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Our City, Our Home: Singapore Eurasians 1965-2015Our City, Our Home: Singapore Eurasians 1965-2015 by

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday, the Eurasian Association published this SG50 book which features 50 Eurasians from diverse fields of expertise who have contributed in one way or another to Singapore's nation-building over the last fifty years.

Ancient Postcards On Rice In The Golden PeninsulaAncient Postcards On Rice In The Golden Peninsula by Poupon, Roland

Ancient Postcards on Rice in the Golden Peninsula focuses on rice cultivation in mainland Southeast Asia, encompassing Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Through the analysis of old postcards, this book shows all aspects of rice culture from landscaping to trading, including land preparation, irrigation, sowing and transplantation, harvesting and threshing, postharvest processes, transportation, sales and consumption, but it also speaks about people, their homes, and their rituals.

Eating In Northeastern Cambodia, A Socio-Anthropological Approach To Highland Food In RatEating In Northeastern Cambodia, A Socio-Anthropological Approach To Highland Food In Rat by Istasse, Manon

Eating in Northeastern Cambodia, A Socio-Anthropological Approach to Highland Food in Ratanakiri investigates food among societies practicing swidden agriculture in Ratanakiri province, Northeastern Cambodia. The author provides a qualitative and anthropological description of food habits, practices and representations among these non-Khmer (Kreung, Tampuan, Kavet and Jara?) populations who live in small, dispersed villages. Her investigation questions the relevance of the concept of affluent societies in contemporary Ratanakiri.

Hand To Heart: The Collective Spirit Of Malay/Muslim Organisations In SingaporeHand To Heart: The Collective Spirit Of Malay/Muslim Organisations In Singapore by Ibrahim Tahir (Ed.)

This book shows the endeavours of Malay/Muslim organisations, led by individuals with vision and buoyed by the community's collective spirit of commitment, selflessness and determination. Recorded in this book are stories that speak of personal sacrifice and public spiritedness that saw benefit delivered not only to their immediate communities but beyond to the wider society - Mercy Relief, a humanitarian organisation initiated by Perdaus, is one example. This book is written for those with an interest in the Malay/Muslim pioneers and organisations that have helped to make Singapore a nation of opportunity for all and which have contributed to the nation's success story.

It Won't Be Long Now: The Diary Of A Hong Kong Prisoner Of WarIt Won't Be Long Now: The Diary Of A Hong Kong Prisoner Of War by Heywood, Graham

Japan marched into Hong Kong at the outbreak of the Pacific War on December 8, 1941. On the same day, Graham Heywood was captured by the invading Japanese near the border while carrying out duties for the Royal Observatory. He was held at various places in the New Territories before being transported to the military Prisoner-of-War camp in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. The Japanese refused to allow Heywood and his colleague Leonard Starbuck to join the civilians at the Stanley internment camp. Heywood's illustrated diary records his three-and-a-half years of internment, telling a story of hardship, adversity, and survival of malnutrition and disease; as well as repeated hopes of liberation and disappointment. As he awaits the end of the war, his reflections upon freedom and imprisonment bring realisations about life and how to live it.

Atari To Zelda: Japan's Videogames In Global ContextsAtari To Zelda: Japan's Videogames In Global Contexts by Consalvo, Mia

In the early days of arcades and Nintendo, many players didn't recognize Japanese games as coming from Japan; they were simply new and interesting games to play. But since then, fans, media, and the games industry have thought further about the "Japaneseness" of particular games. In this book, Mia Consalvo looks at what happens when Japanese games travel outside Japan, and how they are played, thought about, and transformed by individuals, companies, and groups in the West. Consalvo begins with players, first exploring North American players' interest in Japanese games (and Japanese culture in general) and then investigating players' DIY localization of games, in the form of ROM hacking and fan translating. She analyzes several Japanese games released in North America and looks in detail at the Japanese game company Square Enix. She examines indie and corporate localization work, and the rise of the professional culture broker. Finally, she compares different approaches to Japaneseness in games sold in the West and considers how Japanese games have influenced Western games developers.

