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How My 8 Year-Old Son Scored An A For Igcse PhysicsHow My 8 Year-Old Son Scored An A For Igcse Physics by Sim Lim Onn

The author's son sat for the IGCSE O level physics in November 2014 when he was 8 years and 3 months old. The result which was released on 21 January 2015 saw him score an 'A'. The author wrote this book with the aim of sharing the importance of the alignment of mind-sets to turn a boy of ostensibly average intelligence to one who holds a Singapore record.

Tales Of Old Batavia: Treasures From The Big DurianTales Of Old Batavia: Treasures From The Big Durian by Kami Ehrich

The city of Jakarta, today the capital of Indonesia, has had other incarnations and other names, most notably as the regional headquarters of the Dutch East Indies when it was known around the world as Batavia. As the capital of the Netherlands' highly unlikely empire in the far east of Asia, Batavia was for 200 years the lynchpin for the international spice trade. This book features highlights from the fascinating history of one of the most great cities of Asia.

Culture, Identity & Foodways Of The Terengganu ChineseCulture, Identity & Foodways Of The Terengganu Chinese by Tan Tao Sua; Kamarudin Ngah

The Chinese minority in Terengganu, Malaysia, are struggling to maintain their Sinic culture, identity and community in the face of socio-political changes and Islamisation since the early 1970s. They are also facing problems due to population attrition from an outflow of the younger generation to larger cities in Malaysia for jobs and further education. The acculturated Terengganu Peranakan Chinese, descendants of the earliest settlers who arrived at least two centuries ago, face additional inter-generational tensions and challenges. This book is based on extensive interviews and fieldwork and includes: an overview of the role of the Kuala Terengganu Chinese associations in promoting traditional Chinese culture and identity; a study of the Peranakan Chinese in Tirok, to further examine issues of identity maintenance and identity shift; and a comparison between the foodways of the Tirok Peranakan Chinese with a similar rural Peranakan community in the neighbouring state of Kelantan to demonstrate the community's continual negotiation of Sino-Malay identity.

Introduction Of Japanese CultureIntroduction Of Japanese Culture by Sosnoski, Daniel (Ed.)

The richness of Japan's history is renowned worldwide. The heritage of culture that its society has produced and passed on to future generations is one of Japan's greatest accomplishments. This book provides an overview, through 68 original and informative essays, of Japan's most notable cultural achievements.

Paul's RecordsPaul's Records by

As a youth in Saigon's Chinatown of the 1960s and 70s, Paul Au was greatly affected by American "hippie" culture and Rock and Roll. He was smuggled into Hong Kong in 1974 to escape the South Vietnamese military draft. At first living in rooftop squats, he started to trade used vinyl records on the streets of Kowloon, and finally established an underground reputation for his eclectic blend and unending supply of recorded music. This book also explains how the American music of the 1960s and 1970s influenced the people of Hong Kong and Asia.

Shanghai's Baghdadi JewsShanghai's Baghdadi Jews by

A compilation of 26 biographical accounts from the entire spectrum of Shanghai's Baghdadi Jewish society offers fresh insights into a remarkable community that lived through the crossroads of China's 20th-century history. Using previously unseen diaries and archival material, Shanghai's Baghdadi Jews documents the rise and fall of larger-than-life personalities who witnessed the Sino-Japanese War, the Occupation of Shanghai and the Communist Party's rise to power. Photographs illustrate the life and times of these individuals and the magnificent, cosmopolitan city they called home.

Biographies And Notes: Chinese Music 20Th Century And BeyondBiographies And Notes: Chinese Music 20Th Century And Beyond by Li Lanqing

Li Lanqing retells the Chinese music renaissance that took place more than 100 years ago through a set of chronologically arranged biographies. The book presents 18 modern Chinese composers who were born no later than 1912, active in the first half of the 20th century, and are no longer around today. Some, like Nie Er, Xian Xinghai, and He Luting, are household names whose songs and music are still being sung and played today; the others, including Shen Xingong, Zeng Zhimin, and Huang Zi, may have been closely studied by music scholars and students but remain largely obscure to ordinary Chinese music lovers even though all of them were prominent figures in the Chinese music scene during the first five decades of the 20th century. By retracing the life trajectories of these music pioneers, the book offers a loosely structured yet highly fascinating historical account of the modern Chinese music.

Demography Of Indonesia's EthnicityDemography Of Indonesia's Ethnicity by Aris Ananta, Evi Nurvidya Arifin Et Al

Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia, has as its national motto "Unity in Diversity." This book is a demographic study on ethnicity, mostly relying on the tabulation provided by the Badan Pusat Statistik, based on the complete data set of the 2010 population census. The information on ethnicity was collected for 236,728,379 individuals, a huge data set. The book has four objectives: To produce a new comprehensive classification of ethnic groups to better capture the rich diversity of ethnicity in Indonesia; to report on the ethnic composition in Indonesia and in each of the thirty three provinces using the new classification; to evaluate the dynamics of the fifteen largest ethnic groups in Indonesia during 2000-2010; and to examine the religions and languages of each of the fifteen largest ethnic groups.

