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ShariaSharia by Bradbury, Ray

This memoir provides a fascinating look at what life is like living under Sharia law, the Islamic code of conduct. Bradbury has seen it first hand in Sudan where he first went to work as an engineer, and suffered at the hands of it. He tells it as it is and what to expect in this gripping memoir.

Home Thoughts From A ManHome Thoughts From A Man by Ogilvie, Daniel

In this quirky memoir, join our titular hero and his stalwart wife when, after 40 years of living in the UK, he uproots and travels through Singapore, Canada and finally Thailand, taking on all the world can throw at him. And losing.

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable LivesGreat Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives by

A profusely illustrated, hard-bound catalogue to accompany the exhibition. Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives presents historical essays on Peranakan culture and entries on each of the fifty men and women selected for the exhibition.

Brief Cultural History Of Indonesian CinemaBrief Cultural History Of Indonesian Cinema by

This lavishly illustrated English-language book published by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture provides a comprehensive overview of the rich history of Indonesian cinema. It traces the story of Indonesian filmmaking from its earliest days to the golden era of the 1970s and 80s to the present. Richly illustrated with movie posters, film captures, production stills, and rare archival photographs.

Just For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'SJust For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'S by Augustin, Paul; James Lochhead

Just for the Love of It celebrates the musicians and bands who are such a part of Penang's rich musical heritage and highlights how this music has been so integrally woven into the wider tapestry of Penang's growth. It tells of the factors that influenced the popularisation of music in the 1930s to 1960s, including the role of radio, cinema, TV, venues, commerce and fashions. Vibrantly illustrated, beautifully designed with a free CD, Just for the Love of It presents this fascinating story of Penang in a creative, lively, and utterly engaging style.

Eating Together: Food, Space, And Identity In Malaysia And SingaporeEating Together: Food, Space, And Identity In Malaysia And Singapore by Duruz, Jean; Gaik Cheng Khoo

Accepting the challenge of rethinking connections of food, space, and identity within everyday spaces of 'public' eating in Malaysia and Singapore, Jean Duruz and Gaik Cheng Khoo enter street stalls, hawker centers, markets, cafes, restaurants, 'food streets', and 'ethnic' neighborhoods to offer a broader picture of the meaning of eating in public places. This book creates a strong sense of the ways different people live, eat, work, and relax together, and it also traces negotiations and accommodations in these dynamics. Simply put, Eating Together is about understanding complex forms of multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore through the mind, tongue, nose, and eyes.

Aussie Rogues And RebelsAussie Rogues And Rebels by Clements, Raymond D.

The stories in this book are about real people, and hail from back in days gone by. These were good friends and comrades who stuck together; they came from all walks of life, worked hard, drank hard - and fought at the drop of a hat. They toiled in the outback of Australia on construction jobs building roads and railways, and dams and harbours for the iron ore industry; they laboured in gold and copper mines, as stockmen on giant cattle stations, as fishermen around the north coast and in many other professions, some legal and some otherwise. Not your average law-abiding and God-fearing citizens, these were real Aussies of the outback. The stories have been fictionalised to protect those still in the land of the living.

Aussie RogueAussie Rogue by Clements, Raymond D.

This is the memoirs of Raymond D. Clements, who was born into a large family in a gold-mining town in Central Queensland, Australia, after the end of the second world war. He grew up with miners, left school at age thirteen, and worked and taught himself to do all kinds of jobs with skill. He fought in the Vietnam War as a forward scout in the Australian army, came back a changed man but still had the wanderlust and spirit of travel and adventure.

You'll Never Walk Alone: A True Story About The You'll Never Walk Alone: A True Story About The "Bangkok Hilton" by Singh, Debbie

Updated edition of a true story about the 'Bangkok Hilton'. Debbie Singh's life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to 10 years in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok for attempting to cash false travellers cheques. The severity of the sentence shocked Singh, who set of to Bangkok to support him and later to locate his Thai born son. Appalled by the horrendous circumstances she found him in, she started to campaign to have him transferred to an Australian jail. This campaign changed her life forever. With great honesty and heart, this book tells the story of Singh's great determination and strength in the face of adversity, and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tail.