Winning With Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership And LifeWinning With Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership And Life by Siong Guan Lim; Joanne H. Lim

Singapore was the world's strongest nation brand in 2015. We believe that Honour is the essential quality that has enabled Singapore to come so far since its independence in 1965, and has distinguished Singapore from many nations in the world to become the world's strongest nation brand in 2015.

Bruce Lee: Letters Of The Dragon - The Original 1958-1973 CorrespondenceBruce Lee: Letters Of The Dragon - The Original 1958-1973 Correspondence by Little, John (Ed.)

This is a fascinating glimpse of the private Bruce Lee behind the public image-a man with the patience and concern to dedicate as much effort to crafting a thoughtful personal answer to the letter of a young fan as to those from his old friends and associates. The letters in this inspiring book track Bruce Lee's career and development, all the way to the last letter he ever composed, just hours before his sudden death. After absorbing the letters in this volume, the reader will inevitably find that the private Bruce Lee was every bit as great as the public Bruce Lee, and deeper and broader by far.

Ninja, The: The Secret History Of Ninjutsu Ancient Shadow Warriors Of JapanNinja, The: The Secret History Of Ninjutsu Ancient Shadow Warriors Of Japan by Zoughari, Kacem

Ninjutsu is the most renowned and misunderstood of all martial arts. The long history of ninjutstu is often murky; surrounded by mystery and legend. Here, for the first time, is an in-depth, factual look at the entire art of ninjutsu, including emergence of the ninja warriors and philosophy in feudal Japan; detailed historical events; its context in the development of other schools of martial arts; and the philosophies and exercises of the school today.

Balestiers, The: First American Residents Of SingaporeBalestiers, The: First American Residents Of Singapore by Hale, Richard E.

The Balestier family were the first Americans to take up residence in Singapore when they arrived in 1834 from Philadelphia. Joseph Balestier, aged 45, had secured an appointment as US Consul and sailed out to the East with his wife Maria and their teenage son Revere. A powerful, vivid picture of their lives in Singapore emerges in this narrative, in particular from a newly discovered trove of letters written by Maria to her relatives in America. Also covered in detail here are Joseph's foray into sugar cane planting - at the location that has come to bear his name - and his subsequent travels as US Presidential Envoy to various Southeast Asian states. Combining rigorous historical research with superb narrative skill, author R. E. Hale brings to life the fascinating story of this pioneering family.

Street Of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along A Shanghai RoadStreet Of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along A Shanghai Road by Schmitz, Rob

An unforgettable portrait of individuals who hope, struggle, and grow along a single street cutting through the heart of China's most exhilarating metropolis, from one of the most acclaimed broadcast journalists reporting on China today. A tale of 21st century China, Street of Eternal Happiness profiles China's distinct generations through multifaceted characters who illuminate an enlightening, humorous, and at times heartrending journey along the winding road to the Chinese Dream. Each story adds another layer of humanity and texture to modern China, a tapestry also woven with Schmitz's insight as a foreign correspondent. The result is an intimate and surprising portrait that dispenses with the tired stereotypes of a country we think we know.

Memories Of A NyonyaMemories Of A Nyonya by Chang, Queeny

The late Queeny Chang led an extraordinary life. Her autobiography, first published in 1981, introduces readers to a time when ladies led a genteel way of life. In this book, Queeny Chang presents a vision of a way of life that has long since vanished. Her tender memoir opens the windows of time and allows the images of the old world charm of the early 1900s to be seen again. She paints colourful portraits of her family, relatives, and many friends, particularly of her strong-minded but fastidious and flamboyant mother. What she had to say to her life with her famous father, the late Mr. Tjong A Fie, a prominent businessman and leader of the Chinese community in Medan, Indonesia, is both fascinating and touching.

Furniture Salesman Who Became President, The (Graphic Novel)Furniture Salesman Who Became President, The (Graphic Novel) by Hammond, J. Casey (Trans.)

