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Memoirs Of Tan Sri Ani AropeMemoirs Of Tan Sri Ani Arope by Razak, Rogayah; Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf (Eds.)

This memoir is a collection of Tan Sri Ani Arope's writings on his rich and illustrious life. One reads about Ani Arope - his early roots, childhood, schooling days as well as his early adult life. He recounts the moments he met his wife. He writes about the start of his career as a young agronomist, as an agricultural officer, a Fulbright sponsored graduate student in the US, and his successful leadership at MARDI, RRIM and TNB. He talks about his ultimate challenge at TNB. After retirement, Tan Sri Ani Arope takes up flying and talks about how flying is an excellent sport to take away the stresses of life. Tan Sri Ani Arope proved his mantle of strength at the face of adversaries when he writes about his challenges (or rather, acceptance) of his illness as well as dealing with the loss of a close friend and his astute responses to current issues despite his illness. This memoir is a historical yet personal narrative of a life well-lived and provide remarkably clear insights into what shapes Ani Arope as a person and a leader.

Canton Elegy: A Father's Letter Of Sacrifice, Survival, And LoveCanton Elegy: A Father's Letter Of Sacrifice, Survival, And Love by Stephen Jin-Nom Lee; Howard Webster

Set against the backdrop of the events that shaped China in the twentieth century - the Chinese Civil War, the Second World War, the Cultural Revolution - Canton Elegy is a love story, an adventure story and an intimate portrait of a family bound together by devotion as they struggle to survive. With his wife Belle and their four young children, Stephen Jin-Nom Lee braves famine and flood, corruption and the devastation of war, to make a home and a life for the ones he holds dear. From the 300-mile journey Belle undertakes on foot when she and the children are trapped behind enemy lines in Hong Kong, to the night when he stands at his window watching Canton burn, Stephen observes his world with an artist's sensibility and tells the family's story with great tenderness - all so that his children may understand their history and remember their father's love. Looking across the years towards a time when he himself will be gone and their own lives may be drawing to a close, he puts his desire simply and powerfully: "I want my heart to have a voice so I can love you louder."

Kl Zombi (Zombijaya) Movie Tie-In by Adib Zaini

Edisi khas novel ZOMBIJAYA sempena tayangan filem KL ZOMBI (2013) yang diadaptasi daripadanya. Selamat dating ke Malaysia. Negara yang kaya dengan adat ketimuran. Tetapi apakah yang akan berlaku jika rakyat kita tiba-tiba di kelilingi zombi? Kalendar lama bertukar baru. Aliff baru mengajak Sofia berkahwin. Ana bakal memulakan hari pertama sebagai cikgu. Kamarul akan bertanding dalam program TV realiti. Dan Nipis seronok di dalam dunianya sendiri. Mereka tidak tahu yang suasana mereka kenali bakal berakhir. Aman-damai menjadi kacau-bilau. Tamadun hancur. Rutin harian berubah. Semua perlu mengadaptasi dalam dunia baru ini. Berapa orangkah yang akan mati? Adakah yang mati akan kekal mati? Dan apakah yang menunggu mereka di Putrajaya nanti? Selamat datang ke ZOMBIJAYA.

Cultural Monuments Of Tibet, TheCultural Monuments Of Tibet, The by Henss, Michael

Detailed descriptions and interpretations of the buildings, art, and furnishings of all major monasteries and significant secular buildings, as well as numerous references to both historical Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Chinese texts and to works of scholarly research in the West and in China, make this work a unique source of information for both the specialist and the general reader. This extensive documentation on the sacred art and monuments of Buddhist Tibet also provides a deeply researched history of the cultural and religious circumstances in which the sites and relics were created.

Living Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment And Change Across AsiaLiving Landscapes, Connected Communities: Culture, Environment And Change Across Asia by Vaz, Justine; Narumol Aphinives (Eds.)

Across Asia, people are coming to terms with the impacts of globalization and its accompanying social, economic, and environmental transformations. This compelling study examines biocultural diversity - the ways different communities interact with their surroundings, drawing upon local knowledge, shared values, and cultural heritage as they negotiate change. In an ambitious and pathbreaking regional research project, some of Asia's leading public intellectuals visited five communities - Kali Code (Indonesia), Tasik Chini (Malaysia), Biwako (Japan), Batanes (The Philippines) and Khiriwong (Thailand) - in order to better understand local responses to contemporary challenges. Through analytical essays, personal reflections, poetry, music and dance - and beautifully illustrated throughout by powerful images - Living Landscapes, Connected Communities encourages us to broaden our understandings of people's changing relationship with nature to encompass essential elements of spirituality, identity, belonging, and wellbeing. With all their complexity and creativity, each of these communities has something meaningful to convey about the human-environment connection and the common threads linking people across the region. Taken together, these stories of resilience, perseverance, and collective action provide a timely and relevant counterpoint to fatalistic views of environmental degradation. Living Landscapes, Connected Communities will appeal to a broad audience - to everyone interested in the dynamic relations between society, culture, environment, and change in modern Asia.

