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Paper Tigress: A Life In The Hong Kong GovernmentPaper Tigress: A Life In The Hong Kong Government by Cartland, Rachel

Rachel Cartland came to Hong Kong in 1972 as one of just two female expatriates in the Hong Kong Government's elite administrative grade. Before she retired in 2006, her life was shaped by the momentous events that rocked Hong Kong during those years. The backdrop to her story ranges from Kowloon's infamous Walled City to Government House to the rural New Territories. Paper Tigress is full of humour and incident and, at the same time, an accessible account of modern Hong Kong and the forces that shaped it.

Dictionary Of Asian Language, TheDictionary Of Asian Language, The by Crowell, Todd

Of course there is no single Asian language. But plenty of vogue words from this booming continent are entering English. Did you know there is a flower named after former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il? The Chinese have a word - shengnu, literally leftover - for the new phenomenon of unmarried women over thirty. These are just some of the hundreds of words that illuminate little corners of life and culture in a pan-Asian selection of keywords from the zeitgeist.

Stories From Serat Centhini: Understanding The Javanese Journey Of Life by Santoso, Soewito

This book is based on The Centhini Story, the condensed, English-language translation of the original 12-volume Serat Centhini, one of Indonesia's oldest surviving manuscripts dating back to 1814. It tells of the flight and reunion of three royal children from the Kingdom of Giri when their father went to war. Tales of place origins like How the Progo River Got Its Name, of moral lessons like The Case of the Diamond Beads, and The Three Evil Monarchs, and stories that teach the Javanese art of love like Secrets of Sex Play and Secrets to the Heart of a Woman are threaded into this rich tapestry of Javanese culture, legends and mysticism.

Pleasure Factory: Horrors Of The Singapore Flesh TradePleasure Factory: Horrors Of The Singapore Flesh Trade by Leong Kaiwen

In the Pleasure Factory, women advertise pleasure by the hour, but the only real product is pain. Night after night, these women force smiles onto their faces, while their bodies are taken, ravaged, and violated. Their bodies may not be their own, but they each have their own story to tell. For the first time ever, discover the lives of prostitutes in Singapore.

Window Into Schizophrenia, A: My Brown BearWindow Into Schizophrenia, A: My Brown Bear by Meyer, Rosalind Sharbanee

A powerful, tender and moving account of the life and death of a young man who suffered from the torments of schizophrenia. Rosalind Sharbanee Meyer has written this story about her son Peter in the hope that it will help other mothers who have a child with schizophrenia.

Najeeya's StoryNajeeya's Story by Meyer, Rosalind Sharbanee

Reminiscences by Rosalind Sharbanee Meyer on her aunt Najeeya.

Rosie's War: Escape From Singapore 1942Rosie's War: Escape From Singapore 1942 by Meyer, Rosalind Sharbanee

Singapore, 1942, is an exotic tropical city and the home of six-year-old Rosie Sharbanee. Born into a lively Iraqi-Jewish family who rose from humble beginnings to create a thriving business, Rosie's days are filled with the love of her amusing and exasperating relatives and servants. Forced to flee or submit to the Japanese occupation, Rosie's family splits apart. Rosie's War reveals their hazardous escape to Bombay, from the perspective of watchful, sensitive Rosie. With honesty and affection, Rosalind recalls her fascinating childhood in a family of multilingual British subjects, and illuminates their wartime struggles.

Race, Racism, And Development: Interrogating History, Discourse And PracticeRace, Racism, And Development: Interrogating History, Discourse And Practice by Wilson, Kalpana

Race, Racism and Development places racism and constructions of race at the centre of an exploration of the dominant discourses, structures and practices of development. Combining insights from postcolonial and race critical theory with a political economy framework, it puts forward provocative theoretical analyses of the relationships between development, race, capital, embodiment and resistance in historical and contemporary contexts. Exposing how race is central to development policies and practices relating to human rights, security, good governance, HIV/AIDS, population control, NGOs, visual representations and the role of diasporas in development, the book raises compelling questions about contemporary imperialism and the possibilities for transnational political solidarity.

Biographical Dictionary Of Mercantile Personalities In PenangBiographical Dictionary Of Mercantile Personalities In Penang by Loh Wei Leng; Badriyah Haji Salleh

Following the settlement of Penang by the British East India Company in 1786 the island quickly developed into a flourishing maritime port of exchange. By 1805 the population was 'so diversified as at this day to write in 13 distinct alphabets, & speak in 28 distinct dialects'. The 200 concise biographies of early Penang mercantile personalities included in this volume offer the reader a rare and invaluable glimpse into their lives. The selection is a veritable cultural cross-section of those who pioneered the growth of Penang in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It highlights not only their contribution to the economic, social, political and cultural development of Penang, but also of Malaysia and Southeast Asia as a whole.

Tamils In India, Ceylon And Malaya, TheTamils In India, Ceylon And Malaya, The by R.Visvanathan P.J.K.