Multiculturalism Through The Lens: A Guide To Ethnic And Migrant Anxieties In SingaporeMulticulturalism Through The Lens: A Guide To Ethnic And Migrant Anxieties In Singapore by Gomes, Catherine

This book weaves together critical studies of Singaporean films, compelling personal reflections, and analysis of the contemporary socio-political discourse. It probes into issues that arise from the dilemma of globalization and transnational migration in cosmopolitan Singapore and examines the angst of contemporary Singaporeans against the prevailing political order beyond the veneer of multiculturalism and government-sanctioned displays of social cohesion, inclusion, and harmony. Through analyses of Singaporean films, Catherine Gomes writes about Singaporean anxieties concerning race, ethnicity, and identity construction. She writes honestly of dealing with being Eurasian, the 'Other' in Singapore, where ethnicity becomes a defining label. Her book is a great read while dealing with important issues of labour migration and ethnicity. This book will prove engaging to all Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans.

Give & Take: Writings On The Malaysian Chinese Community (Chinese Edition)Give & Take: Writings On The Malaysian Chinese Community (Chinese Edition) by Sim, Rita; Fui K. Soong

This is the Chinese version of Give & Take. This book begins with seemingly Chinese-centric issues, but they dissolve gradually into what are essentially issues that effect all communities in this multicultural nation: racial integration and disintegration; myths and misconceptions; connectedness and a sense of belonging; how to bring the community together; the need for a strong leadership that will act as a "strong negotiator" to represent and champion the community; and the search for common ground that a multicultural society can stand on. Worry over deterioration or loss of values, the collapse of the extended family and the dilution or hybridisation of tradition, presented from the Chinese perspective, may seem like race-specific problems, but they are actually human ones. -- extract from Message from Datuk Abdul Jalil Hamid

Priest In Geylang: The Untold Story Of The Geylang Catholic CentrePriest In Geylang: The Untold Story Of The Geylang Catholic Centre by Arotcarena, Guillaume

Cosmopolitan Singapore-emblematic of globalised capitalism-usually calls to mind a number of clichés: orderly, clean and green, a shopping and business paradise, and a model of sound economic management. Tourists, journalists and passing businessmen cast an absent-minded glance at the local society, noting that the food is excellent, e-communication works well and armoured tanks are absent on street corners. But after 17 years living here, the author shows a different side of Singapore: looking at her from the grassroots. Beyond his personal atypical story, he draws with light strokes of the brush, a picture of a warm and generous people, much less passive than one is often given to think. He also describes the difficulties faced by civil society, and tracks the rapid social evolution in the city-state as it is confronted with major challenges: a nose-diving demography, cramped territory with an infrastructure which cannot be extended indefinitely, and massive immigration which is increasingly resented by the local population. Most of all, Fr. Arotcarena places on record the work and significance of the Geylang Catholic Centre, which makes this priest in Geylang himself a legend.

Year Of Fire Dragons: An American Women's Story Of Coming Of Age In Hong KongYear Of Fire Dragons: An American Women's Story Of Coming Of Age In Hong Kong by Young, Shannon

Shannon Young is an American twentysomething living in Hong Kong. Originally from Arizona, she likes to read, travel and spy on other people's books on the train. In 2010, she followed followed her Eurasian boyfriend to Hong Kong, eager to forge a new love story in his hometown. But when work sent him to London a month later, Shannon embarked on a wide-eyed newcomer's journey through Hong Kong - alone. She taught in a local school as the only foreigner, explored Asia with other young expats and discovered family history in Hong Kong, all while trying to hold on to her thwarted romance.

Remembering Bruce Lee: And Jon Benn's Other AdventuresRemembering Bruce Lee: And Jon Benn's Other Adventures by Benn, Jon

Even four decades after the passing of Asian martial-arts superstar Bruce Lee (1940-73), his achievements still attract adoration from millions of movie fans. The biggest fan of all may be Jon Benn, who befriended the high-kicking hero while playing "the Big Boss", a villain in Lee's acclaimed 1972 movie The Way of the Dragon. In Remembering Bruce Lee, a tell-tale autobiography, Jon reminisces fondly about his experiences with Lee and a lifetime of other adventures. From facing Lee's fists of fury to riding in a cowboy posse, from almost starting the Third World War to a nude scene with sex symbol Bo Derek, much has happened to Jon for the sake of appearing in movies.

