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Panorama 02/2015: Nationalism In Asia And EuropePanorama 02/2015: Nationalism In Asia And Europe by Hofmeister, Wilhelm (Ed.)

This issue comprises papers presented at a conference held in 2015 by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS) in May 2015. The papers offer insights into the evolving nature of nationalism, including its relationship to regional integration efforts and globalisation, as well as its impact on the domestic and foreign policies of countries in Europe and Asia.

Tribute To The Lion City: The Jewel Of Southeast AsiaTribute To The Lion City: The Jewel Of Southeast Asia by Daisaku Ikeda

A Tribute to the Lion City: The Jewel of Southeast Asia is a compilation of the writings of Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, on his thoughts and interactions with Singapore, her leaders and people over the course of his three visits to Singapore in 1988, 1995 and 2000. The author's writings reflect his genuine respect and deep admiration for Singapore and her people.

Metamorphosis: Studies In Social And Political Change In MyanmarMetamorphosis: Studies In Social And Political Change In Myanmar by Egretau, Renaud; Francois Robinne (Eds.)

The editors use the notion of metamorphosis to look at Myanmar today and tomorrow - a term that accommodates linear change, stubborn persistence and the possibility of dramatic transformation. Divided into four sections, on politics, identity and ethnic relations, social change in fields like education and medicine, and the evolutions of religious institutions, the volume takes a broad view, combining an anthropological approach with views from political scientists and historians. This volume is an essential guide to the political and social challenges ahead for Myanmar.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #17: Retired Military Officers In Myanmar's Parliament An Emerging Legislative Force?Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #17: Retired Military Officers In Myanmar's Parliament An Emerging Legislative Force? by Egreteau, Renaud

Retired military officers continue to wield considerable influence in Myanmar's post-junta politics. As former soldiers, they have developed a particular mindset and a specific view of society as well as of the place and policy role of the armed forces. Drawing on a series of recent interviews, as well as an initial analysis of individual legislative activities performed by Union-level legislators, this paper identifies three types of Burmese parliamentarians with military background: reluctant members of parliament, dutiful MPs and high-flying MPs.

Troubled Transit: Asylum Seekers Stuck In IndonesiaTroubled Transit: Asylum Seekers Stuck In Indonesia by Missbach, Antje

Troubled Transit considers the situation of asylum seekers stuck in limbo in Indonesia from a number of perspectives. It presents not only the narratives of many transit migrants but also the perceptions of Indonesian authorities and of representatives of international and non-government organizations responsible for the care of transiting asylum seekers. Troubled Transit tries to explain the complexities faced by the transiting migrants within the context of the Indonesian government and its political challenges, including its relationship with Australia.

Our Common Challenges: Strengthening Security In The RegionOur Common Challenges: Strengthening Security In The Region by Abbott, Tony

The Singapore Lecture Series was inaugurated in 1980 by the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute. On 29 June 2015, the 35th Singapore Lecture was delivered by The Honourable Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia.

Defect Or Defend: Military Responses To Popular Protests In Authoritarian AsiaDefect Or Defend: Military Responses To Popular Protests In Authoritarian Asia by Lee, Terence

Although social movements and media can destabilize authoritarian governments, not all social protest is effective or culminates in the toppling of dictatorships. Frequently, the military's response determines the outcome. Terence Lee uses four case studies from Asia to provide insight into the military's role during the transitional phase of regime change. Lee compares popular uprisings in the Philippines and Indonesia - both of which successfully engaged military support to bring down authoritarian rule - with protest movements in China and Burma which were violently suppressed by military forces. Lee's theory of "high personalism" and power-sharing among the armed forces leadership provides a framework for understanding the critical transitory phases of democratization.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #16: Chinese Investment And Myanmar's Shifting Political LandscapeTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #16: Chinese Investment And Myanmar's Shifting Political Landscape by Oh, Su-Ann; Philip Andrews-Speed

China has targeted Myanmar's resources to enhance and provide resources for its economic growth. Chinese investment in Myanmar intensified in the mid-2000s and has continued to increase. The largest increase in approved and actual Chinese FDI over the years has taken place in the energy, oil and gas, and mining sectors. Dramatic changes to contracts are more likely to take place with Chinese, and other, corporations that are involved in large-scale rather than small-scale projects. The changing political circumstances, with Myanmar no longer being reliant on a handful of countries for strategic and financial support and the necessity of taking into account the wishes of its electorate, means that the political landscape has shifted under the feet of stakeholders.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #15: Establishing Contemporary Chinese Life In MyanmarTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #15: Establishing Contemporary Chinese Life In Myanmar by Farrelly, Nicholas; Stephanie Olinga-Shannon

From 1985 the Chinese government adopted a proactive policy of engaging with Myanmar and encouraged its people to do the same. China has thus played a major role in Myanmar's recent evolution. Ethnic Chinese living in Myanmar are well aware that they are permanent outsiders in Myanmar society, even if their families have lived there for generations. The dichotomy persists between "Chinese" and "locals" and is reinforced through discriminatory laws, media and popular culture. The long-term situation of the Chinese in Myanmar remains profoundly unclear. Many of them appear to have determined that Myanmar will continue to be part of their plans, but that they are also seeking to remain mobile, able to seize new opportunities where they emerge.

Unbelievably Stupid Too!Unbelievably Stupid Too! by Kee Thuan Chye

Join humorist Kee Thuan Chye at laughing at the people in power and assorted others as he shows up the stupidity of their words and actions.

