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Pan-Asian Sport And The Emergence Of Modern Asia, 1913-1974Pan-Asian Sport And The Emergence Of Modern Asia, 1913-1974 by Huebner, Stefan

The first major study of the history of sports across Asia, this book reveals how the history of regional sporting events in Asia during the twentieth century can be read as a staging of power relations both within Asia and between Asia and the West. Looking specifically at the Far Eastern Championship Games that began in 1913, the Western Asiatic Games of 1934, and the early Asian Games of 1951-74, Stefan Huebner describes how missionary groups and colonial administrations viewed sporting success not only as a triumph of physical strength and endurance but also of moral education and social reform. Based on a vast range of archival materials, this book shows how sporting events helped shape anti-colonial sentiments, Asian nationalisms, and cultural aspirations in places such as the Philippines, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Iran.

Eat. Muse. Love! Food For ThoughtEat. Muse. Love! Food For Thought by Chua Foo Yong & Toh Mu Qin

Catch the duet from an 'actively ageing' mother and her daughter in this unique collection of 50 musings on foodie haunts that comes with a twist. Featuring 100 Chinese idioms and 50 eating places, veteran broadcaster Madam Chua Foo Yong waxes lyrical as she loses her way from foodie talk into the world of Chinese culture and shares insights of her own family folks and well-known personalities in the entertainment industry in her time.

Mary Gomes: Food For Family And FriendsMary Gomes: Food For Family And Friends by

With a wealth of experience and a great passion for cooking, Mary Gomes brings tastes of her Eurasian culinary heritage together in this collection of recipes. A glorious mix of flavours from the East and West, Eurasian cuisine is often spicy and savoury, reflecting the influence of a multitude of cultures, including Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan.

Mary Gomes: Food For Evryday CookingMary Gomes: Food For Evryday Cooking by

Mary Gomes brings tastes of her Eurasian culinary heritage together in this collection of recipes for everyday cooking. A glorious mix of flavours from the East and West, Eurasian cuisine is often spicy and savoury, reflecting the influence of a multitude of cultures, including Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan.

Nanban: Japanese Soul FoodNanban: Japanese Soul Food by Anderson, Tim

Ramen, gyoza, fried chicken, udon, pork belly buns, and other boldly flavored, stick-to-your ribs dishes comprise Southern Japanese soul food. The antidote to typical refined restaurant fare, this hearty comfort food has become popular in the US as street food and in ramen bars. In a unique package that includes a cool exposed binding, Nanban brings home cooks the best of these crave-inducing treats. From pungent kimchi to three types of Japanese fried chicken, and with a primer on Japanese ingredients and substitutions, Nanban is the perfect cookbook for any lover of Asian food.

Eatsingapore 2016Eatsingapore 2016 by Chuah, Bethany

The EAT concept originated in Sweden and is now published in 16 cities around the world. EATSingapore features 12 lovingly curated restaurants in an exclusive and limited edition book that fits into a handbag. As holder of the book you will receive one of two main courses free for a table for two at each restaurant. The list of dining establishments include Bincho, BoCHINche, El Mero Mero, Kilo, Long Chim, Luxe, Oso, Saha and several others. At the end of the evening the chef or GM will sign the book to validate your visit and make the experience unique and exclusive. A new limited edition will be printed each year with the latest dining discoveries. Not only does each book become a collectible keepsake, it is also a trace of the year's gastronomic adventures.

Kitchen StoriesKitchen Stories by Bellegarde, Elodie

Kitchen Stories is a cookbook exploring how our moods and emotions are closely related to how we eat and cook. A compilation of 20 chapters, each one exploring a specific mood, each recipe is styled and photographed to convey the mood it represents, while each chapter is introduced with a short narrative exploring the concepts and personal memory of particular emotions.

Chinese Feasts & Festivals: A CookbookChinese Feasts & Festivals: A Cookbook by Moey, S. C.

Divided into two sections, respectively detailing feasts and festivals, Chinese Feasts & Festivals explains the significance of each dish and shares a delicious recipe for its preparation. author and illustrator S. C. Moey documents the multitude of dishes served at a traditional Chinese feast, as well as the specialties prepared to celebrate the year's most important festivals, including the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mooncake Festival and, of course, Chinese New Year.

Lucky Rice: Stories And Recipes From Night Markets, Feasts And Family TablesLucky Rice: Stories And Recipes From Night Markets, Feasts And Family Tables by Chang, Danielle

In Lucky Rice, Danielle Chang, founder of the festival of the same name which brings night markets, grand feasts, and dumpling-making sessions to America's biggest cities feeds our obsession for innovative Asian cuisine through 100 recipes inspired by a range of cultures. Here, comfort foods marry ancient traditions with simple techniques and fresh flavors and include a few new classics as well: chicken wings marinated in hot Sichuan seasonings; sweet Vietnamese coffee frozen into pops; and one-hour homemade kimchi that transforms pancakes, tacos, and even Bloody Marys.

Sri Owen's Indonesian FoodSri Owen's Indonesian Food by Sri Owen

This is the most comprehensive account of this ancient, exotic and varied cuisine ever published. Sri Owen, the world's leading authority, provides over 100 mouthwatering recipes, from staples and basics to food for festivals and special occasions. All recipes have fascinating introductions which place them in their regional and cultural settings and are easy to follow. Painstakingly researched, and complemented by the superb photography of Gus Filgate, this book captures all aspects of this diverse culinary culture.