When In Asia: Customs, Culture & ComedyWhen In Asia: Customs, Culture & Comedy by

When cultures meet, the results are often surprising-and frequently hilarious. Even as the world becomes globally connected, customs and practices are preserved in very localized ways. In Asia, where traditions abound, daily life can be a minefield of misunderstandings - but also a rich source of amusement and enlightenment. Casting its net over the varied countries of the continent, this new book takes a fun approach to life in different cultures. Each page introduces an unusual custom, accompanied by a cartoon-drawn by the artist who has illustrated all the titles in the celebrated CultureShock! series. From strange eating habits to unusual greetings and sayings, from disparate attitudes to work and play to the sometimes bizarre ways of love and sex, this book captures it all-with a knowing wink.

Babas, TheBabas, The by Chia, Felix

This fourth edition of the social history of the Babas and Nonya makes the seminal work by Felix Chia available again after being long out of print. Now illustrated throughout by full-colour pictures of a rich array of Baba artefacts sourced from private and public collections, this beautifully designed full-colour book will capivate and entrance both readers who are familiar with and new to Baba culture. Baba Felix Chia gives a witty, frank and lively exposition of the way of life he grew up in. His reminiscences and personal anecdotes are given additional weight by oral history and research. The result is an exceptional book where text and pictures combine to encapsulate the fascinating origin, language, practices, festivities and character of the Baba. The Babas, first published in 1980, won the Highly Commended Award for English non-fiction by the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

Chopsticks & Bananas: One Man's Reflections On Society, Economy And LifeChopsticks & Bananas: One Man's Reflections On Society, Economy And Life by P. Suppiah

Capitalism - is it good or bad? Much depends on which side of the spectrum one is on. It benefits those who are able to appropriate the product of the labour and land, but brings about distress on workers who are exploited at the hands of the profiteers. It has the potential to bring about grand riches, as well as extreme poverty, causing an exponential widening of income and wealth divides within society. Do the benefits of capitalism outweigh its ills? Can justice and equality be ever achieved in a capitalistic society? Will life be better for all if there is equal distribution of wealth and land among the people? Chopsticks and bananas - One man's reflections on society, economy and life incessantly picks at core issues until the time is ripe to peel open the conundrums for you to savour and satiate your curiosity.

Korean Wave In Southeast Asia, The: Consumption And Cultural ProductionKorean Wave In Southeast Asia, The: Consumption And Cultural Production by Ainslie, Mary J.; Joanne B. Y. Lim (Eds.)

The Korean Wave (hallyu) refers to the international spread of South Korean popular culture, including films, television dramas, online games, cosmetics, food, fashion and music. This collection of essays aims to distinguish the very unique Southeast Asian region from the very problematic and abstract label of East Asian popular culture. Instead of including such a diverse and radically different region under such an umbrella term, this collection aims to investigate how such products have been received in, and exist within these very different nations that are separate from East Asia yet are still a part of Asia and heavily connected to this region in various political, geographic and economic ways.

Singapore 365: A Restrospective On 2013Singapore 365: A Restrospective On 2013 by Husken-Ulbrich, Dominique; Amin Zainotdini

Singapore 365 is essential reading for anyone interested in Singapore. Based on interviews, illustrations, maps, articles, pictures, and infographics, this first annual edition of Singapore 365 looks back at the main events of 2013, and thereby witnesses history in the making on the eve of Singapore’s 50th birthday. Singapore 365 is designed to give a comprehensive view of the city-state’s dynamism on politics, society, business, culture, sports, and sustainable development. It aims to provide an up-to-date image of Singapore today in a way that will both inform and entertain.

Beyond Dreams: The Fascinating Story Of The Blessed Life Of Peter Velappan S/O PalaniappanBeyond Dreams: The Fascinating Story Of The Blessed Life Of Peter Velappan S/O Palaniappan by Peter Velappan S/O Palaniappan

Here are the memoirs of Dato Dr. Peter Velappan, son of Palaniappan, who was born on 1 October 1935 on a rubber plantation in Siliau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. He was appointed the Deputy Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports in 1972. He was involved in the Football Association of Malaysia for 30 years. He retired in 2007.