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Chimes Of The Soul: Verses From The Deep WithinChimes Of The Soul: Verses From The Deep Within by

In 2008, Shilpa was struck by Bell's Palsy, leaving her face paralyzed and limp over several agonizing months . This made her delve deeper into herself , beyond her physical appearance. She soon lost her father and missed her almost daily telephonic conversations with him. This had a great impact on her and one evening Shilpa found a sudden urge to write , and she has not stopped since then . Chimes of the Soul is written in simple easy-to-read language, portraying the writer's reflections and observations. The poems touch topics like life, resilience and inspiration. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by simple line artwork.

Tiger AutumnTiger Autumn by Pearson, Jan

In Tiger Autumn, the reader meets again several of the characters from "Red Bird Summer", witnesses further terrible events in Kowloon Walled City, and sees the Hei Ling Chau Island leper colony become both a haven from pursuit and a place to repent past crime. In October 1964, as Pearl Green approaches her twentieth birthday in a Hong Kong where the sixties are rocking, China is about to enter the global arms race by detonating the country's first nuclear device. The air is thick with intrigue and the anticipation of trouble, which breaks out when leading nuclear scientist, Dr Lin Dei ordered to destroy his research results and return to Beijing murders his supervisor and flees, taking his valuable research papers with him.

AlphabetAlphabet by Guthrie, Andrew

Alphabet consists of twenty-six poems concerning the vagaries of failure, the underrated opposite of success. But in this case, the context of failure necessarily includes the genre of contemporary poetry, that most disabused yet over-abundant mode of expression. Why would anyone choose to express themselves in a manner that automatically narrows the readership, even after dispensing with avant-garde ambitions? Precisely because its condition might lend itself to the aimless, useless or extra-economic moments when success can be turned on its head.

Cop Show HeavenCop Show Heaven by Gray, Lawrence

A character in a popular cop show, Dan Symmonds, is written out of the series and finds himself lingering in Cop Show Heaven. Here he must try to discover some depth to his personality in order to inspire a writer to re-invent him. But of course, that's just propaganda because nobody really wants depth, they just want what sells, or if not that, they just want that which sells what they want to sell! Here we are in a world aware of its own fictional nature, questioning the reasons for its own existence. In this parody of parodies, any resemblance that Cop Show Heaven bears to Hong Kong and its film-making community is purely coincidental and whoever the readership assumes any of the characters to resemble is much mistaken. All is fiction. All is fantasy.

Bright Lights And White NightsBright Lights And White Nights by Carter, Andrew

At first, moving east appears an inspired decision for Troy. But things take a disastrous turn. He inadvertently becomes embroiled in a debauched adventure, involving the players and oddballs of Hong Kong's cocaine underworld ... and a police informant against his will.

Poems To Enjoy, Book 5 (Secondary 5-6)Poems To Enjoy, Book 5 (Secondary 5-6) by Bickley, Verner

Dr Bickley's five graded poetry anthologies "Poems to Enjoy" is a well-established tool for learning and teaching English at all levels. The five books are each accompanied by an audio recording of all the poems in the book. Book 5 is for secondary 5-6 students. Students, parents, teachers and other adults will enjoy and find useful Dr Bickley's selection of poems and the lively readings presented in the recording.

Corridor: 12 Short Stories by Alfian Sa'at

Corridor is a collection of short stories all set in present-day Singapore. With unsentimental clarity and heartbreaking honesty, Alfian Sa'at writes about HDB dwellers - students, housewives and factory workers, whose lives begin to unravel once they discover that happiness is a fragile thing in a country obsessed with progress and success. The characters in each story find themselves in situations that offer them a ticket to hope and change: A video camera transforms the way a resentful daughter sees her widowed mother. A married couple receives free holiday tickets just when their luck seems to have run out. A girl encounters a transvestite on an MRT train ride who tells her that she looks like a famous singer. And a man enters a discotheque after a bitter divorce and re-learns the terror of falling in love all over again. Rich in authentic detail, with a sensitive ear for the vernacular, Corridor paints an elegiac, revealing portrait of contemporary Singaporeans who exist along the city's corridors - haunted by lost loves, irrevocable childhoods and a deep longing to be free. Corridor won the Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award in 1998.

