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Yoga Made EasyYoga Made Easy by

Yoga is a popular physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that originated in ancient India. This accessible new book focuses on a series of exercises, body motions and self-disciplines that offer the benefits of yoga to everyone. Featuring specially commissioned practical photography, step-by-step instruction, and an introduction to the entire scope of the system of yoga.

Vinegar: Complete Practical HandbookVinegar: Complete Practical Handbook by

Vinegar may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need to get rid of a stubborn wine stain or soothe a tickly cough, but this ancient cupboard staple is regaining its rightful place as a cheap, versatile and environmentally friendly solution to many household tasks. This invaluable book has sections on how to use vinegar in the laundry, DIY, gardening, health and beauty, pet care and of course in the kitchen. Hundreds of hints, tips, advice and recipes are provided in a clear, accessible style.

Kids Party CakesKids Party Cakes by

With projects to rival even the imagination of children, Kids' Party Cakes will allow you to delight children! With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and full-colour illustrations, this book will provide you with mouthwatering cakes perfect for kids of all ages and with all kinds of interests.

Slow CookSlow Cook by

Slow Cook contains a host of delicious recipes for a wide range of slow-cooked meals, including soups, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, vegetarian meals and desserts. With straightforward methods and easy-to-find ingredients, in addition to invaluable tips and advice on equipment and techniques, you'll soon have no excuse not to eat a healthy, home-cooked meal every day!

My Green Space: Indoor Gardening Made SimpleMy Green Space: Indoor Gardening Made Simple by Ang Wee Foong; Lily Chen

My Green Space: Indoor Gardening made Simple presents indoor gardening as an fun-filled and fulfilling activity that anyone can - and everyone should - engage in. Indoor gardening incorporates plants harmoniously within concrete living spaces. There are plenty of opportunities to grow plants within and around the home. From creating lush green walls that help purify the air to making terrarium gardens that serve as striking decorative pieces, the possibilities of indoor gardening are endless and the benefits, infinite. Indoor gardening is not merely a past time, but an enjoyable lifestyle to be embraced. This publication contains 21 DIY gardening projects complete with step by-step instructions and corresponding images, essential information and tips on gardening (e.g. gardening tools, planting media, irrigation tips, fertilising and mulching, weeding, propagation methods), a selection of plants suitable for the home environment and their unique traits and characteristics and comprehensive information and attractive design with full coloured photographs This book is suitable for people of all ages and all walks of life who have some interest in gardening.

Healing Sources: Spas And Wellbeing From The Baltic To The Black SeaHealing Sources: Spas And Wellbeing From The Baltic To The Black Sea by Benge, Sophie

Discover the traditional and contemporary spa and wellness cultures offered from the Baltic to the Black Sea, and see why this part of Europe contains some of the best-kept secrets in the realm of travel and wellbeing. This book takes readers on a journey through the rich and varied wellness cultures of 12 European countries, from decadent Art Nouveau spas in Hungary to traditional pirts sauna rituals in Latvia.

Home-Style Taiwanese Cooking: Family Favourites, Classic Street Foods, Popular SnacksHome-Style Taiwanese Cooking: Family Favourites, Classic Street Foods, Popular Snacks by Tsung Yun Wan

Taiwan's long and colourful history, from the indigenous tribes, to the migration of the Chinese from Southern China and the period under Japanese rule, is clearly reflected in her rich and diverse cuisine. Home-style Taiwanese Cooking by Taiwanese chef and food blogger, Tsung-Yun Wan, is a collection of Taiwanese classics, from signature dishes such as minced pork rice, beef noodles, oyster omelette and steamed minced pork with salted egg, to popular street food fare such as deep-fried prawn rolls, dragon phoenix legs, fried chicken with sweet potato fries and coffin bread. With informative headnotes that tell the stories behind the dishes, insightful cooking tips, a detailed glossary of ingredients and step-by-step photos of cooking techniques where necessary, Home-style Taiwanese Cooking will inspire home cooks to make these authentic Taiwanese dishes part of their own cooking repertoire.

