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Flowers For No. 29Flowers For No. 29 by Jo Gee Ho

2 women. 2 worlds. 2 broken lives. Looking for love, comfort and sanity in the most unlikely of places. For Toni, it was a journey home to reconnect with family and friends after ten years in Shanghai. Much had changed. Her mother now a widow and she, single again. Her best friend, a once-abandoned dog. Alcohol, her drug and painkiller. The other, a young lady from China. Leaving her country and dreams of playing in a world-class orchestra to work in a place where men wooed the women of their fancy, with flowers worth tens of thousands. Their paths crossed and the two strangers became friends. Forming a bond thicker than blood. Falling in love and into a world ruled by shady characters. Getting caught in a web of lies, cover-ups and a series of events which eventually led to the disappearance of the top performing girl. In a country, renowned for its strict rules and squeaky clean image, would the law be able to protect them from the consequences of their choices in life?

Love At The GalleryLove At The Gallery by Ow Yeong Wai Kit & Genevieve Wong

Art becomes a muse for most of the 26 love poems in this collection. Those poems are ekphrastic - that is, they engage in the imaginative act of describing, narrating, or re?ecting on situations limned in paintings or sculptures, expanding and amplifying on the meaning that they evoke. The artworks that inspire these poems belong to the National Gallery Singapore. The 26 love poems are arranged according to common threads based on the four different kinds of love as ?rst outlined by the ancient Greeks: éros, storge, philía, and agápe. We hope that readers will be continually led back to the poems and their respective artworks.

Tiger And The Leopardess, TheTiger And The Leopardess, The by Ho Khong Ming

An old tiger is on a hunt but is frustrated by his lack of success. Then he finds himself stalked by a leopard, a lesser, smaller and weaker animal, but his forbearance and benign character allows him to tolerate the leopard and the two animals develop a co-operative relationship. The Tiger and the Leopardess is about a time in Malaysia when life was more laid back and people were more preoccupied with the immediate world around them than with politics. So when a tiger attacks a boy out on a picnic, suddenly everybody feels the need to be involved in resolving the situation.

Jungle Without Water And Other StoriesJungle Without Water And Other Stories by Sreedhevi Iyer

Jungle Without Water and Other Stories is a collection that crosses borders and boundaries. People in these stories inhabit different stages of movement - those who have emigrated, those who want to, and those who regret it. The stories also depict our human prejudices around how we move from place to place and culture to culture. In "The Lovely Village" citizens of an unnamed settlement build a strong wall to keep newcomers out. In "Circular Feed", refugees at a detention centre protest by standing on the roof of their living quarters. Alienation works across cultures, across boundaries of inequality. In "Green Grass" an inter-racial couple have a fight during their honeymoon in the husband's homeland, while in the title story, two migrant boys look for the right place to pray on foreign soil. Altogether, the collection touches on how we view and understand race, colour, love, and what happens to us when we shift our selves in different environments.

Harris Bin Potter And The Stoned PhilosopherHarris Bin Potter And The Stoned Philosopher by Suffian Hakim

11-year-old orphan Harris bin Potter thinks he is an average Singaporean boy - until he enrols at the magical, MOE-approved, Hog-Tak-Halal-What School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Unfree Verse: Singapore Poetry In FormUnfree Verse: Singapore Poetry In Form by Tse Hao Guang, Joshua Ip & Theophilus Kwek (Eds.)

Rhyme is Shakespeare. Rhythm is rap. Sing Lit is free verse. If you've ever had such thoughts, let this book demolish them. With poems drawn from 80 years of print and online material, UnFree Verse illuminates an important but overlooked aspect of Singapore's literary history: formal poetry in English. It features poets beloved and forgotten, immigrant and emigrant, Malayan and cosmopolitan, challenging readers to explore the dynamic landscape of poetry from, about, and around Singapore. In this collection, the formal poem becomes a focal point for the duelling forces of repetition and improvisation, standards and Englishes, freedom and boundaries. Might these constraints be fertile soil for creativity in a city like Singapore? If you think so, UnFree Verse belongs on your shelf.