From Clementi To Carnegie: The Journey Of Singaporean Violinist Siow Lee ChinFrom Clementi To Carnegie: The Journey Of Singaporean Violinist Siow Lee Chin by

From Clementi to Carnegie is an inspirational autobiography of Singaporean violinist Siow Lee Chin. The story of one of Singapore's favorite daughters of classical music began at age 15 when, against the odds, Lee Chin made the leap from her humble Clementi HDB flat to become the first Singaporean talent-spotted to study at America's prestigious Curtis Institute of Music. Single-handedly, she carved a name as one of the most distinguished violinists of her generation, at a time when classical music was not the popular career choice in Singapore. But success was by no means smooth sailing.

ShariaSharia by Bradbury, Ray

This memoir provides a fascinating look at what life is like living under Sharia law, the Islamic code of conduct. Bradbury has seen it first hand in Sudan where he first went to work as an engineer, and suffered at the hands of it. He tells it as it is and what to expect in this gripping memoir.

Home Thoughts From A ManHome Thoughts From A Man by Ogilvie, Daniel

In this quirky memoir, join our titular hero and his stalwart wife when, after 40 years of living in the UK, he uproots and travels through Singapore, Canada and finally Thailand, taking on all the world can throw at him. And losing.

Best I Could, The (Reprinted 2010)Best I Could, The (Reprinted 2010) by Anandan, Subhas

Subhas Anandan was undoubtedly Singapore's best-known criminal lawyer. The Best I Could traces the life and career of an advocate whose tireless devotion to the Singapore criminal justice system is legendary. In this highly personal autobiography, first published in 2009, Subhas describes not only the many sensational cases he covered, including those of Took Leng How, Anthony Ler and Ah Long San, but also his views on mandatory death sentences and 'police entrapment'. But why did he choose to represent clients who were to all intents and purposes guilty? And were the criminals he represented the monsters they were made out to be?

Living With Uncertainty: Social Change And The Vietnamese Family In The Rural Mekong DeltaLiving With Uncertainty: Social Change And The Vietnamese Family In The Rural Mekong Delta by Setsuko Shibuya

This book is one of the first ethnographies written on the life of farmers in rural Southern Vietnam since the economic reform in the 1980s. It investigates how social, economic and political factors affect the farmers' life in the Mekong Delta in the late socialist era with a particularly focus on the family, which serves as the basic and most significant social unit for the farmers. Dealing with classical anthropological topics of kinship and family, the book examines them as dynamic institutions. With vivid illustrations of the village life, family farming, education of children, jobs outside of farming and everyday politics, it presents new and different pictures of the current Vietnamese family under rapid social changes.

Adrift: My Childhood In Colonial SingaporeAdrift: My Childhood In Colonial Singapore by Wong, T. K. David

David T. K. Wong is a journalist and writer who spent his formative childhood years in Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth. Childhood is, for most, a memorable and idyllic time, but for Wong, it was complicated by his complicated family structure (his father had nine wives), trans-continental moves and the Second World War.

We Love ChinatownWe Love Chinatown by Urban Sketchers Singapore

Established by the colonial government, southwest of the Singapore River, to cater to Singapore's Chinese-majority immigrant population, Chinatown is today a bustling destination. Designated a conservation area by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in 1989, the neighbourhood is still referred to as "Niu Che Shui"-literally "ox-cart water", a reference to how the area received its water supply-by some. Reflecting Singapore's multi-ethnic nature, Chinatown also interestingly houses the country's oldest Hindu temple, and the prominent Jamae Mosque.

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable LivesGreat Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives by

A profusely illustrated, hard-bound catalogue to accompany the exhibition. Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives presents historical essays on Peranakan culture and entries on each of the fifty men and women selected for the exhibition.

Empty Seashell, The: Witchcraft And Doubt On An Indonesian IslandEmpty Seashell, The: Witchcraft And Doubt On An Indonesian Island by Bubandt, Nils

Witchcraft has always been confusing and frustrating for serious anthropologists. Like the empty nautilus shells that wash up on the beach of Buli village in the Indonesian province of North Maluku, it appears to be of substance, but then appears to be empty of meaning. The author decides to take people's experiences seriously and comes to ouline a new way of thinking about withcraft as it relates to our lives today.

Brief Cultural History Of Indonesian CinemaBrief Cultural History Of Indonesian Cinema by

This lavishly illustrated English-language book published by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture provides a comprehensive overview of the rich history of Indonesian cinema. It traces the story of Indonesian filmmaking from its earliest days to the golden era of the 1970s and 80s to the present. Richly illustrated with movie posters, film captures, production stills, and rare archival photographs.

Just For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'SJust For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'S by Augustin, Paul; James Lochhead

Just for the Love of It celebrates the musicians and bands who are such a part of Penang's rich musical heritage and highlights how this music has been so integrally woven into the wider tapestry of Penang's growth. It tells of the factors that influenced the popularisation of music in the 1930s to 1960s, including the role of radio, cinema, TV, venues, commerce and fashions. Vibrantly illustrated, beautifully designed with a free CD, Just for the Love of It presents this fascinating story of Penang in a creative, lively, and utterly engaging style.

Draw On Love: The Inspiring Story Of An Ordinary SingaporeanDraw On Love: The Inspiring Story Of An Ordinary Singaporean by Draw, Peter

In Draw On Love, Peter Draw brings us through his life, from his early childhood, when he fell in love with drawing, to his teenage years where he realizes that he can touch people powerfully through his drawing, right up to his adult life, and the understanding of how he can make a positive difference in other ways as well. This book will inspire artists to reach for their dreams and pursue their passions despite obstacles along the way.