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Happiness At The End Of The WorldHappiness At The End Of The World by Happy Smiley And Friends

This collection of eight science fiction stories is about finding happiness on a post-apocalypse Earth!

Bubble G.U.M. - Happy SmileyBubble G.U.M. - Happy Smiley by

What happens when the seas rise? You blow bubbles. Add a few jellyfish and you get G.U.M. Prix is about to enter national service. Her biggest worry isn't whether her combat bikini fits but whether there'll be a Green Underwater Metropolis (G.U.M.) to go back to. This is a humorous science fiction novel.

Steampowered Globe, TheSteampowered Globe, The by Lim, Rosemary; Maisarah Bte Abu Samah

Robots, airships, blatant tea drinking, and, um, steam horses! Ripping yarns set around the globe, not just in Victorian London and an alternate Singapore. These are the best of steampunk stories from creative Singaporeans.

Batik Rain And Other StoriesBatik Rain And Other Stories by Devare, Ashwini

Batik Rain is a collection of short stories that explore the theme of cross-cultural conflict and displacement, as characters search for their roots. Like a slow winding river, these delicately nuanced stories meander through the lush locales of Bali and Siem Reap to the charming by lanes of Hyderabad, to the leafy avenues of Washington DC, where characters spring to life with striking vividness. Written in an evocative literary style, the personal angst of these characters is sensitively etched through personal journeys in search of self.

Potret Puisi Melayu SingapuraPotret Puisi Melayu Singapura by Kamari, Isa

In addition to celebrating the intellectual tradition of a past generation of Singaporean Malay thinkers, social and cultural activists, this series provides unique insights and perspectives into the lived-experience and collective memories of the Malay community in Singapore. Written in Malay, this book features the works of 44 Singapore Malay poets, from the post-independence era to the present, and shows how the historical context, community and the individuality of the poet have given poetry written by Singaporean Malay writers its own distinctive identity.

Romance Of Paris, The by Cheng, Allan

It was the year 2020. Jerry, a singer and a music composer, met a French girl at the pinnacle of the Eiffel tower, and comes to consider his rendezvous with her love-at-first sight. Since this meeting, life has been different for Jerry. It turns out that Isabella, the girl whom sparked his romance, came from a different era. In pursuit of his lost love, Jerry chanced upon a magical journey that transported him to the 1960s, where he met The Beatles. On another occasion, he travelled to the 1920s and experienced the Jazz epoch directly from Louis Armstrong himself. Could these encounters help him turn each failure in his singing career around in the present era? Still, his lost love could not be rekindled. How did he react to the time-travelling expedition? Could true love be found in a time from the past? Did the song, 'The Romance of Paris,' which Jerry composed, appear miraculously in an era it shouldn't have?

Goddess & Whore: A Book Of Contemporary PoetryGoddess & Whore: A Book Of Contemporary Poetry by Madhurima Duttagupta

Goddess & Whore is a captivating collection of musings, presented in a modern, impactful and youthful way. This collection creates a vivid narrative of a woman's journey as she steps out of her various social identities to discover who she is. What begins as a nagging sense of disquiet and discontent evolves into a quest for inner peace. She draws inspiration from nature and begins to disentangle herself from all those relationships and resentments that she once carried, and only then does she discover her real indestructible self. The book upholds the ultimate truth, which is the freedom of the human spirit. The musings celebrate the joys of womanhood and the beauty of nature even as they address certain social and women-centric issues like: position of women, rejection of the girl child, violence against women, education of girl children, and dated customs and rituals; and all these concerns culminate into a single question - ultimately what matters?

CrisisCrisis by K.M. Ariff

This is a novel with the Asian East Asian financial crisis, which plunges the Malaysian currency and stock market into turmoil, as background. Economists have previously published serious attempts to understand the East Asian crisis. Here, the author invites you into a tale of greed, mistakes, sorrow and redemption, bringing home the lessons learned.

Xxii Or Twenty-TwoXxii Or Twenty-Two by Yang, Joshua

Exploring the theme of time, memories and relations between persons and their surroundings, Joshua Yang composes a script made up of excerpts from found writings by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, Giorgio Agamben, Slavoj Zizek, Georg Lukacs, Ricardo Piglia and Jorge Luis Borges amongst others and invites the reader to recreate in her mind, the experience of entering an exhibition of paintings from a particular scene in space and time, gradually uncovering the mystery behind the numerous paintings of those two figures in an indistinct landscape.

Ten-A-City: Stories Built To LastTen-A-City: Stories Built To Last by

Ten-a-city: Stories Built to Last is an anthology containing twenty works of short fiction and four poems from local and international writers. This unique collection commemorates the 10th anniversary of the National Library Board's Read! Singapore campaign by bringing together well-loved stories that have appeared in previous Read! Singapore anthologies. The stories celebrate our cultural and linguistic diversity, with works in English and translations of stories originally written in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Ten-a-city is an anthology that reminds us of the power and endurance of great writing-be inspired by these Stories Built to Last.

