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Dark Gray DemonsDark Gray Demons by Gray, Marvin

Life after rescuing a Hispanic girl from serial killer Stephen Bracken's basement dungeon should be heavenly. Marvin Gray rekindles his relationship with his girlfriend. He lands a new job investigating missing children. He is solving cases. And he has money for the first time in his life. But Gray is still tormented by his failure to save two other girls from that dungeon. When his own niece Trish goes missing, Gray returns to his home town and his dysfunctional family for the first time in years. The new investigation leads him to child trafficking rings in the underworld of San Antonio, Texas and forces Gray to confront his darkest demons.

Gray MatterGray Matter by Gray, Marvin

American security officer Clark Miller is playing a dangerous game. In order to track terrorist Anwar Khan from Indonesia to the tribal areas of Pakistan, Clark is embroiled in political volatility and religious fanaticism. Now working in Pakistan, he has learned the language, history, and culture of the conservative Muslim country. He has also made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong local women, frequenting the wrong brothels, and trusting the wrong advisors. When a young prostitute offers to sell information on Khan's whereabouts, Clark must act quickly. It is now a race against time, money, and loyalties. "Gray Matter" is fast-paced thriller sequel to "Gray Areas."

Gray AreasGray Areas by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray wakes up in a psychiatric ward, struggling to come to grips with the traumatic event that put him there. Under therapy, he combs through past events in search of the present-day realities that elude him. Tragedies in Baghdad, botched love affairs and failed attempts at protecting children - none of which Marvin is willing to confront. "Gray Areas" is the sequel to "They Only Come Out at Night".

They Only Come Out At NightThey Only Come Out At Night by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is hiding in an abandoned motel in Lexington, Kentucky when he encounters three complex young women who change his life. Nasreen is a twenty-three-year-old Persian goddess who reawakens both his sexuality and his will to survive, while at the same time implicating him in attempted murder. "They Only Come Out at Night" is the sequel to "Maggie May". In it, guilt-ridden private detective Marvin Gray once again finds himself out of his league among a daunting array of criminal adversaries.

Maggie MayMaggie May by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray's past has returned to haunt him. Fifteen years ago, he had a love affair with a beautiful Playboy centerfold, Maggie May Esquivel. Now, his only true love needs Marvin to rescue her from the notorious Salvadoran criminal gang MS-13, which has threatened the lives of Maggie May and their teenage son, Josh. The case throws inexperienced private eye Gray onto a convoluted course he cannot understand. The investigation also forces him to confront demons dating back to the Salvadoran Civil War, and long since buried in a soiled life of alcoholism and failed relationships.

Onna RisingOnna Rising by Kimura, Rei

With money and freedom, a growing pool of young, well-educated and ambitious Japanese professional women are no longer submissive, demure extensions of their menfolk. They are ready to enjoy life, and with power and position four women (onna) have formed a strong supportive bond. Their friendship has withstood romantic conflicts, the fast-paced, glitzy life of Tokyo, trials of the workplace and the insulting 'ainoko' label given to one of the four. Now sordid secrets from the past have emboldened a blackmailer, threatening the very foundation of the friends' bond.

Play Things: Michael Chiang, The Complete Works: 1984-2014Play Things: Michael Chiang, The Complete Works: 1984-2014 by Chiang, Michael

This anthology of Michael Chiang, widely recognised as Singapore's most successful playwright, contains all his plays, shorts and full-lengths, and includes updates and additional scenes previously unpublished.

Memoirs Of A Community Cat! (Rojineko Nikki)Memoirs Of A Community Cat! (Rojineko Nikki) by Rei Kimura

This is a heartwarming story told by Abby, a veteran stray cat who insists "We are not strays, we are community cats!" It brings to life the many stray cats who live in almost every community giving each cat featured in this book a face, a heart, feelings, thoughts and the same fears and happiness of the humans who can make their lives a blessing or a curse. Abby, the macho yellow male cat walks us through his very colorful adventures and experiences as he and his siblings and friends live each day to the fullest of their nine lives, never knowing whether they will be alive at the end of the day! There is never a dull moment and some harrowing matching of wits with those who hate their very existence and believe that community cats should neither be seen nor heard!

Devil You Know, TheDevil You Know, The by Gregoire, Peter

A pressing need for income tempts Scott Lee to take on media tycoon Rufus Lam's case. It seems like a straightforward enough missing person's search. Find out what happened to Rufus Lam's friend and close business partner, Terence Auyeung. Take the money and move on. A nice distraction too, from the growing malaise into which Hong Kong is slowly sinking. Sure, it's 2017 and the city is about to elect its new Chief Executive. But not with the election system Hong Kong people want, Beijing has seen to that. The dream of democracy -- true democracy -- ended in 2014 when the initial exhilaration of the Umbrella Protests petered into nothing. But as Scott digs deeper in his search for Auyeung, he soon discovers that the Umbrella Generation never dissipated. It just went into hibernation, waiting for the right leader and the right time, to take up the cause once more. That leader is none other than Scott's client, Rufus Lam. That time is now. And Scott's caught right in the middle of it.

Lontar #2: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative FictionLontar #2: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction by Lundberg, Jason Erik (Ed.)

This issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Singpowrimo: The AnthologySingpowrimo: The Anthology by Ann Ang, Joshua Ip & Pooja Nansi (Eds.)

Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or as we affectionately call it,SingPoWriMo. Write one poem a day for thirty days in the cruel month of April: that was the challenge thrown open to the wilderness of the interwebz. This anthology brings together the best of the hundreds of poems that were submitted, from verses written in response to fiendish "include-all-these-six-words-in-your-poem" challenges, to impromptu poems written on whim. In the spirit of the democratic process of poetry, we feature first-time poets beside established ones, and blackout poems besides long-forgotten forms such as the liwuli.

Perilous Passage Of Princess Petunia Peasant, ThePerilous Passage Of Princess Petunia Peasant, The by Victor Edward Apps

Teen activist Pet Peasant has no time for administrative red tape. All she wants is an audience with the high regent. Without changes in the law, her village will suffer. With her best friends, Pet sets off on a journey to the centre of power. But events spiral out of control quickly. Pet's quest takes her across the realm, through a murky swamp tyrannized by an outlandish master and eerie woods twisted by dark magic. As the stakes rise, her friends fall, and the drums of war sound louder, an incredible and inescapable truth dawns on Pet.

University DaysUniversity Days by Solomon, Laura

This is one of a series of young adult novellas, set in London. Twins, Olivia and Melanie, are now aged eighteen. Studious Olivia and her boyfriend Bevin are studying at Imperial College; rebellious Melanie at the Royal Academy of Music. Each responds differently to a new environment, new friends and new studies. Their home lives also are full of changes.

Dharma Expedient, TheDharma Expedient, The by Sarony, Neville

Max Devlin is an ex-Gurkha officer down on his luck. When his livelihood and business are expropriated by a corrupt government, he finds himself accepting an unlikely proposal: to lead a mysterious group of foreign academics into the remotest valleys of Nepal. But it soon becomes apparent these are no ordinary academics - high in the majestic mountains, tensions escalate when Devlin realizes his clients are in fact conducting a clandestine operation. At the heart of the expedition lies a shocking secret that will rock the spiritual and geopolitical foundations of the Himalayas.

Space Between The Raindrops, TheSpace Between The Raindrops, The by Ker, Justin

Contemplative and filled with possibility, each evanescent story inhabits the fleeting, unrepeatable place between the falling droplets on our island of rain. The Space Between the Raindrops is a remarkable collection of short stories told by a startling new voice.

Trivialities About Me And MyselfTrivialities About Me And Myself by Yeng Pway Ngon; Howard Goldblatt (Trans.)

The Chinese protagonist of Trivialities about Me and Myself, a journalist turned entrepreneur, possesses a split personality. "Me" is a figure consumed by greed and sexual desire, two impulses that undermine his careers, his two marriages, and his relationship with his son. Throughout the novel he engages in a dialogue with his other identity, the moralistic "Myself", whose principled stances try but usually fail to win over his other half.

Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me And Other StoriesTen Things My Father Never Taught Me And Other Stories by Wong, Cyril

A woman learns of a friend's illness and wonders if she ever truly knew him. A boy who sees ghosts heeds the advice of a fortune-teller, with surprising consequences. A girl wakes up and realises everybody in her Bedok neighbourhood has vanished.

Eva, Kopi And MatchaEva, Kopi And Matcha by Neo, Evangeline

Who would have thought that Eva’s crossover from one red dot to another could be peppered with so many good laughs? Eva, Kopi and Matcha is a light-hearted and witty narration of cultural differences in Singapore and Japan, matter-of-factly spewed out by Eva, a typical Singaporean with an “auntie” mindset. In this humorous trajectory of everyday musings, Eva takes a funny, and often self-deprecating look at random and awkward mismatches between the two red dots, revealing much exasperation and delight along the way. Together with Kopi and Matcha, her imaginary pets, Eva tries to suss out a life in Japan and find a place in her home away from home.

Kepulauan: A Collection Of PoemsKepulauan: A Collection Of Poems by Zhang Jieqiang; Hidhir Razak & Marcus Tan Yi-Hern

Kepulauan: A Collection of Poems is a refreshing anthology capturing the spirit of diversity in an archipelago of poetic expression. Birthed from the poetry workshops in Nanyang Technological University's Creative Writing Programme under the mentorship of established writers, such as Boey Kim Cheng and Jennifer Crawford, Kepulauan showcases the best works of promising young poets who have come up with fresh ways of reading Singapore and the wider world. The majority of these poems are selected from the work of the undergraduate students in Dr Boey Kim Cheng's Creative Writing: Poetry (2013) class, with the rest of the poems contributed by undergraduate students in Dr Jennifer Crawford's Advanced Creative Writing (2013) class, as well as by other undergraduate and postgraduate students and a faculty member in the Division of English.

CoastlandsCoastlands by Lee Soon Yong, Aaron

Tell me again where home is, where inhabit all the holy hours, where someday you will find me. -- from "Time Lapse" Coastlands is Aaron Lee's third collection of poetry. Whether in a small town or frenetic city, the poet has never lived far from the sea. This book documents his life experience as a pilgrim still finding his place in the wider world. In these fifty poems he recollects, explores, embraces and anticipates what is lost and found in each of the places he calls home: Malaysia, Singapore and Hawaii. Everywhere, natural and urban landscapes anchor and influence his identity and connect him to humanity. In ancient writings "coastlands" means the far reaches of the earth--places accessible only by crossing oceans of unknown magnitude. Truly, life is a voyage from which the traveller never returns.