Living Pathways: Meditations On Sustainable Culture And Cosmologies In AsiaLiving Pathways: Meditations On Sustainable Culture And Cosmologies In Asia by M. Nadarajah

There are many trajectories of development in Asia. Outside the mainstream, there are many marginalised, alternative futures. But it is the mainstream development of mega-metropolises, with all their glittering facets, that Asia proudly exhibits to the whole world with a sense of triumph and achievement. Asians seem to want to tell the West: We can do it better! In reality, this achievement comes at a tremendous cost, not only to humans, but also to other beings and the environment. Steadily growing, chronic, partly visible and partly unseen, Asia's colossal crisis of the modern age is one of sustainability, of which a crisis of ecology, a crisis of justice, a crisis of compassion and a crisis of spirituality are all a part.'

Surat Untuk AnakSurat Untuk Anak by Mohd Affandi Ramli

Catatan biografi seorang bapa kepada dua anak yang mengalami Cerebral Palsy …Membaca bab pertama Surat Untuk Anak ini sahaja mengingatkan saya kepada nasihat luqman Hakim kepada anaknya yang dirakam dalam Al-Quran. Jika Allah mengabdikan nasihat dramatik ini dalam Surah Luqman: 13-19 maka Surat Untuk Anak ini dikarang sebagai dokumentasi manusiawi yang menyentuh hati nurani. Nama Annisa yang sendiri yang diambil dari Surah An-Nissa dan nama An-Nur dari Surah An-Nur adalah satu manifestasi Mohd Affandi yang memberikan penghormatan kepada kemuliaan seorang anak perempuan dan wanita. Ini adalah karya terbaru Mohd Affandi yang bersifat eklektik, daripada seorang pelukis komik, penulis rencana kritis dengan nama pena Ronasina dan kini menulis buku biografi-humanistik yang menyentuh kedalaman jiwa….

My Mother SaysMy Mother Says by

Old Wives' Tales exist in every culture and are so common that sometimes are taken as the truth, or rather accepted and followed despite their usually incredulous nature. My Mother Says… is a book documenting old wives tales captured in short quotes and light-hearted photography. These tales have probably been told to us so many times yet the logic behind some of them is overshadowed by their incredulous nature. It is created to be a collection that many can relate to and to spark conversation or reminiscence amongst family and friends. These tales have been collected from the different races of Singapore. We hope that people are able to relive their versions of stories and memories of these tales and as well enjoy the tales of other cultures.

Community-Based Arts & Culture Education: A Resource KitCommunity-Based Arts & Culture Education: A Resource Kit by

Arts-ED is a winner of the prestigious UNESCO Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation for the Asia-Pacific Region for the year 2013 which highlighted the importance of the transmission of values, traditions and practices from one generation to another through a variety of cultural expressions. This resource kit is the cumulative outcome of the organisation's 12 years of work in arts and culture education. It contains step by step guidance on how to apply the methodology of Innovative Engaged Arts in project-based learning and includes useful case studies, lesson plans and academic papers and readings on the subject. This resource kit is particularly useful to individuals or groups keen to work with young people in the field of cultural conservation or arts education. Teachers and teacher educators, who are looking for innovative methods to inspire and challenge their students and trainee teachers will also find relevance in the resource kit.

Singapore Sucks!Singapore Sucks! by Singa Crew (Ed.)

Through an eclectic collection of short stories, essays and poems, Singapore Sucks! Is a bouquet of sarcasm, humour, and insolent honesty and the discerning reader may even recognise a hint of patriotic fervour.

Memoir Perjuangan Politik - Syed Husin AliMemoir Perjuangan Politik - Syed Husin Ali by Syed Husin Ali

Memoir ini merupakan kenangan hidup penulis tentang perjuangan politiknya untuk menegakkan keadilan, kebajikan dan kebenaran bagi rakyat. Ia menceritakan mengenai penyertaan, kegiatan, pengalaman dan pandangan beliau terutama berhubung beberapa peristiwa politik yang melibatkan rakyat.

Beyond The Tea Dance: The Story Of Singapore Sixties Music - Vol. 2Beyond The Tea Dance: The Story Of Singapore Sixties Music - Vol. 2 by Pereira, Joseph C.

This is the second volume of Joseph Pereira's comprehensive survey of the Singapore pop music scene in the 1960s. The second half of the sixties saw seismic shifts in the global music scene. In Singapore, newer breed of bands was coming to the fore, many with outlandish names. Tea dances became increasingly popular. Discotheques started sprouting up to cater to a new hip crowd. Pop Yeh Yeh, which had always been active alongside the mainstream pop music scene, came into its own with many releases. Singapore bands were very active playing the British services circuit and in Vietnam. But, as the decade drew to a close, several pivotal events signalled the end of this glorious era for Singapore pop music. Beyond the Tea Dance examines in rich detail all the major bands and singers in this turbulent period.