This is the true life story of "Jokowi" told in attractive graphic novel form. Rising from boyhood poverty in an urban kampung to adult success as a furniture exporter, Jokowi then entered politics during reformasi as a refereshingly honest candidate. His ascent has been meteoric: from mayor to governor to president - in less than 10 years! Filled with personal anecdotes, this charmingly illustrated book reveals the exemplary character of the first Indonesian to be elected president as an "outsider" to the traditional power and money elite.

Chinese Death Rituals In SingaporeChinese Death Rituals In Singapore by Tong Chee-Kiong

Through a cultural analysis of the symbols of death - flesh, blood, bones, souls, time numbers, food and money -Chinese Death Rituals in Singapore throws light upon the Chinese perception of death and how they cope with its eventuality. In the seeming mass of religious rituals and beliefs, it suggests that there is an underlying logic to the rituals. This in turn leads Kiong to examine the interrelationship between death and the socioeconomic value system of China as a whole.

Shao Nian Mei WenShao Nian Mei Wen by

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5 Things I Love About Being A Woman 5 Things I Love About Being A Woman "Intelligence Is Sexy, Confidence Sexier..." by Zai Miztiq

This book aims to help female readers gain awareness and appreciation of their attributes and apply them in their everyday life. It will be an exciting journey that will truly enhance their self-esteem and allow their to enjoy a quality life.

Noodle Maker Of Kalimpong, The: My Untold Story Of The Struggle For TibetNoodle Maker Of Kalimpong, The: My Untold Story Of The Struggle For Tibet by Gyalo Thondup & Anne F. Thurston

For over half a century, noodlemaker Gyalo Thondup has been a familiar figure in the Himalayan hill town of Kalimpong. But it was not until 2010 that the townsfolk discovered his true identity: Gyalo Thondup is none other than the older brother of the Dalai Lama. This book deals with his life and work.

Mercenary Mandarin, The: How A British Adventurer Became A General In Qing-Dynasty ChinaMercenary Mandarin, The: How A British Adventurer Became A General In Qing-Dynasty China by Leffman, David

Jersey-born William Mesny ran off to sea as a boy and jumped ship at Shanghai in 1860 when he was just 18. Amid the chaos of foreign intrigue and civil war in 19th-century China, he became a smuggler, a prisoner of the Taiping rebels, a gun-runner and finally enlisted in the Chinese military. After five years of fierce campaigning against the Miao in remote Guizhou province, Mesny rose to the rank of general and used this privileged position to travel around China - to the borders with Burma, Tibet and Vietnam - writing opinionated newspaper articles, collecting plants and advising government officials on the development of railways, telegraphs and other modern reforms. Mesny eventually settled in Shanghai with a 16-year-old concubine and published Mesny's Chinese Miscellany, a weekly magazine about his experiences.

Around The World In My Running ShoesAround The World In My Running Shoes by Ho, Aileen

Aileen Ho, veteran marathoner and travelling enthusiast, shares 25 of her most memorable overseas marathons in her quest to run 100 marathons. This book documents both her running and travelling experiences, or 'travel-thons', which have taken her all over the world, and also includes practical tips on how to plan for and run in an overseas marathon. In addition, Aileen shares how she manages both her financial budget and off-work days in order to travel overseas so many times a year, and how she minimises her travelling costs without compromising on the travelling experience.

Fairchild Singapore Plant 1969-1987, The: The Story Of A Pioneer Semiconductor Assembly And Test Factory And Its Former EmployeesFairchild Singapore Plant 1969-1987, The: The Story Of A Pioneer Semiconductor Assembly And Test Factory And Its Former Employees by Liu Fook Thim

The Fairchild plant at Lorong 3 Toa Payoh was a poster child of the Singapore government's successful multinational policy. The iconic Silicon Valley trailblazer in integrated circuits manufacturing was among the first American multinationals to invest in 1969. The unvarnished memories of former Fairchild Singapore employees over two decades provide a unique perspective on this exciting period in Singapore's industrialisation history, and will also be useful to young professionals embarking on careers in multinational companies.