Kajian Perbandingan Pantun Melayu Dengan Nyanyian Rakyat CinaKajian Perbandingan Pantun Melayu Dengan Nyanyian Rakyat Cina by Xu You Nian

Buku ini bukan sahaja adalah hasil penyemakan dan penambahbaikan secara menyeluruh dengan mengintegrasikan bahan kajian yang terbaharu dengan sudut pandangan serta kaedah kajian yang terbaharu setelah mengambil masa setengah hayat hidup saya, tetapi juga mengajukan model kajian terhadap pantun yang baru dengan melibatkan banyak negara. Oleh sebab itu, buku ini diharap dapat membawa pembaikan dan peningkatan kepada kajian terhadap pantun tidak kira sama ada dari segi ruang lingkup kajian (yang luas dan mendalam), sudut pandangan, cara kajian dan bahan kajian yang kaya ataupun ketepatan hujah - berasaskan bahan yang digunakan sebagai bukti. Nilai kajian ini juga terletak pada ia bukan sahaja boleh mengisi kekosongan dalam kajian seumpama ini di China, malah juga membantu menambah satu lagi lapisan kebudayaan ke atas batu asas hubungan dan pertukaran kebudayaan, selain perkembangan ekonomi dan politik antara China dengan negara-negara di Alam Melayu pada masa sekarang.

Dark Gray DemonsDark Gray Demons by Gray, Marvin

Life after rescuing a Hispanic girl from serial killer Stephen Bracken's basement dungeon should be heavenly. Marvin Gray rekindles his relationship with his girlfriend. He lands a new job investigating missing children. He is solving cases. And he has money for the first time in his life. But Gray is still tormented by his failure to save two other girls from that dungeon. When his own niece Trish goes missing, Gray returns to his home town and his dysfunctional family for the first time in years. The new investigation leads him to child trafficking rings in the underworld of San Antonio, Texas and forces Gray to confront his darkest demons.

Gray MatterGray Matter by Gray, Marvin

American security officer Clark Miller is playing a dangerous game. In order to track terrorist Anwar Khan from Indonesia to the tribal areas of Pakistan, Clark is embroiled in political volatility and religious fanaticism. Now working in Pakistan, he has learned the language, history, and culture of the conservative Muslim country. He has also made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong local women, frequenting the wrong brothels, and trusting the wrong advisors. When a young prostitute offers to sell information on Khan's whereabouts, Clark must act quickly. It is now a race against time, money, and loyalties. "Gray Matter" is fast-paced thriller sequel to "Gray Areas."

Gray AreasGray Areas by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray wakes up in a psychiatric ward, struggling to come to grips with the traumatic event that put him there. Under therapy, he combs through past events in search of the present-day realities that elude him. Tragedies in Baghdad, botched love affairs and failed attempts at protecting children - none of which Marvin is willing to confront. "Gray Areas" is the sequel to "They Only Come Out at Night".

They Only Come Out At NightThey Only Come Out At Night by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is hiding in an abandoned motel in Lexington, Kentucky when he encounters three complex young women who change his life. Nasreen is a twenty-three-year-old Persian goddess who reawakens both his sexuality and his will to survive, while at the same time implicating him in attempted murder. "They Only Come Out at Night" is the sequel to "Maggie May". In it, guilt-ridden private detective Marvin Gray once again finds himself out of his league among a daunting array of criminal adversaries.

Maggie MayMaggie May by Gray, Marvin

Marvin Gray's past has returned to haunt him. Fifteen years ago, he had a love affair with a beautiful Playboy centerfold, Maggie May Esquivel. Now, his only true love needs Marvin to rescue her from the notorious Salvadoran criminal gang MS-13, which has threatened the lives of Maggie May and their teenage son, Josh. The case throws inexperienced private eye Gray onto a convoluted course he cannot understand. The investigation also forces him to confront demons dating back to the Salvadoran Civil War, and long since buried in a soiled life of alcoholism and failed relationships.

