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Young China HandYoung China Hand by Huang, Matt; Grace Hsu

A thriller about a crisis-era clash between Western wits, Chinese princeling-linked financiers and Peking duck farmers. Inspired by true events and experiences between 2008 and 2013, Young China Hand combines an insider's look into China's secretive world of high finance, with a journey of self-discovery through unlikely friendships and outrageous betrayals.

Ah Lao And The Paper MenAh Lao And The Paper Men by Wong Ming Yook

Ordinary people live extraordinary lives. Ah Lao and the Paper Men features fourteen stories which draw back the curtain on the inner lives of such ordinary people to reveal intimate and touching tales of love and loss, hope and despair, wonder and joy. This collection of short stories reminds the reader that each character's experience of the surface and mundane merely veils the depth and possibilities that life promises to all.

Say It With Poems: Remembering MiloSay It With Poems: Remembering Milo by Chong, Stella Vee

Say It with Poems is a light-hearted way of using poetry to perceive and feel what's happening around us. The first section - "All about Life" - has 26 poems that take you on a journey where you can identify with feelings of love, frustration, joy, and patriotism in uniquely Singaporean-style. The second section - "All about cats" - has 17 poems depicting the struggle of cats around Singapore. This is told through the rescuers' and fosterers' relationship with them and their aspirations for them. The third section - "Remembering Milo" - includes 7 poems dedicated to the author's beloved cat, Milo, who passed unexpectedly at the age of twelve.

Crossing UniversesCrossing Universes by Cheng, Frederick; Lim Qing & Ng Kah Gay (Eds.)

A companion to Unhomed, the other chapbook in the LIVEpress series, Crossing Universes begins with Theophilus Kwek's "On Roads and Rituals", a reflection on why we travel and what it means to be able to travel. The short stories and poems that follow continue to traverse literal and figurative universes, exploring a myriad of ideas and issues along the way: faith, depression, perception, birth, coming-of-age, and death. Alfonse Chiu's short but quietly stunning "Hanami Post-Earthquake" draws the reader's voyage to a close on an ethereal, pensive tone.

UnhomedUnhomed by Lim Qing (Ed.)

In the works of the young Singaporean writers in this anthology, the young writers expressed the anxieties of being unhomed on different levels-personal, domestic, societal-and through varying modes and genres.

Renditions Of My Soul: The Story Of A Balinese WomanRenditions Of My Soul: The Story Of A Balinese Woman by Desak Yoni; Sarita Newson

A Balinese girl, whose childhood dreams turn into a nightmare in a foreign country, returns to her island home to rediscover herself, but her problems follow her and multiply. Fate holds her captive and she finds it hard to escape from the path she is on. While writing her diary, she returns to her childhood haunts, retracing her own fears of bad karma. Home on her island that everybody considers to be a paradise, she finds very little respite. She is reminded that bad karma is accepted as retribution for ill deeds.

Bones Of The Dark MoonBones Of The Dark Moon by Lewis, Richard E.

During construction on an idyllic Bali seashore, workers uncover skeletons, victims of brutal mass murder. The discovery sets the village of Batu Gede astir. The life of Made "Nol" Ziro, a stalwart member of the community with a little gambling problem, is turned upside down. Could one of those skeletons be that of his schoolmaster father, who disappeared during the massacre of 1965?

Lontar #6: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative FictionLontar #6: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction by Lundberg, Jason Erik Et Al (Eds.)

This sixth issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. LONTAR is the world's only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction. Our contributors have won major literary awards in Singapore, USA, UK, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.

Death Of A Perm SecDeath Of A Perm Sec by Wong Souk Yee

Death of a Perm Sec is a mystery about the demise of the permanent-secretary of the housing ministry, Chow Sze Teck, accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes over his career. Set in 1980's Singapore, the novel examines the civil servant's death, which first appears to be suicide by a cocktail of alcohol, morphine and Valium. But upon investigation by a CID inspector who might not be what he seems, the family discovers there may be far more sinister circumstances behind his death, that reach to the very top of government. The novel exposes the dark heart of power politics, from the country's tumultuous post-independence days to the socio-political landscape of the 1980s.

Long Long Time Ago (Part 2): Some Endings Are New BeginningsLong Long Time Ago (Part 2): Some Endings Are New Beginnings by Neo, Jack; James Teo (Illus.)

Set in the early years of Singapore's independence, this sequel to Long Long Time Ago traces the journey of a typical Singaporean family living in a kampong. The story revolves around the life of widow Zhao Di as she struggles to provide for her family amid the rapid changes in the country. She inadvertently inherits her father's farmland after her two brothers reject it in favour of better jobs. She takes on the back-breaking work of rearing pigs and labouring in a coal factory to make ends meet. In spite of events that threaten to break her down and tear her family apart, Zhao Di remains indomitable, and the bonds that the family forged with friends and neighbours in the kampong enables them to make the most out of the government's expropriation of their land for development. Relive the many challenging moments Singapore faced as it emerged from being an underdeveloped nation and transformed itself into the city it is today through this beautifully illustrated book.