Brigadier's Daughter, The: A NovelBrigadier's Daughter, The: A Novel by Callan, Paul

Jin, a sensitive kampong boy with an artistic bent, is often found sketching hornbills in the jungle. Stephanie is the Eurasian daughter of an uncompromising brigadier, born into a world of racial and economic privilege. Their torrid affair, set in pre-merger Malaya, must be kept hidden at all costs. But the fragile relationship between these star-crossed lovers is threatened by a single secret-and a moment of thoughtlessness that will echo for decades. The Brigadier's Daughter is a tale of young love and hard choices.

Mingled Voices: Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2016Mingled Voices: Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2016 by Bickley, Gillian; Verner Bickley (Eds.)

Mingled Voices is an anthology of poetry selected from the poems which were entered in the inaugural annual international competition for the Proverse Poetry Prize (single poems) in 2016. Poems could be submitted on any subject or topic chosen by each poet or on the subject chosen for 2016, "The Environment". There was a free choice of form and style. Included in the anthology are the poems that won the first, second, and third prizes. With the poets' brief biographies, photo portraits, and commentaries on their poems.

Over The Years: Selected Collected Poems 1972-2015Over The Years: Selected Collected Poems 1972-2015 by Bickley, Gillian

The poems collected in this volume have been selected from the author's five previously published collections.

Hk HollowHk Hollow by Dragos Ilca

HK Hollow begins as a simple love story - love lost and love found - that records its bizarre elements in a matter-of-fact kind of way. Carina and Guy are a young couple from Prague, studying in Amsterdam, who find themselves even more estranged when Guy leaves to spend a semester in Hong Kong. There, he meets Ling Fei-yan, a Chinese literature student. It doesn't take long for Guy to notice how much she reminds him of Carina - and to start liking her.

Bliss Of BewildermentBliss Of Bewilderment by Bunzel, Birgit

Bliss of Bewilderment is Dr Birgit Bunzel's second collection of poetry.

Possession: A RomancePossession: A Romance by Byatt, A. S.

The novel traces a pair of young academics - Roland Michell and Maud Bailey - as they uncover a clandestine love affair between two long-dead Victorian poets. Interwoven in a mesmerizing pastiche are love letters and fairytales, extracts from biographies and scholarly accounts, creating a sensuous and utterly delightful novel of ideas and passions.

Commuting Reader, The (English) Here Now There AfterCommuting Reader, The (English) Here Now There After by Yong Shu Hoong (Ed.)

Here Now There After is a refreshing collection of original literary works by some of Singapore's most exciting storytellers, poets and comic artists. Inspired by notions of movement, trips and city transit, these rich, vibrant tales will take travellers on journeys of the imagination. Edited by award-winning poet Yong Shu Hoong, this anthology includes a beautifully-illustrated, removable map that showcases some of Singapore's most cherished literary landmarks. Featuring: Balli Kaur Jaswal, Cheryl Julia Lee, Dave Chua, Gwee Li Sui, Joshua Ip, Koh Hong Teng, Marc Nair, Neil Humphreys, O Thiam Chin, Stephanie Ye, Troy Chin, Xiao Yan and Yu-Mei Balasinganchow.

Philip Jeyaretnam Collection, ThePhilip Jeyaretnam Collection, The by Jeyaretnam, Philip

This collection gathers three of Philip Jeyaretnam's best-known works - First Loves, Raffles Place Ragtime and Abraham's Promise. Together, they showcase Jeyaretnam's technique and accomplishments across a range of forms, subject matter and emotional landscapes. Set in Singapore in the 1960s through the 1980s, the short stories and novels explore themes of identity, materialism, interracial relationships, power and betrayal; foreground the thinkers, dreamers and doers of post-colonial Singapore; and expose the young nation's frailties, cracks and contradictions.