Wayang Indonesia: The Fantastic World Of Indonesian Puppet TheatreWayang Indonesia: The Fantastic World Of Indonesian Puppet Theatre by Angst, Walter

'Wayang' means Indonesian rod puppet theatre and its derivative forms of folk theatre. In recognition of the cultural and historical significance as well as the great aesthetic sophistication of Wayang, UNESCO included this theatre tradition in its list of world cultural heritage in 2003. This book provides a new systematic introduction to and overview of Wayang puppets - in particular shadow puppets - and illustrates this with a unique richness of colour images.

Non Returnable: My Special Child From HeavenNon Returnable: My Special Child From Heaven by Wati Knussi

This is a book about a mother's love and care for her special needs daughter. It presents her thoughts as she tried to cope with what was happening in her life in those months - from the day she first heard the prognosis up to the moment she finally accepted her daughter for what she was and the fact that her life would never be the same again.

No Other Way Out: A Biography Of Ong Seok Kim A Pioneer In Chinese Education In Malaysia Social Worker And PhilanthropistNo Other Way Out: A Biography Of Ong Seok Kim A Pioneer In Chinese Education In Malaysia Social Worker And Philanthropist by Wang Jianshi: Ong Eng-Joo

This book traces Ong Seok Kim's long and arduous journey from the depths of poverty in China to wealth in his adopted country, and how his credibility and personal motto of abstinence from gambling, alcohol, smoking and debauchery were instrumental in him becoming one of Malaya's leading philanthropists.

Migrating To Australia: Good Meh??Migrating To Australia: Good Meh?? by Soong, Ken; Michael Soong

Written by two brothers who have been living in Australia for some time, this book presents the bitter sweet - and sour - truth based on the authors' experiences as Malaysian migrants living in Australia - from the perspectives of not only Malaysians but also Southeast Asians.

Singapore Sucks! (Second Volume)Singapore Sucks! (Second Volume) by Singa Crew (Ed.)

This is a follow-up volume to a collection of short stories, essays and poems about Singapore and its idiosyncrasies.

Living To Be A Hundred: Voices From Lives Well LivedLiving To Be A Hundred: Voices From Lives Well Lived by Sashidhara, Meera

If there is one book which spans generations with the common thread of collective wisdom, it is this one. Nineteen centenarians from different countries and a cross-section of society, share their memoirs, intertwined with the history of their century, as they experienced it. They were ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives. In these pages, they share their values, beliefs, habits, attitudes and lessons learnt from living to be a hundred.

China's Vanishing Worlds: Countryside, Traditions, And Cultural SpacesChina's Vanishing Worlds: Countryside, Traditions, And Cultural Spaces by Messmer, Matthias; Hsin-Mei Chuang

Just a few kilometers from the glittering skylines of Shanghai and Beijing, we encounter a vast countryside, an often forgotten and seemingly limitless landscape stretching far beyond the outskirts of the cities. Following traces of old trade routes, once-flourishing marketplaces, abandoned country estates, decrepit model villages, and the sites of mystic rituals, the authors of this book spent seven years exploring, photographing, and observing the vast interior of China, where the majority of Chinese people live in ways virtually unchanged for centuries. China's Vanishing Worlds is an impressive documentation in images and text of modernization's effect on traditional ways of life, and a sympathetic portrait of lives burdened by hardship but blessed by simplicity and tranquility. The scars of China's recent history and the decay of centuries-old traditions are made visible in this volume, but so is the lure and promise of technology and another life for young people. In the next twenty years, an estimated 280 million Chinese villagers will become city dwellers, leaving their ancestral homes in search of urban jobs and opportunities. In striking and evocative color photographs, we see picturesque villages set against a background of rolling hills, planned centuries ago according to the principles of feng shui; a restaurant with bright pink resin chairs and a wide-screen television; traditional buildings preserved by the accident of poverty and isolation; ramshackle rooms decorated with portraits of Chairman Mao; backpack-wearing children walking to school; festivals with elaborately costumed performers; old men playing cards; buyers and sellers at open-air markets. China's Vanishing Worlds offers readers a rare opportunity to glimpse China as it once was, and as it will soon no longer be.

Chinese MusicChinese Music by Jie Jin

Unique and complex in style, traditional Chinese music forms a fascinating part of China's cultural heritage. This accessible, illustrated introduction to Chinese music takes the reader through the 8000-year history of China's musical instruments, the diversity of Chinese folk music, the development of China's famous operas and the modern Chinese music industry. From classical to contemporary styles, Jin Jie explores the influence that Chinese music has had around the world.