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Nightmares Are Made Of This: A Bedtime Story For The Little OnesNightmares Are Made Of This: A Bedtime Story For The Little Ones by Goh, Trivia

Of karang gunis and monsters. This a children's book for adults. The graphic novel features a series of parental lies commonly told and heard here in Singapore. Light-hearted rhymes recall these nostalgic childhood fables while the illustrations exposes the lies for what they are. These illustrations depict the lies parents tell to gain behavioural compliance, a practice the book attempts to discourage. The book also serves as a reminder to grown ups to be more mindful of our words with the little ones.

Ars Poetica For The DayArs Poetica For The Day by Lim, Geok-Lin Shirley

Lim's poems are penetrating accounts of a life lived as a poet devoted to her art.

Do You Live In?Do You Live In? by Lim, Geok-Lin Shirley

These poems are related to Lim's travels, and her having lived in various lands, including USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Do You Remember Your First Blow Job?Do You Remember Your First Blow Job? by Conn, Thomas

Tasted like shit, didn't it? Adult Joke Book Includes: Why Men Are Never Depressed Zen Teachings Budget Old Man Little Boys Student Apology To Blondes! Immigrants News Gorilla Buttercups & Golf Balls Master Card Wedding Woman in Coma A Cop Ecstasy Elderly Man Hangover Subject: Abdul Subject: New Panties Priest's Retirement Speech Murphy Hospital Chicken Racism Taxi Paddy Sisters Commuter Terrorists The Muslims Are Not Happy!

Bangkok Cowboys, TheBangkok Cowboys, The by Lewis, Alexander

Based on true events, this is a gritty, straight talking tale with dashes of unique northern humour in parts, bringing to life the astonishing journey of two working class men; how they struggled working the streets in the rag trade throughout the North East of England. After being held down by higher forces, they eventually get a break in the used-clothing industry using their wits and determination and become successful exporters into Eastern Europe. Striking up a friendship with their new Eastern European buyers, they soon realise that things are not all that they seem, and they are foolishly drawn into the paranoid world of trafficking cocaine out of England. Being overwhelmed by their new found wealth takes them on a path to the hedonistic world of Thailand's red light districts. They then team up with an ex-Liverpool bouncer living in Bangkok for their most daring plan of the whole operation.

From Walden To Woodlands: An Anthology Of Nature Poems by Ow Yeong Kit & Muzakkir Samat (Eds.)

From Walden to Woodlands is an interfaith anthology of poetry about nature in Singapore. Showcasing a diverse range of writings from a kaleidoscope of faith perspectives, this collection draws inspiration from native flora, fauna, and natural habitats, besides exploring humanity's relationship with the environment. Poets featured include familiar names in the Singapore literary landscape like Alfian Sa'at, Wena Poon, and Gilbert Koh. Accessible and compelling, this anthology is a timely and essential source text for individuals interested in faith, nature, or the environment, as well as students and teachers of literature. The writings provide a glimpse of the imaginative richness, penetrating insights, and haunting beauty that can be found in nature and spirituality.

Wrong/Wrung Side Of Love, The by Kon Zhicheng-Mingde, Desmond

If Desmond Kon's earlier collection The Arbitrary Sign invoked continental philosophers like Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze, The Wrong/Wrung Side of Love dialogues with some of Desmond's favourite writers. These dialogic imports range from Franz Kafka to Jean-Paul Sartre, Dan Chiasson to John Wilkinson, all perambulating against the pivotal epigraph by Paul Celan. The same playful architecture of an alphabet book is present, eschewing a simple read to elevate each letter into moments of aphoristic epiphany, underscored by poems which are at once intimate, urgent, funny, dreamy, and robust. The book has been described by Lily Hoang as "a confabulation of desire and a prognosis of tender passion".

Poor Thing by Sharma, Haresh

Another day in Singapore. Another minor road accident. Another incident of road rage? Typical Singaporeans. Poor Thing, The Necessary Stage's latest production by Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma, grapples with the issue of road rage.

Jaffna BoyJaffna Boy by Sinniah, Bernard

Jaffna Boy is the engaging true story of a young boy\'s life at a sri lankan boarding school in the 1970s,as recalled during one fateful train ride and the advice from an unexpected source that would change the course of his life forever.

Short & SweetShort & Sweet by Hattotuwa, Sanjana

Curated by Sanjana Hattotuwa, there are 160 stories in this book, each no more than 25 words. Many will recognize the stories as their own. Some may know family, friends and colleagues whose stories mirror those within. 'Short & Sweet' is above all an invitation, through the words of others, to imagine and remember the marginal and oft forgotten. Unlike with most books, this doubles up as a notebook. Own it, write on it and pass it on.

Frangipani Year, The: Love And Aid Work In Post-Tsunami AcehFrangipani Year, The: Love And Aid Work In Post-Tsunami Aceh by Harris, Alexandra

One year after the Indian Ocean tsunami, Angela finds herself flying into the devastated region of Banda Aceh as a researcher for the UN. Enthusiastic and committed, the young American woman arrives at a place swarming with aid workers, and she soon enters a world that is nothing like what she has known.