Onna RisingOnna Rising by Kimura, Rei

With money and freedom, a growing pool of young, well-educated and ambitious Japanese professional women are no longer submissive, demure extensions of their menfolk. They are ready to enjoy life, and with power and position four women (onna) have formed a strong supportive bond. Their friendship has withstood romantic conflicts, the fast-paced, glitzy life of Tokyo, trials of the workplace and the insulting 'ainoko' label given to one of the four. Now sordid secrets from the past have emboldened a blackmailer, threatening the very foundation of the friends' bond.

Play Things: Michael Chiang, The Complete Works: 1984-2014Play Things: Michael Chiang, The Complete Works: 1984-2014 by Chiang, Michael

This anthology of Michael Chiang, widely recognised as Singapore's most successful playwright, contains all his plays, shorts and full-lengths, and includes updates and additional scenes previously unpublished.

This Is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2This Is My Family: New Singapore Plays Volume 2 by Ho, Lucas (Ed.)

Features six vital and original Singaporean plays that address themes of family in all its complexity and diversity.

Memoirs Of A Community Cat! (Rojineko Nikki)Memoirs Of A Community Cat! (Rojineko Nikki) by Rei Kimura

This is a heartwarming story told by Abby, a veteran stray cat who insists "We are not strays, we are community cats!" It brings to life the many stray cats who live in almost every community giving each cat featured in this book a face, a heart, feelings, thoughts and the same fears and happiness of the humans who can make their lives a blessing or a curse. Abby, the macho yellow male cat walks us through his very colorful adventures and experiences as he and his siblings and friends live each day to the fullest of their nine lives, never knowing whether they will be alive at the end of the day! There is never a dull moment and some harrowing matching of wits with those who hate their very existence and believe that community cats should neither be seen nor heard!

Devil You Know, TheDevil You Know, The by Gregoire, Peter

A pressing need for income tempts Scott Lee to take on media tycoon Rufus Lam's case. It seems like a straightforward enough missing person's search. Find out what happened to Rufus Lam's friend and close business partner, Terence Auyeung. Take the money and move on. A nice distraction too, from the growing malaise into which Hong Kong is slowly sinking. Sure, it's 2017 and the city is about to elect its new Chief Executive. But not with the election system Hong Kong people want, Beijing has seen to that. The dream of democracy -- true democracy -- ended in 2014 when the initial exhilaration of the Umbrella Protests petered into nothing. But as Scott digs deeper in his search for Auyeung, he soon discovers that the Umbrella Generation never dissipated. It just went into hibernation, waiting for the right leader and the right time, to take up the cause once more. That leader is none other than Scott's client, Rufus Lam. That time is now. And Scott's caught right in the middle of it.

Absence - PresenceAbsence - Presence by Song, Geraldine

By merging physical theatre with a realist narrative, Absense-Presence presents the complexities of human relationships, and the dynamics that cement or destroy these relationships. These plays intend to elicit sympathetic and compassionate responses from the readers, and to re-direct these responses back to their hearts and minds. It is hoped that readers who read Absence-Presence will remember to re-explore their own innate human values as they close the book or leave the theatre; and that they will dip into these deep resources and seek paths to nourish their own lives and their relationships.

Three Comedies:Rohini - Beg'um, Begum - MisprisionThree Comedies:Rohini - Beg'um, Begum - Misprision by Song, Geraldine

The three comedies are all about Rohinilatha Seethalakshmidevi, daughter of Balasubramaniam Shivaramakrishnan. Why are the three comedies all about Rohini? Who is Rohini and what is she? She is the star, the catalyst of misprision, the epitome of the map of mislaughing, and the prophylaxis for the anxiety of comedy.