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It Won't Be Long Now: The Diary Of A Hong Kong Prisoner Of WarIt Won't Be Long Now: The Diary Of A Hong Kong Prisoner Of War by Heywood, Graham

Japan marched into Hong Kong at the outbreak of the Pacific War on December 8, 1941. On the same day, Graham Heywood was captured by the invading Japanese near the border while carrying out duties for the Royal Observatory. He was held at various places in the New Territories before being transported to the military Prisoner-of-War camp in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. The Japanese refused to allow Heywood and his colleague Leonard Starbuck to join the civilians at the Stanley internment camp. Heywood's illustrated diary records his three-and-a-half years of internment, telling a story of hardship, adversity, and survival of malnutrition and disease; as well as repeated hopes of liberation and disappointment. As he awaits the end of the war, his reflections upon freedom and imprisonment bring realisations about life and how to live it.

Furniture Salesman Who Became President, The (Graphic Novel)Furniture Salesman Who Became President, The (Graphic Novel) by Hammond, J. Casey (Trans.)

This is the true life story of "Jokowi" told in attractive graphic novel form. Rising from boyhood poverty in an urban kampung to adult success as a furniture exporter, Jokowi then entered politics during reformasi as a refereshingly honest candidate. His ascent has been meteoric: from mayor to governor to president - in less than 10 years! Filled with personal anecdotes, this charmingly illustrated book reveals the exemplary character of the first Indonesian to be elected president as an "outsider" to the traditional power and money elite.

Chinese Death Rituals In SingaporeChinese Death Rituals In Singapore by Tong Chee-Kiong

Through a cultural analysis of the symbols of death - flesh, blood, bones, souls, time numbers, food and money -Chinese Death Rituals in Singapore throws light upon the Chinese perception of death and how they cope with its eventuality. In the seeming mass of religious rituals and beliefs, it suggests that there is an underlying logic to the rituals. This in turn leads Kiong to examine the interrelationship between death and the socioeconomic value system of China as a whole.

Shao Nian Mei WenShao Nian Mei Wen by

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5 Things I Love About Being A Woman 5 Things I Love About Being A Woman "Intelligence Is Sexy, Confidence Sexier..." by Zai Miztiq

This book aims to help female readers gain awareness and appreciation of their attributes and apply them in their everyday life. It will be an exciting journey that will truly enhance their self-esteem and allow their to enjoy a quality life.

Noodle Maker Of Kalimpong, The: My Untold Story Of The Struggle For TibetNoodle Maker Of Kalimpong, The: My Untold Story Of The Struggle For Tibet by Gyalo Thondup & Anne F. Thurston

For over half a century, noodlemaker Gyalo Thondup has been a familiar figure in the Himalayan hill town of Kalimpong. But it was not until 2010 that the townsfolk discovered his true identity: Gyalo Thondup is none other than the older brother of the Dalai Lama. This book deals with his life and work.

Mercenary Mandarin, The: How A British Adventurer Became A General In Qing-Dynasty ChinaMercenary Mandarin, The: How A British Adventurer Became A General In Qing-Dynasty China by Leffman, David

Jersey-born William Mesny ran off to sea as a boy and jumped ship at Shanghai in 1860 when he was just 18. Amid the chaos of foreign intrigue and civil war in 19th-century China, he became a smuggler, a prisoner of the Taiping rebels, a gun-runner and finally enlisted in the Chinese military. After five years of fierce campaigning against the Miao in remote Guizhou province, Mesny rose to the rank of general and used this privileged position to travel around China - to the borders with Burma, Tibet and Vietnam - writing opinionated newspaper articles, collecting plants and advising government officials on the development of railways, telegraphs and other modern reforms. Mesny eventually settled in Shanghai with a 16-year-old concubine and published Mesny's Chinese Miscellany, a weekly magazine about his experiences.

Fairchild Singapore Plant 1969-1987, The: The Story Of A Pioneer Semiconductor Assembly And Test Factory And Its Former EmployeesFairchild Singapore Plant 1969-1987, The: The Story Of A Pioneer Semiconductor Assembly And Test Factory And Its Former Employees by Liu Fook Thim

The Fairchild plant at Lorong 3 Toa Payoh was a poster child of the Singapore government's successful multinational policy. The iconic Silicon Valley trailblazer in integrated circuits manufacturing was among the first American multinationals to invest in 1969. The unvarnished memories of former Fairchild Singapore employees over two decades provide a unique perspective on this exciting period in Singapore's industrialisation history, and will also be useful to young professionals embarking on careers in multinational companies.

Country Of My Own, A: 160 Days In Quito, EcuadorCountry Of My Own, A: 160 Days In Quito, Ecuador by Wang, Shawn

During his sophomore year in Singapore Management University, Shawn Wang made a decision that didn't make sense to most- he chose to follow God's leading and use his student exchange programme to walk the mission field in Quito, Ecuador. In this deeply personal account of those 160 days, he shares what it is like to live as a young missionary in a foreign land, building the local church alongside fellow seasoned missionaries. Drawing from his journal entries and written correspondences, he presents an honest, insightful, and realistic first-hand experience of what it is like to follow God in obedience, to the mission ground.

Sg50 Tribute, An: 50 Stories From The Voices Of TomorrowSg50 Tribute, An: 50 Stories From The Voices Of Tomorrow by Tay, Eugene

50 of the best stories written by children about their vision of Singapore in 2065. It consists of the most bizarre and wackiest ideas that can only come from the minds of children. Who knows? What we find strange today might just be a norm tomorrow.

Happy Long Life To YouHappy Long Life To You by Elangovan, Elimpirai; N. Sim & Y. Kaymond (Eds.)

