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Hantu Macabre: A Suzanna Sim Paranormal Crime MysteryHantu Macabre: A Suzanna Sim Paranormal Crime Mystery by Girardi, Jill

Beloved Malaysian actress Annabelle Shek is found dead, her body was decapitated and dismembered. Annabelle is the first of many such victims. Every three months, another woman is found murdered in the same way, and it becomes apparent that these killings are part of a sacrificial ritual. Enter Suzanna Sim - a hard-boiled, tattooed punk rocker forced to grow up on the streets of George Town, Penang when she was orphaned at a young age. She's the owner of a private investigation firm that specializes in black magic and occult crimes. She solves these cases with the help of her supernatural partner: a toyol named Tokek.

Anima Methodi: The Poetics Of MirroringAnima Methodi: The Poetics Of Mirroring by Kon Desmond & Eric Valles (Eds.)

Conceived by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé and Eric Tinsay Valles, the anima methodi is a 16-lined poem, comprising two stanzas of eight lines each. The structure has been quaintly called the twofold binate octave. Two words or phrases are repeated anywhere within the first binate octave, and the same mirroring effect (with the same or different pair of texts) is done for the second binate octave. There remains continuity across both stanzas, with the last line of the first stanza moving seamlessly - across the stanza break as dovetail - into the first line of the second stanza. The stanza break may also locate the poem's volta, as with the sonnet, for which, according to Phillis Levin, "the volta is the seat of its soul". This anthology is co-edited by Eric Tinsay Valles and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé.

Lion City: StoriesLion City: Stories by Ng Yi-Sheng

A man learns that all the animals at the Zoo are robots. A secret terminal in Changi Airport caters to the gods. A prince falls in love with a crocodile. A concubine is lost in time. The island of Singapore disappears. These are the exquisitely strange tales of Lion City, the first collection of short fiction by award-winning poet and playwright Ng Yi-Sheng. Infused with myth, magical realism and contemporary sci-fi, each of these tales invites the reader to see this city-state in a new and darkly fabulous light.

Minorities, The: A Ghostly NovelMinorities, The: A Ghostly Novel by Suffian Hakim

Meet the four misfits living in one HDB flat. One is a Malay-Jew who is trying to get his father to come back as a ghost. Cantona is a promising Bangladeshi artist on the run from a construction company. Tights is a Chinese illegal immigrant with a Forrest Gump obsession. And Shanti is a gifted Indian lab technician hiding from her abusive husband. When a forlorn pontianak begins haunting them, the four friends find themselves embroiled in a surreal showdown that may just upend the world, or at least Singapore. Written in Suffian Hakim's trademark humour, The Minorities is a novel about those living on the edges of society and their soulful bond.

Swordfish + ConcubineSwordfish + Concubine by Kee Thuan Chye

Swordfish + Concubine is a play inspired by the old Malay classic Sejarah Melayu. Playwright Kee Thuan Chye takes the popular story of the swordfish attack on Singapura and that of the Sultan's favourite concubine who is sentenced to death by impalement, and weaves them together to produce an epic that resonates with the present. He infuses it with drama, comedy, action, satire, gamelan music and rap. Yes, rap! It is sweeping, lavish and filled with fun, and it appeals to the senses, the mind and the heart. In 2006, it was judged one of the top five plays entered for the International Playwriting Festival organised by Warehouse Theatre in the UK.

18 Walls: A Novel18 Walls: A Novel by Teo Xue Shen

This action-packed thriller follows a squad of 18-year-olds who must fight an army of Savages in a war they did not choose. Ren is an elite fighter who feels no emotions. That makes him the perfect soldier to battle the Savages, a feral army of half-animal, half-human species prowling outside the 18 walls protecting the least that's what the propaganda machine will have him believe. He and his motley squad are armed with genetic enhancements before venturing beyond the walls. They come to learn more about themselves and their enemies than they could have ever imagined.

Imaginary Friends: 26 Whimsical Fables For Getting On In A Crazy WorldImaginary Friends: 26 Whimsical Fables For Getting On In A Crazy World by Lee, Melanie; Arif Rafhan

Imaginary Friends is a collection of modern fables for adults based on the letters of the alphabet. These modern morality tales are humorous, witty and great fun to read. Come meet Annie the Ambitious Apple, Greta the Grouchy Grape, Olivia the Overachieving Octopus and their friends. Accompanied by quirky illustrations that capture the perculiarities of these personalities, you will be chuckling along as you see your friends and colleagues in many of these imaginary friends.

When The Lights Went OffWhen The Lights Went Off by Tan, Paul

As the poet navigates through middle age, beset by questions on aging, love and loss, and the incipient awareness of mortality, these poems give shape and meaning to those attendant, oft-unspoken anxieties. Through coy irony, imagined personas and leaps of creative faith, Tan's fifth collection of poetry interrogates the redemptive possibilities of art, promising a journey through the familiar and the off-kilter.

Bite Harder: Open Letters And Close ReadingsBite Harder: Open Letters And Close Readings by Koh Jee Leong

Fifteen years ago, Koh Jee Leong left a promising career in Singapore's Education Service in order to become a poet in New York City. The change was transformative. Bite Harder tells the story of the change through essays that blend the personal and the literary: unlikely friendships in graduate school and the Village; encounters with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and the activism of gender rights advocate Pauline Park; reading Eavan Boland on the Upper West Side and reading Gregory Woods in Queens. These formative experiences are described alongside pioneering essays on Singapore poets, such as Goh Poh Seng, Cyril Wong, Yeow Kai Chai, and Justin Chin, and uncompromising letters about the struggle for freedom of expression. Koh's unique perspective as both insider and outsider informs these essays and letters. Bite Harder is a vital contribution to the nascent genre of literary essays and the field of cultural criticism in Singapore.

