation movement and conventional Buddhist practices, as well as the contemporary rise of Buddhist fundamentalism. Featuring research based on fieldwork only possible in recent years, paired with reflective essays by senior Buddhist studies scholars, this book situates the weikza cult in relation to broader Buddhist and Southeast Asian contexts, offering interpretations and investigations as rich and diverse as the Burmese expressions of the weikza cults themselves. Champions of Buddhism opens the field to new questions, new problems, and new connections with the study of religion and Southeast Asia in general.

Be HappyBe Happy by Tsem Rinpoche

Happiness is a state which everyone everywhere constantly strives for. Here, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche explains in very simple terms what causes our unhappiness. By highlighting our common misperceptions, he shows us how these misperceptions result in us creating our own suffering and how we can change them. With his trademark humour and candour, Rinpoche traverses from ancient Buddhist philosophy to modern psychology, as well as his own personal experience with his teachers and his painful relationship with his mother, in order to show us in the simplest terms how we can truly be happy.

Leading Ways: Evolving Yield And EffectivenessLeading Ways: Evolving Yield And Effectiveness by Hs Lim

In Leading Ways, HS Lim explains three leading ways to work effectively. Evolving Yield and Effectiveness (or EYE) will allow readers to experience self-mastery, team mastery and organisational mastery in their daily work. Leading Ways uses the author's real-life experiences to illustrate the essence of the insights he shares in this book for balancing work and life.

Buddhist Texts Through The AgesBuddhist Texts Through The Ages by Conze, Edward; I.B. Horner Et Al

This unique anthology of Buddhist scripture traces the development of Buddhism through the ages and around the world. Designed to serve scholars and students, this classic text has become a valuable resource for Buddhists and all those who wish to explore for themselves the original sources of one of the world's great religions. Accessible and jargon-free, these translations from the original Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese are presented in plain English by four leading experts on the language and literature of Buddhism, while a glossary of foreign terms completes a thoroughly comprehensive and timeless introduction to the subject.

Dreams Of The Mango PeopleDreams Of The Mango People by

Dreams of the Mango People will set you free of all your inhibitions and hesitations which come along with a desire to dream. It explains the importance of living each moment without pressure, without forecasting the result, because some experiences cannot be explained by a function and the life itself is too mysterious to be managed mathematically.

Flowers Of My Life - With AffirmationsFlowers Of My Life - With Affirmations by Meyer, Rosalind Sharbanee

An exploration of a life through flowers. Flowers of My Life by Rosalind Sharbanee Meyer is a unique contribution to new age literature, with words and images that will stay with the reader. This self-help guide includes beautifully written advice that takes a spiritual but thought-provoking approach to life issues like grieving, dealing with anger, displaying gratitude and creating a sanctuary. Flowers of My Life: with Affirmations makes an elegant and distinctive gift for mothers, friends, loved ones and everyone who is captivated by memories of exquisite flowers.

Allah, Kebebasan & Cinta: Keberanian Untuk Menyelaraskan Kebebasandengan Iman by Irshad Manji

Dalam Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta, Irshad Manji menebas laluan bagi membolehkan Muslim dan bukan-Muslim mengatasi ketakutan yang menghalang mereka daripada hidup dengan integrity yang tulus hanya buat Tuhan. Dengan membaca buku ini kita tidak lagi perlu bimbang kalau-kalau kita tersentuh sensitivity pihak lain dalam dunia jamak budaya ini dan tidak lagi perlu takut untuk mempersoalkan kelompok kita sendiri. Sejak bukunya yang pertama laris dijual di seluruh dunia. Irshad telah beralih daripada kemarahan kepada aspirasi. Irshad menunjukkan kepada setiap seorang daripada kita bagaimana keimanan boleh diselaraskan dengan kebebasan, agar kedua-duanya tidak lagi bertembangan, sehingga kita dapat mengenal Allah yang memihak kepada kebebasan dan cinta - Tuhan sejagat yang begitu menyayangi kita sehinggakan Dia memberikan kita pilihan dankeupayaan untuk membuat pilihan. Sebagai salah seorang pembaharu Muslim paling menonjol di zaman ini, Irshad berkongsi pengalamannya di ceruk-ceruk dunia dengan pembaca; menceritakan kisah-kisah yang menyentuh hati namun selalu juga lucu dan pada masa yang sama membuka mata kita terhadap zaman ini yang keliru tentang persoalan moral. Apa yang mencegah pemuda-pemudi Muslim, termasuk dari Barat, daripada mengungkapkan keperluan mereka terhadap pentafsiran semula hal-hal keagamaan? Apa yang membuatkan bukan-Muslim takut untuk secara terbuka menyokong suara-suara liberal dalam Islam? Kita bertolak-ansur dengan adat-resam yang seharusnya ditolak, misalnya adat membunuh atas nama maruah - bagaimana kita sampai terjerumus ke jurang sebegini hina? Apa yang boleh kita lakukan untuk mengubah keadaan? Bagaimana kita boleh menolak dogma tanpa mengorbankan keimanan? Lebih penting lagi, bagaimana setiap seorang kita dapat mengorak langkah menuju keberanian moral, iaitu kesanggupan untuk bersuara sewaktu semua orang mahu mengunci mulut kita?