Unbelievably Stupid!Unbelievably Stupid! by Kee Thuan Chye

Written by humourist Kee Thuan Chye, this is a book about how Malaysian politicians, public officials and even leaders of right-wing NGOs can appear like buffoons … when they say stupid things or try to deceive or make about-turns or, worst of all, lie.

New Malaysia, A: Beyond Race, Politics And ReligionNew Malaysia, A: Beyond Race, Politics And Religion by Huang, Joaquim

With penetrating insight, A New Malaysia busts the nation's oversized racial balloons and dispels theocratic notions that secular laws are fundamentally inferior to divine law. A New Malaysia calls for inclusive governance through establishment of non-partisan senates at state level and invigoration of the existing Dewan Negara or national senate. It calls for Malaysian to initiate broad reforms to rid society of frozen paradigms, especially belligerent worldviews that pitch religions against one another in a devastating conflict of civilisations.

3Rd Asean Reader, The3Rd Asean Reader, The by Ooi Kee Beng, Sanchita Basu Das Et Al (Comp.)

Over the past two decades, ISEAS has compiled abridged articles that analyse key aspects of Southeast Asia's development and the ASEAN process. The past decade has not been spared its share of intense changes, with the rise of China and India bringing new challenges to the region's power equation, and the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite this, the momentum towards an integrated ASEAN community has been maintained. The articles in The Third ASEAN Reader study the trends and events of recent years, and discuss the immediate future of Southeast Asia.

Paper Tiger: Inside Real ChinaPaper Tiger: Inside Real China by Xu Zhiyuan

Chinese journalist and intellectual Xu Zhiyuan paints a portrait of the world's second-largest economy via a thoughtful and wide-ranging series of mini essays on contemporary Chinese society. Xu Zhiyuan describes the many stages upon which China's great transformation is taking place, from Beijing's Silicon district to a cruise down the Three Gorges; he profiles China's dissidents, including Liu Xiaobo, Ai Weiwei and Chen Guangcheng; and explores lesser-known stories of scandals that rocked China but which most people outside that country did not hear about - and which shed troubling light on China's dark heart.

Perspectives On The Security Of Singapore: The First 50 YearsPerspectives On The Security Of Singapore: The First 50 Years by Desker, Barry; Cheng Guan Ang (Eds.)

This book explores the security of Singapore in the last 50 years and its possible trajectories into the future. This volume brings together the diverse perspectives of a team of academics with different expertise, ranging from history to political science to security studies with a common interest in Singapore. The book is further boosted by the recollections of key civil servants involved with foreign affairs and defence, such as S R Nathan, Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Philip Yeo.

50 Years Of Singapore-Europe Relations: Celebrating Singapore's Connections With Europe50 Years Of Singapore-Europe Relations: Celebrating Singapore's Connections With Europe by Yeo Lay Hwee, Barnard Turner (Eds.)

The essays and articles in this edited volume capture historical moments, reveal the heartfelt wishes and thoughtful comments of Europeans who have made Singapore their home, chronicle some of the long-standing partnerships and ponder the future challenges of Singapore. This unique book contains a wide range of essays and articles reflecting on the strong connections that Singapore enjoys with Europe, not only at the official level, but also through the contributions that Europeans and European companies have made - and continue to make - which enrich Singaporean society.

Deciphering Southern Thailand's Violence: Organization And Insurgent Practices OfDeciphering Southern Thailand's Violence: Organization And Insurgent Practices Of by Helbardt, Sascha

Scholars have given questions about the perpetrators of nameless violence in Southern Thailand little consideration, leaving the motives that drive Barisan Revolusi Nasional heavily cloaked in secrecy and speculation. This book offers a rare glimpse behind the veil that shrouds BRN-Coordinate. Using exclusive access to and detailed interviews with BRN-Coordinate members, this book analyses the communicative dimension of the insurgency. It depicts the hidden channels and organized violence that drive the regions enduring rebellion as well as BRN's dichotomous existence between silence and communication.

Singapore At 50: The Business Of Nation-BuildingSingapore At 50: The Business Of Nation-Building by Centre For Management Practice, Singapore Manageme

Published by SMU's Centre for Management Practice, this 300-page coffee-table book chronicles the journey and key milestones of 17 major Singapore organisations and industries that were integral in shaping modern Singapore. It is the culmination of many months of field research and interviews with key people in business, government and academia. The book pays tribute to both industry stalwarts and ordinary folks who have made a difference. It seeks to learn from the past in order to embrace the future - thereby providing a legacy for many generations to come.

Battle For Hearts And Minds: New Media And Elections In SingaporeBattle For Hearts And Minds: New Media And Elections In Singapore by Tan Tarn How, Arun Mahizhnan Et Al (Eds.)

The Singapore 2011 General Election was dubbed by some as the first "Internet" election. How far is this true and to what extent did old and new media influence voting behaviour and political participation? What was the role of Facebook, Twitter, party political websites, political discussion and the alternative and conflicting information offered online? This edited volume provides an in-depth analysis of these questions through a first-ever survey of media use, political traits, political participation and attitudes towards media, and through experiments, content analysis and interviews.

Lky On Governance, Management, Life: A Collection Of Quotes From Lee Kuan Yew Lky On LifeLky On Governance, Management, Life: A Collection Of Quotes From Lee Kuan Yew Lky On Life by Tay, Janice

This three-volume set brings together quotations from Lee's speeches, books and interviews that sum up his views on subjects ranging from the political to the personal. It serves both as an introduction to the man widely regarded as Singapore's founding father, as well as a reminder of what he stood and fought for. It is the most accessible compendium ever published on the man, capturing his most piquant aphorisms and views. For every section, relevant photographs of Mr Lee are also featured alongside the quotes.