…My dear friend Ramalingam Visvanathan has over the years very painstakingly undertaken a broad brush history, culture/ religion of the Tamils and their contributions from ancient to contemporary times. In his task, Visvanathan has covered a vast chronological and topical canvas. Pitching his narrative from the Tamil heartland of India and Ceylon he covers the various aspects of their historical evolution as a distinctive linguistic, cultural and religious community. His storyline then describes their unique Hindu (Bakti) religious philosophy, literature and art and the intertwined nature of their religion and caste as well as their language, literature, customs, art, music, dance and education. In this storyline he highlights the remarkable contribution in architecture, art, music, dance and religion the Tamils have made to countries outside the borders of Tamil heartland. -Dr. Viswanathan Selvaratnam

Tonton Filem by Fadli Al-Akiti

…Tidak banyak buku yang 'menceritakan sesebuah filem melalui tulisan setelah usai sesuatu filem itu ditonton di Malaysia. Kebanyakan ulasan-ulasan filem itu ditulis melalui satu ruang bebas, boleh digapai apabila adanya satu teknologi yang bernama internet. Maka, lahirlah pelbagai cabang ruang untuk menyampaikan idea, pemikiran dan ulasan mengenai sesebuah filem itu. Salah satu media yang boleh diguna adalah blog. Tontonfilem bermula dengan sebuah blog yang diasaskan oleh seorang anak muda yang mencari ruang untuk menyampaikan 'rasa' hasil daripada menonton sebuah filem. Blog yang pada mulanya dibuat atas dasar suka-suka, kini semakin serius dengan pengemaskinian yang dilakukan oleh penulis untuk setiap entri yang ditulis.

Teater Nam Kompilasi Ron: The ScriptTeater Nam Kompilasi Ron: The Script by Nam Ron

Teater Kompilasi Nam Ron is a trilogy of plays written by Nam Ron from 2003 to 2013, assembled as a 3-in-1 presentation for the first time at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre's black Box space. Women are depicted throughout these works, forming intimate views from the eyes of a girl hunting for fame and a wife abhorring shame. The man started it all is paired with a female advocate. AKU NAK JADI BINTANG, tells a story of a village girl who dreamt to become a star. From a man, she came to know more men who promised to bring her to stardom. LAUT YANG TENANG, is confessional. A man who has made a blunder of himself is now facing a trial. Unfortunately, his unusual sex desire has put himself on the headlines. His counsel a woman, tries to understand and assists him away from being prosecuted. LAUT LEBIH INDAH DARI BULAN, looks into a perspective of an obedient wife who at first, could not accept the fact that her husband is having a sexual affair with another woman. At the end, she found herself evidences. All chapters are in English except the last one, which is in Malay.

Malaysian Cinema In A Bottle: A Century (And A Bit More) Of WayangMalaysian Cinema In A Bottle: A Century (And A Bit More) Of Wayang by Hassan Abd Muthalib

Wayang is the Malay word for film, taken from wayang kulit (Malay Shadow play). The term wayang also means a fa?ade and of hidden hands that manipulate while remaining in the shadows. Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle: A Century (and a Bit More) of Wayang (wayang means film in Bahasa Malaysia), chronicles the history of Malaysian Cinema that began with producers, writers, directors and actors of Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian origin. Some films are analysed in the context of the socio-cultural and political conditions of their times. There are also comments on those associated with the film industry whose 'wayang' is seen in their capitalistic bent that has brought about an unnerving lack of quality to films and given rise to an unethical 'war' for the hearts and minds of audiences. This book will show the general reader how Malaysian cinema has its roots in the traditions of the oral storyteller, wayang kulit and Malay opera and how these artforms have influenced film making. Film students, lecturers and film scholars will also benefit from many never-before known historical facts and also analysis of films a new generation of socially-aware filmmakers who have made the country's flag fly high internationally. Being in the various languages of the country, Malaysian Cinema is 'Malaysia Truly Asia' with its filmmakers simply continuing the storytelling traditions of bygone days.

Canton Elegy: A Father's Letter Of Sacrifice, Survival, And LoveCanton Elegy: A Father's Letter Of Sacrifice, Survival, And Love by Stephen Jin-Nom Lee; Howard Webster

Set against the backdrop of the events that shaped China in the twentieth century - the Chinese Civil War, the Second World War, the Cultural Revolution - Canton Elegy is a love story, an adventure story and an intimate portrait of a family bound together by devotion as they struggle to survive. With his wife Belle and their four young children, Stephen Jin-Nom Lee braves famine and flood, corruption and the devastation of war, to make a home and a life for the ones he holds dear. From the 300-mile journey Belle undertakes on foot when she and the children are trapped behind enemy lines in Hong Kong, to the night when he stands at his window watching Canton burn, Stephen observes his world with an artist's sensibility and tells the family's story with great tenderness - all so that his children may understand their history and remember their father's love. Looking across the years towards a time when he himself will be gone and their own lives may be drawing to a close, he puts his desire simply and powerfully: "I want my heart to have a voice so I can love you louder."