Senyumlah 2 by Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Nasihat seorang ayah dan ibu terkadang tidak mampu diucap oleh lidah. Ada masanya ia lebih baik dalam bentuk tulisan agar ia boleh terus dibaca dan diulang. Anak hari ini adalah bakal ayah dan ibu masa depan. Apa jua nasihat yang didengari hari ini akan menjadi pedoman baginya untuk menasihati anaknya pada masa depan. Lantaran itu, catatan dalam FB ini, tentulah bukan tulisan ilmiyah yang didokongi sumber rujukan tertentu. Ia adalah luahan nasihat agar hati yang jauh dari Allah dapat didekatkan, dan seterusnya mampu mengolah menjadi mutiara amalan seharian. Catatan ini adalah berupa hadiah dari seorang ayah dan ibu buat anaknya, dan saya tinggalkan beberapa halaman kosong di bahagian belakang buku ini untuk catatan tangan ayah dan ibu khusus untuk anaknya. Gunalah ruang ini untuk menambahkan nasihat dan ingatan sebagai tanda kasih sayang seorang ayah dan ibu kepada anaknya. Semoga suatu hari nanti, ia akan menjadi catatan yang sangat mahal harganya. Semoga tulisan ringkas ini dapat disebar sebagai perkongsian nasihat dari seorang hamba Allah yang sentiasa mengharapkan keredhaan-Nya dalam menempuh cabaran kehidupan yang sementara ini.

In The Spirit Of St. Francis The Sultan: Catholics And Muslims Working Together For The Common GoodIn The Spirit Of St. Francis The Sultan: Catholics And Muslims Working Together For The Common Good by Dardess, George; Marvin Krier Mich

A timely guide for Catholics and Muslims on how to reach greater understanding of the other's tradition in order to work together to end social injustice.

Drebar Bas Yang Nak Jadi Tuhan (Adaptasi Oleh Sufian Abas) by Etgar Keret

Buku ini merupakan himpunan cerpen dari Etgar Keret, penulis yang lahir di Tel Aviv pada tahun 1967. Dia telah menulis enam buah himpunan cerpen bestseller. Karyanya telah diterjemahkan kepada lebih tiga puluh bahasa. Ini buku pertamanya dalam bahasa Malaysia. Cerita (Keret) pendek, pelik, lucu… Yann Martel, Penulis Life of Pi Cerita Keret pendek dan pintar, seperti satu sketsa lucu Wall Street Journal (Keret) adalah suara generasi baru Salman Rushdie Keret boleh buat lebih dalam enam…perenggan dibandingkan dengan kebanyakan penulis dengan 600 mukasurat People

Manusia Dan Kemaruk Kebendaan: Teks Dan Komentar Surah Al-Kahfi by Sayed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Semangat kepalsuan, pembohong, tipu daya dan muslihat meliputi peradaban moden semata-mata kerana ia telah membelakangkan ketuhanan Tuhan, tugas kerasulan, reality yang tidak terlihat dan Wahyu Samawi. Akibatnya, masyarakat hari ini memilih untuk bergantung sepenuhnya kepada reality deria yang boleh dilihat, dan telah meletakkan kepercayaannya kepada keseronokan dunia, keuntungan segera, kuasa dan kekayaan. Perkara-perkara inilah yang disanggah oleh Surah al-Kahfi. Peristiwa-peristiwa yang disebut di dalamnya, bersama-sama kisah teladan yang dikemukakan, merujuk kepada titik moral yang sama: kesementaraan, ketidakpastian dan kesia-siaan kehidupan dunia, dengan segala perangkap dan pendayaannya.