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Shifting SandsShifting Sands by Deepa Vanjani

Shifting Sands is Dr Deepa Vanjani's debut poetry collection. She speaks of urbanisation and the loss of natural surroundings, the trap of illusions we humans are caught in, the lack of depth in relationships. But she also speaks of love, nature and the spiritual traces that lead us to the centre. For the author herself, many of the poems are life lessons and a humble offering to the Big Buddha of Lantau.

Of Leaves & Ashes (With Cd)Of Leaves & Ashes (With Cd) by Ho, Patty

This collection of poems include some relate to philosophy and some to old Chinese poems to which Patty Ho has added new thoughts. Others are more musical and are additionally presented on the accompanying CD as songs. Patty Ho's essay 'A solitary song for nothing', which concludes the book, discusses poetry and philosophy.

Irreverent Poems For Pretentious PeopleIrreverent Poems For Pretentious People by Hoeg, Henrik

This is an eclectic collection of poems that range from sardonically humorous to genuinely moving. The collection plays fast and loose with both language and form as it explores, among other things, linguistics, history, relationships and the absurd. Henrik Hoeg's first published collection, it was awarded a publication prize in the competition for the International Proverse Prize 2015.

Sea Is Ours, The: Tales Of Steampunk Southeast AsiaSea Is Ours, The: Tales Of Steampunk Southeast Asia by Goh, Jaymee; Joyce Chng (Eds.)

In this book, technological wonder merges with the everyday: children upgrade their fighting spiders with armour and toymakers create punchcard-driven marionettes. The fantastic has always been part of our landscape: large fish lumber across the skies, aswang represent diwata to faraway diplomats, boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension. Technology and tradition meld as the people adapt to the changing forces of their world. Steampunk takes on Southeast Asia in this anthology, infused with the spirits of its diverse peoples, legends, and geography. Delving into local alternate histories, we will introduce you to a dynamic steampunk world quite different from the one you may be familiar with.

Giving GroundGiving Ground by Kwek, Theophilus

Giving Ground refers to an act of yielding, or compromise - an active passivity, not unlike the act of writing itself. In his third collection, Theophilus Kwek enters and examines the unfamiliar, giving himself over to the power of place to transform thought and language. At the same time, he gains new ground, finding other homes and histories that change the way he sees his own city.

Flesh & SteelFlesh & Steel by Kang, Shaun

Loosely inspired by the legend of the Golem of Prague, this graphic novel transports readers to a fantasy land torn apart by knights and cavaliers armed with rifles and shotguns on top of the usual swords and shields. The story arc follows the internal and external battles of Golem, a humanoid living weapon forged from steel, as he struggles to find acceptance amongst men amidst a storm of war and strife.

Jalan Jalan: A Novel Of IndonesiaJalan Jalan: A Novel Of Indonesia by Stoner, Mike

Newbie is on the run. From England. From the past. From memories of his dead girlfriend, Laura. Indonesia is as good a place as any to reinvent himself-cheap beer, exotic landscapes, a beautiful Indonesian girlfriend, and a bunch of misfit mate all masquerading as English teachers. It will take a breakdown and an exorcism at the hands of an Indonesian shaman to make Newbie realize that the events of the past might not always be what they seem…

BreathingBreathing by Sun Ganlu

This Chinese novel is set in Shanghai in the late 1980s. Luo Ke, the protagonist, works as a part-time shop window painter. He once served in the army for several years and fought in the Vietnam War at the close of the 60s, when he was still young. The plot unfolds in his relationships with five women-Yin Mang, a college student; Yin Chu, her sister; Ou Xiaolin, an actress; Liu Yazhi, an art teacher; and Xiang An, a worker.

Eaglewood Pavilion, TheEaglewood Pavilion, The by Ruan Haibiao

The two stories in this collection of Chinese stories are related to the life of people living in the old urban area in Shanghai.

Nest Of Nine Boxes, ANest Of Nine Boxes, A by Jin Yucheng

In this collection of Chinese short stories by prize-winning author, Jin Yucheng, the past experiences of the leading characters act as heavy shadows in their present-day lives. The development of the story-plots and complex ideas of these characters are interwoven with one another like riddles. The leading characters tirelessly explore the significance of life in the changing era and in their own life experiences.