Kl Zombi (Zombijaya) Movie Tie-In by Adib Zaini

Edisi khas novel ZOMBIJAYA sempena tayangan filem KL ZOMBI (2013) yang diadaptasi daripadanya. Selamat dating ke Malaysia. Negara yang kaya dengan adat ketimuran. Tetapi apakah yang akan berlaku jika rakyat kita tiba-tiba di kelilingi zombi? Kalendar lama bertukar baru. Aliff baru mengajak Sofia berkahwin. Ana bakal memulakan hari pertama sebagai cikgu. Kamarul akan bertanding dalam program TV realiti. Dan Nipis seronok di dalam dunianya sendiri. Mereka tidak tahu yang suasana mereka kenali bakal berakhir. Aman-damai menjadi kacau-bilau. Tamadun hancur. Rutin harian berubah. Semua perlu mengadaptasi dalam dunia baru ini. Berapa orangkah yang akan mati? Adakah yang mati akan kekal mati? Dan apakah yang menunggu mereka di Putrajaya nanti? Selamat datang ke ZOMBIJAYA.

Cultural Monuments Of Tibet, TheCultural Monuments Of Tibet, The by Henss, Michael

Detailed descriptions and interpretations of the buildings, art, and furnishings of all major monasteries and significant secular buildings, as well as numerous references to both historical Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Chinese texts and to works of scholarly research in the West and in China, make this work a unique source of information for both the specialist and the general reader. This extensive documentation on the sacred art and monuments of Buddhist Tibet also provides a deeply researched history of the cultural and religious circumstances in which the sites and relics were created.

Living Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment And Change Across AsiaLiving Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment And Change Across Asia by Vaz, Justine; Narumol Aphinives (Eds.)

Across Asia, people are coming to terms with the impacts of globalization and its accompanying social, economic, and environmental transformations. This compelling study examines biocultural diversity - the ways different communities interact with their surroundings, drawing upon local knowledge, shared values, and cultural heritage as they negotiate change. In an ambitious and pathbreaking regional research project, some of Asia's leading public intellectuals visited five communities - Kali Code (Indonesia), Tasik Chini (Malaysia), Biwako (Japan), Batanes (The Philippines) and Khiriwong (Thailand) - in order to better understand local responses to contemporary challenges. Through analytical essays, personal reflections, poetry, music and dance - and beautifully illustrated throughout by powerful images - Living Landscapes, Connected Communities encourages us to broaden our understandings of people's changing relationship with nature to encompass essential elements of spirituality, identity, belonging, and wellbeing. With all their complexity and creativity, each of these communities has something meaningful to convey about the human-environment connection and the common threads linking people across the region. Taken together, these stories of resilience, perseverance, and collective action provide a timely and relevant counterpoint to fatalistic views of environmental degradation. Living Landscapes, Connected Communities will appeal to a broad audience - to everyone interested in the dynamic relations between society, culture, environment, and change in modern Asia.

Living Pathways: Meditations On Sustainable Culture And Cosmologies In AsiaLiving Pathways: Meditations On Sustainable Culture And Cosmologies In Asia by M. Nadarajah

There are many trajectories of development in Asia. Outside the mainstream, there are many marginalised, alternative futures. But it is the mainstream development of mega-metropolises, with all their glittering facets, that Asia proudly exhibits to the whole world with a sense of triumph and achievement. Asians seem to want to tell the West: We can do it better! In reality, this achievement comes at a tremendous cost, not only to humans, but also to other beings and the environment. Steadily growing, chronic, partly visible and partly unseen, Asia's colossal crisis of the modern age is one of sustainability, of which a crisis of ecology, a crisis of justice, a crisis of compassion and a crisis of spirituality are all a part.'

Surat Untuk AnakSurat Untuk Anak by Mohd Affandi Ramli

Catatan biografi seorang bapa kepada dua anak yang mengalami Cerebral Palsy …Membaca bab pertama Surat Untuk Anak ini sahaja mengingatkan saya kepada nasihat luqman Hakim kepada anaknya yang dirakam dalam Al-Quran. Jika Allah mengabdikan nasihat dramatik ini dalam Surah Luqman: 13-19 maka Surat Untuk Anak ini dikarang sebagai dokumentasi manusiawi yang menyentuh hati nurani. Nama Annisa yang sendiri yang diambil dari Surah An-Nissa dan nama An-Nur dari Surah An-Nur adalah satu manifestasi Mohd Affandi yang memberikan penghormatan kepada kemuliaan seorang anak perempuan dan wanita. Ini adalah karya terbaru Mohd Affandi yang bersifat eklektik, daripada seorang pelukis komik, penulis rencana kritis dengan nama pena Ronasina dan kini menulis buku biografi-humanistik yang menyentuh kedalaman jiwa….

My Mother SaysMy Mother Says by

Old Wives' Tales exist in every culture and are so common that sometimes are taken as the truth, or rather accepted and followed despite their usually incredulous nature. My Mother Says… is a book documenting old wives tales captured in short quotes and light-hearted photography. These tales have probably been told to us so many times yet the logic behind some of them is overshadowed by their incredulous nature. It is created to be a collection that many can relate to and to spark conversation or reminiscence amongst family and friends. These tales have been collected from the different races of Singapore. We hope that people are able to relive their versions of stories and memories of these tales and as well enjoy the tales of other cultures.