Yi Shou Shi De Shi Jian 2015 (In The Space Of A Poem)Yi Shou Shi De Shi Jian 2015 (In The Space Of A Poem) by Hu Xingzi (Ed.)

Co-published by TrendLit and Ethos Books, In the Space of a Poem 2015 is an anthology of Chinese poems that were submitted over a month-long open call on Facebook, from 1 to 30 June 2015. A theme would be introduced every morning and poets would write a piece in response to it. This book is a collection of their responses and they give an indication of the diverse voices in the next generation of Singapore Chinese poets.

And The Walls Come Crumbling DownAnd The Walls Come Crumbling Down by De Rozario, Tania

In 2003, a young woman leaves home without telling her family that she is not coming back. She spends the next six years moving from house to house and living hand-to- mouth; at first with her lover, and then alone. And The Walls Come Crumbling Down parallels three events in the author's life: the physical deterioration of the house in which she lives, the emotional disintegration of a couple once in love, and the unearthing of childhood ghosts that can't seem to be cast off. Part memoir and part poetic rumination, it is an ode to love, loss and the people and places we call home.

To You Out ThereTo You Out There by Ng, Clarice

To You Out There is an illustrated book series that aspires to reach out to the individual, promoting comfort and inner peace. It is illustrated by Clarice Ng, an artist based in Singapore whose works are inspired by her observations of day-to-day happenings. Through her practice, she seeks to magnify the instances that go unnoticed and bring to light the significance found in seemingly arbitrary moments and interactions, encapsulating an intimate, honest portrayal of her reality.

Three Kisses Of The Cobra: A NovelThree Kisses Of The Cobra: A Novel by Balian, Z. T.

Set sail on an epic adventure packed with travel to exotic locations, pirates, unfailing love, ships, the trade of spice and precious stones, attempted murder, and tragic death. When the warden of the Armenian church in Singapore sends an e-mail to Nayri, a Lebanese-Armenian banker, offering fascinating details from her family's roots and to connect her with a relative she's never met, she jumps at the opportunity to learn more about her history. Set in the early nineteenth century, Three Kisses of the Cobra is the fictional account of the life of one of the first settlers in Singapore.

Inheritance: A NovelInheritance: A Novel by Balli Kaur Jaswal

In 1971, a teenage girl briefly disappears from her house in the middle of the night, only to return a different person, causing fissures that threaten to fracture her Punjabi Sikh family. As Singapore's political and social landscapes evolve, the family must cope with shifting attitudes toward castes, youth culture, sex and gender roles, identity and belonging. Inheritance examines each family member's struggles to either preserve or buck tradition in the face of an ever-changing nation.

SugarbreadSugarbread by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Pin must not become like her mother, but nobody will tell her why. She seeks clues in Ma's cooking when she's not fighting other battles-being a bursary girl at an elite school and facing racial taunts from the bus uncle. Then her meddlesome grandmother moves in, installing a portrait of a watchful Sikh guru and a new set of house rules. Old secrets begin to surface but can Pin handle learning the truth?

Now That It's OverNow That It's Over by O Thiam Chin

During the Christmas holidays in 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggers a tsunami that devastates fourteen countries. Two couples from Singapore are vacationing in Phuket when the tsunami strikes. Alternating between the aftermath of the catastrophe and past events that led these characters to that fateful moment, Now That It's Over weaves a tapestry of causality and regret, and chronicles the physical and emotional wreckage wrought by natural and manmade disasters.

Shifting SandsShifting Sands by Deepa Vanjani

Shifting Sands is Dr Deepa Vanjani's debut poetry collection. She speaks of urbanisation and the loss of natural surroundings, the trap of illusions we humans are caught in, the lack of depth in relationships. But she also speaks of love, nature and the spiritual traces that lead us to the centre. For the author herself, many of the poems are life lessons and a humble offering to the Big Buddha of Lantau.

Of Leaves & Ashes (With Cd)Of Leaves & Ashes (With Cd) by Ho, Patty

This collection of poems include some relate to philosophy and some to old Chinese poems to which Patty Ho has added new thoughts. Others are more musical and are additionally presented on the accompanying CD as songs. Patty Ho's essay 'A solitary song for nothing', which concludes the book, discusses poetry and philosophy.

Irreverent Poems For Pretentious PeopleIrreverent Poems For Pretentious People by Hoeg, Henrik

This is an eclectic collection of poems that range from sardonically humorous to genuinely moving. The collection plays fast and loose with both language and form as it explores, among other things, linguistics, history, relationships and the absurd. Henrik Hoeg's first published collection, it was awarded a publication prize in the competition for the International Proverse Prize 2015.