Softly As I Leave YouSoftly As I Leave You by Lokuge, Chandani

Turning back, she saw his blurred figure through the lace curtain, an abstract pattern of their intense criss-crossed liaison. He was looking at her. What was he seeing? How isolated we are, she thought, how unconnected...One late spring morning, Uma awakens to a life in which her relationships - to lover, to husband, to son - seem unbearably tangled. In capturing its searing and intimate moments, the story transcends into a meditation on love and betrayal, grief and redemption.

White Rose At Midnight, A: A Play By Lim Chor PeeWhite Rose At Midnight, A: A Play By Lim Chor Pee by Lim Chor Pee

On the cusp of independence, cultures collide in a bedroom in Singapore. The English-educated scholar Hua Min is disillusioned until he meets the Chinese-educated ex-nightclub singer Ching Mei. When Su-Ling, Hua Min's ex-classmate, returns from London, Hua Min is torn between the women's advances. Humorous, witty and prescient, A White Rose at Midnight is a pithy portrait of a soul-and nation-divided. A White Rose at Midnight was first staged to critical acclaim by the Experimental Theatre Club in 1964. It was Lim Chor Pee's second and final play after the landmark Mimi Fan.

It Never Rains On National Day: StoriesIt Never Rains On National Day: Stories by Tiang, Jeremy

A woman fleeing her previous existence meets a fellow Singaporean on an overnight train in Norway. A foreign worker is decapitated in an HDB building site accident. And in different corners of the world, Singaporeans and exiles mark National Day in their own ways. Jeremy Tiang's debut collection weaves together the lives of its characters across the world-from Switzerland, Norway, Germany, China, Canada, Thailand, New York City and back to Singapore. These wry, unsettling stories ask how we decide where we belong, and what happens to those who don't.

Japanese Tales From Times Past: Stories Of Fantasy And Folklore From The Classic Konjaku Monogatari ShuJapanese Tales From Times Past: Stories Of Fantasy And Folklore From The Classic Konjaku Monogatari Shu by Koriyama, Naoshi; Brucel Allen

This collection of translated tales is from the most famous work in all of Japanese classical literature - the Konjaku Monogatari Shu. This collection of traditional Japanese folklore is akin to the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer or Dante's Inferno - powerfully entertaining tales that reveal striking aspects of the cultural psychology, fantasy, and creativity of medieval Japan - tales that still resonate with modern Japanese readers today. This is the largest collection in English of the Konjaku Monogatari Shu tales ever published in one volume. It presents the low life and the high life, the humble and the devout, the profane flirting, farting and fornicating of everyday men and women, as well as their yearning for the wisdom, transcendence and compassion that are all part and parcel of our shared humanity.

Tales From Victoria ParkTales From Victoria Park by Crowell, Todd

Victoria Park, the largest expanse of open space in Hong Kong, is the crossroads and away home for thousands of Muslim women who have come from Indonesia to find their fortunes, or at least support their families, in the teeming Chinese city. Most come initially as maids, but some lose their employers and descend into the netherworld of overstayers, illegal street hawkers and disco "PR" girls. This is a book of their stories. From the comic to the bizarre to the heart-breaking, these cross-cultural tales of exiles in another country build on a sensual evocation of place and character.

South China Morning BluesSouth China Morning Blues by

There's no place quite like it. From Guangzhou to Hong Kong, the booming megalopolis of the Pearl River Delta has endless stories to tell. South China Morning Blues is filled with these tales of the postmodern East: depraved, rapidly changing, and never boring. Just what kinds of people find themselves in 21st-century China? There's Marco, a crooked businessman with a penchant for call girls; Danny, a culture-shocked young traveler; Sheila, a local club girl caught up in family politics; Amber, a drug-fueled aspiring model; Terry, an alcoholic journalist; and Ting Ting, a lovable artist with a chip on her shoulder. Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways as they delve deeper into their surroundings and in the process learn more about themselves.

Joel Tan: Plays Volume 1Joel Tan: Plays Volume 1 by Ho, Lucas (Ed.)

A compilation of seven remarkable plays from Joel including the humorously thought-provokingMosaic and the delicately poignant The Way We Go.

Run Hide Seek: The Final Book In The TrilogyRun Hide Seek: The Final Book In The Trilogy by Tye, Gabby

Stay Safe. I've hidden the answer in you. You are the key to everything. Her mother's last message to her doesn't explain anything. What is she supposed to do? Where is she expected to go? As they get closer to figuring out the clues, their optimism is shattered when one of their group dies unexpectedly. Wracked by guilt and grief, the group takes to running again. In the hopes of finding some answers, in the hopes of finding some peace, they run.

Babel Via Negativa: Hybrid ScriptingBabel Via Negativa: Hybrid Scripting by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

Babel Via Negativa is a collection of hybrid scripting, described by Lily Hoang as a "menagerie" with "tweets suspended in hypotaxis, an intertextual roundtable about the chicken that couldn't cross the road, and essays that smash poetics with Kon's distinctive transnational sass". Dive into the invented form of the asingbol, assorted poetic ruminations, lost acts of translation, or the five critical essays that speak of the ultimate limits of language - what it means to say and unsay. The book has also been described by Richard Collins as "a feast of juxtapositions" and "an impossibility of conversations".