Vital PossessionsVital Possessions by Marc Nair

Vital Possessions by Marc Nair contemplates how city-dwellers negotiate their uneasy relationship with nature in a world where growth is both man-made and natural. The jungle is always one trim away from over-running us and we are often oblivious to it. The poems question what we hold as vital amid ceaseless consumption and our urban existence.

Common Life: Drawings And PoemsCommon Life: Drawings And Poems by Ho Chee Lick & Anne Lee Tzu Pheng

With crayons and stained paper, artist Ho Chee Lick wanders around neighbourhoods in Singapore observing, perceiving, looking for that "something": quiet and unremarkable objects and scenes of basic everyday life. One day some of his drawings came into the hands of poet Anne Lee Tzu Pheng who rediscovers the quiet beauty of these captured moments and explores their story with her words. Common Life is a visual and poetic journey into territories the mind often finds too familiar to excite feelings or thoughts.

RegardingRegarding by Lee, Madeleine

Written in response to the National Gallery Singapore's exhibitions, Madeleine Lee's volume of ekphrastic poetry enacts the ways in which language may respond to art. Each poem a vignette of a show, words compose, question and revision the visual in novel forms of their own making. regarding is the first title in the Gallery's Words on Art series-books dedicated to articulating the intersections between visual and literary art.

VelouriaVelouria by Shiau, Daren

Velouria is a seminal collection of microfiction. Daren Shiau, better known as a novelist and a poet, experimented with flash fiction in between lengthier works in the mid-200os. The title story of the book is named after a track by Boston-based alternative rock band, the Pixies. Other stories in the volume were titled after the songs by artistes such as My Bloody Valentine and Thelonious Monk. This 2017 reprint contains a new story "Sedimentary", which received the top prize in The Straits Times' inaugural microfiction competition in 2007.

Woman Who Turned Into A Vending Machine, TheWoman Who Turned Into A Vending Machine, The by Wang, Natalie

A housewife turns into a vending machine. Zombies are coming for tea. An unnamed narrator dreams of a cat. "The Woman Who Turned Into A Vending Machine" is a book on metamorphosis - metaphorical and physical, calculated and involuntary. Here is an invitation to explore how myth fits with the mundane, and how we shapeshift alongside our endlessly changing environments, muddying along life as best as we can.

PantomimePantomime by Rodrigues, Crispin

Pantomime is a homily for the weary social actor, seeking a place of shelter. These poems meander through the performative in society, sieving through letters, anthems and declarations to find the ramshackle hut at the end of the road. Come, stranger, and walk with me.

AfterimageAfterimage by Kho, Werner

Afterimage: an image that continues to appear even after the original has ceased. Werner Kho's debut poetry collection is both personal and yet universal, an exploration of the process of loss and how our they come back to us in every different angle.

Band EightBand Eight by Tham Cheng-E

In the Nation, citizenship is competitively earned, and the sting of failure strikes swift. The smallest professional blemish may spell demotion or even deportation to offshore labour communities called Depositories, while the affluent are insured against all misfortune and can do no wrong. Santhosh is a Transient student hoping to ace the Civil Primaries and make Citizen the following year, when his father is suddenly deported and State agents murder his guardian's entire family. Adopted by a motley band of fugitives who hold wealthy Citizens ransom for a shot at freedom, Santhosh searches for his father and struggles to keep his integrity in a world where the only true choices are luxuries.

Kallang Basin AdagioKallang Basin Adagio by Khor Kuan Liang

A tribe of nomads journeys through a post-apocalyptic Singapore devastated by environmental collapse, for the promised land of the Kallang Basin. While searching for shelter, they rescue a starving young boy and his musically-inclined android, who upend the tribe's dynamic. When machines become symbols of our aspiration and extensions of our will, what role do they serve when we fight to survive? A testament to the strength and endurance of the human spirit.

Marriage And Mutton CurryMarriage And Mutton Curry by Shanmughalingam, M.

A kimono-clad Tamil woman greets Japanese soldiers at the door while her Anglophile husband cowers in his Jaguar. Two sisters share a husband when one fails to produce a child for the longest time. An American diplomat's urgent inquires about the Malaysian treasury's facilities are hilariously misunderstood. A daring civil servant proposes to a Ceylonese lady in his hometown mere minutes after meeting her, breaking a thousand years of marriage protocol. M. Shanmughalingam's debut collection paints, with gentle wit and humour, the concerns and intrigues of the Jaffna Tamil community in Malaya. At turns satirical, empathetic and insightful, these fifteen stories explore what happens when we hold on to-and choose to leave behind-our traditions and identities in a changing world.

If It Were Up To Mrs Dada: A NovelIf It Were Up To Mrs Dada: A Novel by Foo, Carissa

Today is National Day. It is also Cheryl Dada's birthday. As Elderflower Home prepares for the celebration, Cheryl Dada too gets ready for her party. Between the hours of noon and seven p.m., she encounters the cantankerous residents and caregivers, her mother and people of yesteryears. What unfolds is a story about a woman coming to terms with age, loss and love.