Written Country: The History Of Singapore Through Literature by Gwee Li Sui (Ed.)

Written Country intriguingly reconstructs the history of modern Singapore through fifty defining moments from the Fall of Singapore to the passing of Lee Kuan Yew. This is an anthology of works from some of Singapore's best novelists, poets and playwrights.

Long Long Time Ago (Part 1) There Was A Time When Tomorrow Was UncertainLong Long Time Ago (Part 1) There Was A Time When Tomorrow Was Uncertain by Neo, Jack; James Teo (Illus.)

Long Long Time Ago is a heart-warming story of a family living in a kampong in pre-independence Singapore, when gangsters were rife and racial tensions were high, It revolves around the life of Zhao Di who is chased out of her husband's home by his first wife when he passes away. Heavily pregnant and with three young daughters in tow, Zhao Di is forced to return to her father's house where she has to bear with her father's prejudice against her and her daughters, and find ways to make ends meet.

PhedraPhedra by Tan, Euginia

Phedra is a poetry collection of re-interpreted mythology - with an emphasis on female identity - which delves into the juxtaposition of idolatry and banality.

SpomenikSpomenik by Nair, Marc

Spomenik is a collection of poems and photographs from the Balkans. These impressions of people and places bookmark a glimpse of life across a multitude of cities, crossing terrains of history, war, culture and faith.

Let's Give It Up For Gimme Lao: A NovelLet's Give It Up For Gimme Lao: A Novel by Sim, Sebastian

Born on the night of the nation's independence, Gimme Lao is cheated of the honour of being Singapore's firstborn son by a vindictive nurse. Tracing social, economic and political issues over the past 50 years, this humorous novel uses Gimme as a hapless centre to expose all of Singapore's ambitions, dirty linen and secret moments of tender humanity.

Year In The 'Kok, AYear In The 'Kok, A by Crazy Horse

A novel of Bangkok nights ripped straight from the nightlife of Bangkok city centre. You step straight off the plane into a strange new world of all-night go-go bars, mamasans, and the most beautiful willing girls in the world. Crazy Horse is the pen-name of an expat from North America. He has been living and writing in Asia for over 10 years and is best known as the author of the "Western Man in Asia" blog. He has also written and directed movies for Hollywood.

Into The Night LifeInto The Night Life by Crazy Horse

Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Pattaya - Crazy Horse returns to Asia with his follow up to "A Year in the 'Kok". Crazy Horse is the pen-name of an expat from North America. He has been living and writing in Asia for over 10 years and is best known as the author of the "Western Man in Asia" blog. He has also written and directed movies for Hollywood.

Worlds Apart: A Collection Of Short StoriesWorlds Apart: A Collection Of Short Stories by Oliver, Martin R.

Peter loves his wife dearly, and does everything to make her happy, so why would he invent a story that his work is taking him to Bangkok for a couple of weeks? His wife Juliana follows him to try and discover why! Bebito, a young boy from the interior of Bahia Brazil, becomes another Brazilian ''street child'. He makes friends with Marcopolo who teaches him how to survive on the streets of Salvador. But why must he go home to repay his former employer, the rich landowner Snr. Calvacanti? The situations they encounter are humorous, but typical. This collection of short stories are a fusion of fact with fiction, leaving the reader to guess which situations and characters are real, and which are not?

Bitter PunchBitter Punch by Loh Guan Liang

Bitter Punch is Loh Guan Liang's second collection of poetry. With a wry eye for the everyday and its often forgotten characters, Loh explores what it means to live and love in the city. Even as it depicts the tension between ourselves and the spaces we inhabit, Bitter Punch still seeks sweetness in life's hard, bitter moments.

Ntu Residencies Chapbooks, TheNtu Residencies Chapbooks, The by

This gift box set features works by NTU-NAC Writers in Residence. All five chapbooks are packaged together and sold as an entire collection, and as a collectible.