Taste Of Old Hong Kong, The: Recipes And Memories From 30 Years On The China CoastTaste Of Old Hong Kong, The: Recipes And Memories From 30 Years On The China Coast by Schneiter, Fred

Reminiscences and recipes of favourite international and regional dishes from households, fancy restaurants and back lanes which you can enjoy today in Hong Kong, that classy old gal who will forever reign as the Queen of Cuisine for all who knew her when she was the jewel of the British Empire. The tantalizing cuisines and tempting cookpot scents of that earlier time remain. Bestselling author Fred Schneiter shares a nostalgic romp back into that earlier era which has faded into treasured memories and photos.

Yunnan Cookbook, The: Recipes From China's Land Of Ethnic DiversityYunnan Cookbook, The: Recipes From China's Land Of Ethnic Diversity by Jackson, Annabel; Linda Chia

From the yaks which graze at altitudes so high that vegetables cannot grow, and the paradise of Shangri-La; through the flower markets of Kunming; to the tropical south where market stalls brim with brilliant red chillies and shimmering purple eggplants. Yunnan, an exotic land of former kingdoms which borders Tibet, Sichuan, Burma, Vietnam and Laos, is the most bio-diverse province in China. Each ethnic minority has its own distinct cooking ingredients, aromas and flavours - all brought together for the first time in this unique cookbook.

Foodie's Guide To Ipoh's Best Eats, TheFoodie's Guide To Ipoh's Best Eats, The by Seefoon Chan-Kopen

"Don't follow the Crowd. Follow your taste buds. Follow SeeFoon as she leads you on a culinary odyssey through the maze of restaurants and hawker foods for which ipoh is justifiably damous." I have followed SeeFoon's food reviews faithfully ever since she started her Musings on Food column in the Ipoh Echo and having tried many of her recommendations I have found her taste to be discerning and absolutely impeccable. -Puan Sri Dato' Sandra Lee

Secrets Of Chinese Nutrition: 168 Traditional Delicious & Health-Giving RecipesSecrets Of Chinese Nutrition: 168 Traditional Delicious & Health-Giving Recipes by Ng Siong Mui

Secrets of Chinese Nutrition's clear and easy-to-follow recipes produce delicious and fortifying Chinese food based on principles that date back 4,000 years. It shares how the basic techniques of stir0frying, steaming, simmering, double-boiling and stewing coaxes the best from choice and humber ingredients to produce nutritional dishes suitable for everyday meals and banquets. The key is the Chinese belief that food is eaten not just to fuel the body, please the palate and satisfy the soul, ut also eaten to promote good health. A practical guide to eating nutritional food and maintaining good health the Chinese way.

Jayeon Bread: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making No-Knead Bread With Natural StartersJayeon Bread: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making No-Knead Bread With Natural Starters by Ko Sangjin

Artisan baker Sangjin Ko shares his recipes from 12 years of research and shows that baking a perfect loaf of bread at home is within anyone's reach. No-knead breads made using natural starters require just stirring together basic ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, a starter and water, then leaving the natural processes to work. The resulting baked loaf will have a flavor that is both complex and unique, be more nutritious and keep better. With a brief but comprehensive introduction that explains the science behind naturally fermented breads, baking tips and 50 fully illustrated step-by-step recipes, Jayeon Bread will provide beginning bakers with confidence to bake artisan breads in their home kitchens, and experienced bakers with innovative recipes using ingredients from South Korea, Japan and South East Asia.

Global Vegetarian, TheGlobal Vegetarian, The by Mridu Shailaj Thanki; Juhee Prabha Rathor

Although the majority of people around the world are not traditionally vegetarian, there is an increasing trend towards it, with burgeoning interest in both innovative as well as traditional vegetarian cooking. This book brings together international flavours, foods, and cooking techniques, selected from the world travels of the three authors and their passionate interest in gastronomy, one of the finest spices of life.

Little Singapore Cookbook, TheLittle Singapore Cookbook, The by Hutton, Wendy

The Little Singapore Cookbook offers tried and tested recipes from renowned food writer, Wendy Hutton, for some of the nation's best-loved foods. Among this selection are the ubiquitous Singapore Chicken Rice, succulent Chilli Crab and irresistible noodle dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Fried Hokkien Mee and the famous spicy noodle soup, Laksa Lemak. Clearly explained recipes ensure that any home cook can produce authentic and delicious Singapore food to share with friends and family.