In PiecesIn Pieces by Fayolle, Marion

A man comes home to his lover, his hands are tainted by the dress of another woman. A few pages later, a couple fight for the custody of their daughter to the point where she's literally cut in two. In Pieces is a beautiful book of visual poetry, in which all common metaphors are explained through images. In Pieces pushes the medium of graphic storytelling into new territory.

Map Of DaysMap Of Days by Hunter, Robert

Richard can t stop thinking about the clock. He lies in bed each night listening to its tick-tocking, to the pendulum s heavy swing. Why does his granddad open its old doors in secret and walk into the darkness beyond? One night, too inquisitive to sleep, Richard tiptoes from his bed, opens the cherry wood doors, and steps inside . . .

Worse Things Happen At SeaWorse Things Happen At Sea by Strom, Kellie

Inspired by tales mythical sea creatures and the tall stories of doomed voyages passed down from sailor to son Kellie Strom has created a rich tapestry of wonderment. Historical ships are attacked, enveloped and engorged by monstrous creatures surfacing from the deepest depths of the darkest oceans. This monster of a concertina book contains over 20 panels with each image unfolding like a foreboding fable from the cracked lips of an old sea captain. A intricate and elaborate masterpiece of fantastical creatures and the most beautiful vessels to grace the seven seas.

Separation: A HistorySeparation: A History by Chia, Christine

The sequel to The Law of Second Marriages, the best-selling and critically acclaimed poetry book by Christine. With "terrifying sparseness and intensity", as Cyril Wong observes, Christine threads together stories of the Separation between Singapore and Malaysia with the separation between her parents. Her searing vision, ambitious and intimate, opens up emotional spaces in unlikely places.

IntruderIntruder by Yam, Jerrold

At home with loneliness and passing encounters, can we be familiar with another or even ourselves? Does love outweigh the uncertainty of its memory? In his third and latest collection, award-winning poet Jerrold Yam ushers us into a traveller's world through sensitive and enquiring eyes, navigating a landscape of flitting figures, thoughts and emotions. Informed by expansive travel across Asia and Europe, Yam's poetry is as varied as his journey, exploring geysers, horse riding and Picasso, while building on his preoccupations with family, sensuality and displacement. His poems make fresh the contradictions of young adulthood, its heady mix of determined restlessness, bold insecurities, desire for intimacy and fear of commitment. In his unflinchingly honest treatment of these themes, Yam exhibits new range and complexity as he describes a shifting terrain, where moving on is as difficult as letting go. Above all, Intruder is an attempt to make sense of the impermanent structures that hold up one's life. Home, like love, may be a fiction that we must resist claiming for our own. After all, can we--and should we--be more than intruders?

Payday Loans: Poems By Jee Leong Koh by Koh Jee Leong

Warning: in 2006 the Singapore government banned the reading of Koh's poem "Come on, straight boy, and make gay love with me." That poem is now available, with 29 other sonnets, in a beautiful new edition by Math Paper Press, which includes an interview with Jee Leong Koh, and a new preface by Joshua Ip. Don't read this book if you do not wish to have sex with your sex. Don't read this book if you do.

Echolocation by Mani Rao

"For several years, Mani Rao has been cutting her own fiercely singular path through the thickets of our language; with each new book her compositional values become both more light and more precise, and her gestures - for this is a poetry of intense ellipsis - more sure, more instantaneous, more stunning." ~ Vivek Narayanan

I Didn't Know Mani Was A Conceptualist by Kon, Desmond; Zhicheng-Minde

"Here is a book few of us think a Singaporean could write! For proof, pick it up and read almost any section/para.... and believe me, you will be astounded! Kon is a consummate artist here, weaving strands of knowledge, wisdom, humor so porously that as readers we are left baffled but wiser, perhaps even sadder. I don't know how best to describe this book - perhaps the word *fable* might well do the trick! Like the wizards of old, he weaves magic into words seamlessly making us marvel and wonder. This is a book all educated men and women will find thoroughly rewarding and refreshing. A damn good read!" ~ Kirpal Singh, author of Thinking Hats & Colored Turbans

Good, The Bad And The Ugly, The: Three Banned Plays by Elangovan

This book contains 3 of Elangovan's plays - Talaq (1999), Smegma (2006) and Stoma (2013).

Art StudioArt Studio by Yeng Pway Ngon; Goh Beng Choo Et Al (Trans.)

Singapore, 1980s. Amid the tumult of political promise and upheaval, Yan Pei and his students struggle to pursue art in a rented studio. Yan Pei, a penniless artist, sacrifices more than his marriage to perfect his craft. His student Si Xian makes an irrevocable decision after Ning Fang, the subject of his unrequited love, leaves him for India. Jian Xiong gives up art - and his humanity - when communist politics force him to flee into the Malayan jungle. A story of disparate paths crossing continents over the span of forty years after Singapore's independence, Art Studio is a stirring meditation on art, politics and memory.