How do the vulnerable love and live? In a HIV shelter for children in India, a group of medical students from Singapore meet Uma - a victim, a survivor, a mother. Drawing on Uma's life experiences, these students have written stories to expose the exploitation and discrimination she suffered as a victim of HIV, to give voice to her resilience in surmounting these trials, and to celebrate caretakers like herself who have dedicated their lives to the nurturing of children living with HIV.

In Pursuit Of New LifeIn Pursuit Of New Life by Chen Ai Yen & Wong Siew Kwun

This is a collection of stories of 14 families of different ancestry, whose forefathers migrated to Southeast Asia from southern China in the last two centuries. Despite suffering severe hardships, troubles brought about by natural disasters, political unrests, social injustice and inequalities in China and the atrocities of two world wars, they survived and prospered in their country of adoption. They also found abundant life in the Christian faith. Among the families featured are the ancestors of Polar Puffs & Cakes, Wing On and the Yeo Hiap Seng group.

Within And Without: Singapore In The World; The World In SingaporeWithin And Without: Singapore In The World; The World In Singapore by Pang Eng Fong & Arnoud De Meyer (Eds.)

This volume comprises essays that explore different dimensions of identity - national, social, cultural and linguistic. It also analyses issues ranging from freedom of speech, education, meritocracy, drug laws, home ownership, casinos to martial arts. Anyone who wonders what the young think of these and other issues may find their point of view surprising, even unusual and unconventional.

Prime Minister's Secret, ThePrime Minister's Secret, The by Jayaseela, Julian

Glamorous, strong-willed, and supported by a loving family, Rabiyah has been groomed all her life for a career in politics. She wants to win fair and square, but behind the scenes, strings have already been pulled in her favour. When it's her turn to make the rules, will she overhaul the system, or use it to her advantage? Junid grew up in the shadow of his father's imprisonment, and longs for a better Malaysia in which families won't suffer like his. When he discovers by chance what Rabiyah has kept hidden for two decades, he decides to take drastic action. Colourful, thrilling and written with great affection, The Prime Minister's Secret is a story about passion, money, corruption, the bonds of family, and the ends that people will go to for power - or freedom.

Good Grief! Everything I Know About Love, Life And Loss I Wish Somebody Had Told Me SoonerGood Grief! Everything I Know About Love, Life And Loss I Wish Somebody Had Told Me Sooner by John, Alan

I wish somebody had told me sooner. What else do you need to know about life? Find out with one man's stories of love, friendship and loss, the perils of parenthood, the pain of family squabbles, and a never-ending struggle to lose weight.

Memories And Musings: Wan Hussin ZoohriMemories And Musings: Wan Hussin Zoohri by

This memoir by former Singapore Member of Parliament Wan Hussin Zoohri tells about his early life in the kampong and how he had to sell kueh to survive. After becoming a teacher, he was awarded a schoarship to study at Oxford University. After teaching, he entered politics and became a PAP Member of Parliament. He talks about his unexpected entry into politics and his thoughts on a range of policies.

Frontier Of Fear: Confronting The Taliban On Pakistan's BorderFrontier Of Fear: Confronting The Taliban On Pakistan's Border by Gosling, David L.

The troubled borderland of Pakistan and Afghanistan the so-called AfPak region is one of the most dangerous areas of the world. Between 2006 and 2010 David L. Gosling lived in Peshawar, where he was principal of Edwardes College, a prestigious higher education college. In this book, Gosling describes his time at Edwardes College and the challenges and changes of his tenure. Already the first co-educational college in the province, Gosling significantly increased the proportion of female students and staff. The book also describes the early stages of Taliban growth in Afghanistan, its spill-over into the tribal borderlands of Pakistan and how a combination of Pakistan army activity and US drone strikes provoked a furious backlash by Taliban groups against civilian targets in and around Peshawar.

Art Of Music, TheArt Of Music, The by Coleman, Patrick (Ed.)

The Art of Music is a handsomely illustrated and rich interdisciplinary look at the mutual influence between music and the visual arts across cultures and eras. The book sheds new light on more familiar artists at the intersection of the visual and the musical, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Arnold Schoenberg, and presents new scholarship on less well-known examples in the arts of Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, from antique pottery to contemporary video and sound art. Essays consider key works and themes such as synesthesia and other formal and theoretical crossovers, motifs of musicians, and performative and ritual functions of music, musical instruments, and art. With more than 250 color images illustrating works of art in diverse traditions, The Art of Music offers enriching reading for scholars and general audiences alike.

Beyond Borders: Aleksandar DuricBeyond Borders: Aleksandar Duric by Duric, Aleksandar; Glenn Wray

Born in Bosnia in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Duric overcame a difficult childhood to become a junior canoeing champion. Against all odds, he made an unlikely appearance at the 1992 Olympic Games whilst the fires of the Bosnian War raged in his homeland, a war that had tragic consequences for the Duric family. A nomadic career in football followed, before Duric finally found his feet - and his home - in Singapore. Told in a refreshingly frank and honest manner, Beyond Borders is far more than a footballer's memoir. Duric's tale of tragedy and triumph, adversity and adventure, is as surprising as it is inspiring.

50 Years Of The Chinese Community In Singapore50 Years Of The Chinese Community In Singapore by Pang Cheng Lian (Ed.)

English is the dominant language in Singapore but in some segments of the Chinese population, especially among the more elderly, Chinese continues to be a primary language. This segment will decrease in the coming years, but as this volume will show, the Chinese speaking community made significant contributions in the first 50 years of nation building. Besides covering the major Chinese civic organisations, this book also examines some of the major issues hotly debated by the Chinese community such as the role and standard of the Chinese language and the integration of the new immigrants. The book also examines the significant roles played by the Chinese community in the relations with China and the Southeast Asia neighbours.