Lieutenant Kurosawa's Errand BoyLieutenant Kurosawa's Errand Boy by Kalasegaran, Warran

During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, an eight-year-old Tamil boy is separated from his father, forced to work for the Kempeitai and renamed Nanban. From Lieutenant Kurosawa Takeshi, he learns their language and customs, studies their martial arts and prays to their Emperor. While watching the cruelty with which the Imperial Army rules Singapore, Nanban becomes just as ruthless to survive. Twenty years later, a young misfit strives to make a successful living as a seamstress. Papatti is swept up in her ambition, trying to drum up crowds and get featured in the national newspapers, when she meets a cunning politician and an eager dockworker who both try to win her attention. Then she is faced with a harrowing loss, and is forced to find her place in a new world. Over decades of tempestuous history, the lives of Nanban, Papatti and Lieutenant Kurosawa intertwine in surprising and powerful ways, and beg the question: how is reconciliation possible in the face of war and heartbreak?

Once We Were There: A NovelOnce We Were There: A Novel by Chauly, Bernice

Journalist Delonix Regia chances upon the cultured and irresistible Omar amidst the upheaval of the Reformasi movement in Kuala Lumpur. As the city roils around them, they find solace in love, marriage, and then parenthood. But when their two-year-old daughter Alba is kidnapped, Del must confront the terrible secret of a city where babies are sold and girls trafficked. By turns heart-breaking and suspenseful, Once We Were There is a debut novel of profound insight. It is Bernice Chauly at her very best.

State Of Emergency: A NovelState Of Emergency: A Novel by Tiang, Jeremy

Siew Li leaves her husband and children in Tiong Bahru to fight for freedom in the jungles of Malaya. Decades later, a Malaysian journalist returns to her homeland to uncover the truth of a massacre committed during the Emergency. And in Singapore, Siew Li's niece Stella finds herself accused of being a Marxist conspirator. Jeremy Tiang's debut novel dives into the tumultuous days of leftist movements and political detentions in Singapore and Malaysia. It follows an extended family from the 1940s to the present day as they navigate the choppy political currents of the region. What happens when the things that divide us also bind us together?

Brain Graft: A Play By Laura SolomonBrain Graft: A Play By Laura Solomon by Solomon, Laura

Brain Graft centres around Isobella, who works at a publishing firm and is diagnosed with a brain tumour. She finds a surgeon to remove her tumour and decides to have a brain implant - that is, a segment of brain to fill the space in her brain created by the tumour removal. The segment is donated by another woman, Tracey. After the transplant, Isobella begins to take on characteristics of Tracey's personality. Isobella's boyfriend, Tarquin, is horrified by this. Isobella begins a slow but steady slide down the socio-economic ladder, losing her job and sitting around the flat all day. Tracey's trajectory is the opposite. She takes a job cleaning at a hospital, where she meets David, a nurse, who encourages her to study for a nursing diploma. Tracey lands a job as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital, which is where, in the final scene, she crosses paths with Isobella who has been dumped there by an exasperated Tarquin. David has, by this time, dumped Tracey, claiming that he loved her only because he was seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles due to the anti-depressants he was on. The two women decide to become lesbian lovers.

Decameron, TheDecameron, The by Boccaccio, Giovanni

Ten young Florentines flee the Black Death of 1348 by escaping to a country villa overlooking the city. There they spend ten days telling each other one hundred stories. Their stories run the gamut of medieval genres-romance, tragedy, comedy and farce-and are rich with wit, earthiness and even bawdy irreverence. Boccaccio's reputation as one of the world's greatest authors rests entirely on this singular, overflowing work. A tribute to the essential power of storytelling and laughter, even in the most trying times, The Decameron has been a source and inspiration for countless other storytellers over the centuries.

Homer: The OdysseyHomer: The Odyssey by Fagles, Robert (Tr.)

Here, one of the great modern translators presents us with The Odyssey, Homer's best-loved poem, recounting Odysseus' wanderings after the Trojan War. With wit and wile, the 'man of twists and turns' meets the challenges of the sea-god Poseidon, and monsters ranging from the many-headed Scylla to the cannibalistic Cyclops Polyphemus - only to return after twenty years to a home besieged by his wife Penelope's suitors. In the myths and legends retold in this immortal poem, Fagles has captured the energy of Homer's original in a bold, contemporary idiom.