Vietnamese Market Cookbook, TheVietnamese Market Cookbook, The by Van Tran & Anh Vu

Street-food entrepreneurs Van and Anh bring you contemporary Vietnamese cooking for modern kitchens.With the freshest of ingredients, exquisite flavours, bright colours, sociable plates for sharing, and comforting broths for one, this is traditional cooking made utterly current. Vietnamese food is well-known these days - think cleansing noodle soups, succulent caramelized pork, spicy herb-filled baguettes, zingy salads, crunchy pickles, perfect dipping sauces, and moreish sweet coffee. But, sadly, Vietnamese cooking is not. Vietnam is a land of amazing markets with dawn-picked herbs, seasonal vegetables, coffee vendors and food stalls. But, thankfully, these days we can find scenes like that closer to home with the explosion of farmers markets and artisan producers. Van and Anh began their award-winning street-food in East London's Broadway Market, and that bustlingly fresh, creative market vibe typifies the cooking in this book.

Muslimeen UnitedMuslimeen United by Nama Nami

"Saya mengakui bahawa Islam adalah sumber kekuatan saya baik diatas padang atau diluar padang. Terutama ketika karier bola sepak saya berdepan kesulitan dan Islam memberi saya kedamaian yang dicari" - Franck Riberi --

Myanmar: Cuisine, Culture & CustomsMyanmar: Cuisine, Culture & Customs by Gill, Mohana

From the quiet simplicity of Myanmar's rural towns to the bustle of modern day Yangon, this book captures the sights, sounds and flavors of a country that has until recent years, been isolated from the rest of the world. Best described as a mix of Chinese and Indian cuisines with a dose of Thai influence, Burmese cuisine is simple in its execution, yet delivers a complexity of tastes with the use of fish sauce, prawn paste, turmeric, tamarind, lemon grass, coriander, chillies and coconut milk. Go off the beaten track and discover the heart of Myanmar through her cuisine, culture and customs.

Cook Chinese With Chef Kt: Step-By-Step Cooking For All OccasionsCook Chinese With Chef Kt: Step-By-Step Cooking For All Occasions by Yeo Kian Tion

Chef KT ran a private fine dining restaurant, and is often featured in Asian newspapers and magazines. He is now also a familiar voice on radio, sharing innovative recipes and his inspiration behind them on his radio show. In Cook Chinese with Chef KT, he shares a tantalising collection of Chinese dishes, including aromatic golden brown crispy skin chicken served with lemon pepper-salt, succulent tiger prawns coated with a luscious salted egg yolk sauce, refreshing Teochew cold crabs served with a piquant kumquat sauce and chewy glutinous rice dumplings coated with fragrant crushed roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. With an introduction to basic cooking techniques, clear step-by-step instructions and cooking and food presentation tips, even novice cooks will be inspired.

Only The Best: The Ieat, Ishoot, Ipost Guide To Singapore's Shiokest Hawker FoodOnly The Best: The Ieat, Ishoot, Ipost Guide To Singapore's Shiokest Hawker Food by Tay, Leslie

From Bedok to Beo Crescent, Jalan Sultan to Joo Chiat, celebrity food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay and his merry band of ieat foodies have spread out across the island in search of the most drool-worthy hawker food Singapore has to offer. Their quest for hawker food paradise, plus Dr. Tay's stunning food photographs, is documented in this blogbuster, capturing more than half a decade's worth of eating, shooting and posting. This is Singapore's ultimate insider's guide to hawker food-the only one you'll ever need or want!

Complete Asian Cookbook, The: Sri Lanka & The PhilippinesComplete Asian Cookbook, The: Sri Lanka & The Philippines by Solomon, Charmaine

The Complete Asian Cookbook Series is based on Charmaine Solomon's groundbreaking work into the delicious and diverse cuisines across many nations. Heralded as a classic when it was first published in 1976, the influential and iconic The Complete Asian Cookbook covers 800 classic and contemporary dishes from fifteen countries. Here it is divided into geographical regions for the first time. Written with the home cook in mind, Charmaine's recipes are simple to follow and work every time, offering valuable information about how local dishes are prepared and served. With the same emphasis on authentic, foolproof recipes The Complete Asian Cookbook Series deserves a place in every kitchen and is sure to be used time and time again.