Shiok, Sia! Sketching Singapore's Favourite Street FoodShiok, Sia! Sketching Singapore's Favourite Street Food by Ryanto, Anita

An artist sketches her way through all her favourite Singaporean hawkers favourites, from orh luak, hae mee and bak kut teh, to laksa, mee rebus, and murtabak, right through to the all famous chilli crab. Taste the colours and feel the textures of Singapore's popular street food as you feast on the delectable illustrations between these pages.

Dumpling Sisters Cookbook, The; Over 100 Favourite Recipes From A Chinese Family KitchenDumpling Sisters Cookbook, The; Over 100 Favourite Recipes From A Chinese Family Kitchen by Zhang, Amy; Julie Zhang

Over 100 deliciously fuss-free recipes from The Dumpling Sisters' Kitchen. Amy and Julie Zhang have been entertaining and educating their thousands of followers on Youtube with their recipes for deliciously easy homemade Chinese food - now this book brings you more of the easy Chinese recipes and advice that those fans have been clamouring for. Dedicated to and destined to be adored by every Chinese food lover, this book is full of Chinese-food favourites, impressive sharing dishes and even sweet treats that have been little acknowledged in a western understanding of Chinese food.

Chinese Unchopped: Aunthentic Chinese Recipes, Broken Down Into Simple TechniquesChinese Unchopped: Aunthentic Chinese Recipes, Broken Down Into Simple Techniques by Pang, Jeremy

Acclaimed teacher and School of Wok founder Jeremy Pang demystifies the secret traditions of Chinese cookery, revealing the core techniques that bring the authentic flavours of traditional Chinese cooking into your own kitchen. Opening with the Chinese Kitchen Essentials, Jeremy outlines everything you need to know to set up a workable Chinese kitchen. Once you've covered the essentials, Chinese Unchopped moves through six chapters outlining the fundamental techniques in Chinese cooking. Crammed full of information presented in an engaging, accessible way, with Chinese Unchopped you'll soon be turning out exceptional Chinese food in your own home - day in, day out.

Milk Pigs & Violet Gold: Philippine CookeryMilk Pigs & Violet Gold: Philippine Cookery by Koh, Bryan

"Filipino Cuisine is underrated," one of the many reasons that prompted Singapore-based author and chef, Bryan Koh, to release a rather novel book entitled Milk Pigs Violet Gold, a rather interesting food book about Filipino food from a viewpoint of a non-filipino. It is a food book with recipes of the different popular favorites in the country.

Party-Perfect Peranakan Bites: Little Nyonya Dishes For All OccasionsParty-Perfect Peranakan Bites: Little Nyonya Dishes For All Occasions by Chia, Philip

A people of mixed Chinese and Malay heritage, the Peranakans are known for their outstanding cuisine. Traditionally prepared by the womenfolk, or Nyonyas, the cuisine combines the best cooking styles and ingredients from the Chinese and Malay kitchens. Renowned Peranakan chef Philip Chia takes Peranakan cooking to the next level by styling traditional Peranakan dishes on small plates and presenting them as light bites perfect for entertaining and get-togethers. Complete with innovative plating ideas, these Peranakan bites will make any occasion fun and unforgettable.

Delightful Nyonya TreatsDelightful Nyonya Treats by Chia, Philip

With their vibrant colours, aromatic flavours and endless variety, Nyonya snacks and desserts make delightful treats whatever the occasion. In this book, renown Peranakan chef Philip Chia shares 30 recipes for irresistible Nyonya delights including essential favourites and many forgotten treats that will excite even the most jaded Peranakan palate. Written with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, creating these mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing treats has never been easier!

Phoenix Claws And Jade Trees: Essential Techniques Of Authentic Chinese CookingPhoenix Claws And Jade Trees: Essential Techniques Of Authentic Chinese Cooking by Kian Lam Kho

Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees offers a unique introduction to Chinese home cooking, demystifying it by focusing on its basic cooking methods. In outlining the differences among various techniques-such as pan-frying, oil steeping, and yin-yang frying-and instructing which one is best for particular ingredients and end results, culinary expert Kian Lam Kho provides a practical, intuitive window into this unique cuisine.

Paper Relief Art Chinese Style: Cutting, Folding, Molding And MorePaper Relief Art Chinese Style: Cutting, Folding, Molding And More by Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum

Paper Relief Art: Chinese Style brings you a new and creative way to covert a simple piece of paper to a three-dimensional form of papercraft artwork. Paper was originally invented in China during the early 2nd century. Besides being an essential medium of writing and recording, it has also been playing an important role in art. Relief, likewise has a very long history. If was first found in the caves of the pre-historical period. Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum fuses the paper and the relief together to craft an independent form of contemporary art-paper relief-that can be realistic, hyperbolic, decorative, and abstract.

Made In India: Recipes From An Indian Family KitchenMade In India: Recipes From An Indian Family Kitchen by Sodha, Meera

Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in Made in India, Meera Sodha introduces readers to the food she grew up eating every day. Unlike the stuff you get at your local curry house, her food is fresh, vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make. In this collection, Meera serves up a feast of over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of her family.

Our Korean KitchenOur Korean Kitchen by Bourke, Jordan; Regina Pyo

This is a celebration of the food, culture and flavours of Korea, a cuisine that is fast becoming the biggest trend in the culinary world. Capturing this movement, it introduces us to Korean food through a collection of classic and well-loved dishes. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the book will explore the secrets of authentic Korean food.