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Powering Your Property Tree: Perspectives From A Seasoned Mortgage ProfessionalPowering Your Property Tree: Perspectives From A Seasoned Mortgage Professional by Yip Woon Lye

Powering Your Property Tree is a rich collection of thoughts, insights and practical applications into Singapore's bludgeoning property market by one of the industry's most experienced players and observers. From selecting a property, property prices, affordability, sustainability and property investment returns, Woon Lye has dissected the Singapore property market for both the man-in-the-street as well as savvy property investors. Written in a highly accessible language, this book is a must for those who are planning their first property purchase, as well as those who have chosen to invest in this asset class.

Influential Brands: A Documentary Of Their Heroic RiseInfluential Brands: A Documentary Of Their Heroic Rise by

How did the humble curry puff become a public-listed company? How did seaweed move from the dining table to become a popular snack? How was Asia's first network born? How does a 140-year old brand continue its legacy? What is the story behind China's richest man? These questions are starting points and the answers can be discovered in the book. The 200page book features 10 CEOs across six countries with a chapter dedicated to each brand, covering 20 pages in full colour, documenting the Founder's beginning, Brand origin, Brand evolution, Brand model, Brand DNA, Business & brand challenges and Brand performance. The book includes: wisdom from founders; fundamentals of building influential brands in Asia; the brands' evolution and growth across the years; traits, characteristics and peculiarities of top Asian brands; branding and business issues; how these were managed; an appreciation for the value of good branding, and planning and managing brand continuity for the future

Mr Sia: Fly PastMr Sia: Fly Past by Hickson, Ken

Absorbing the life and work of Lim Chin Beng is like watching a fly past of airlines and aircraft old and new. In this book, his past comes to meet you in many forms - designs, shapes, figures, photographs, episodes, places, people and you discover the connections with business, society and international aviation today and into the future. Here's a man who was instrumental in taking the very basic components of a business and creating what has become one of the world's leading brands, Singapore Airlines.

Making Sweet Music: Atlas Sound & VisionMaking Sweet Music: Atlas Sound & Vision by Koh, William

Making Sweet Music looks at how one man, together with his father, close relatives and other key personnel, helped rebuild a failed business. Michael Tien brought the company that his father founded back from insolvency and nurtured it into one of the biggest niche players in the audio-visual industry in Singapore- Atlas Sound & Vision. He then expanded the business to Brunei and Malaysia. This book provides insights into Michael Tien's leadership style, his personality traits, courage and drive in rebuilding Atlas Sound & Vision. It also looks at the importance of effective human resource management in a Singaporean small-medium enterprise and having the right organisational structure and culture to support business growth. Finally, the book discusses Atlas Sound & Vision's growth through its key competitive strategy of differentiation through product features, customer service and brand reputation.

Business Republic Of China: Tales From The Front Line Of China's New RevolutionBusiness Republic Of China: Tales From The Front Line Of China's New Revolution by Leblanc, Jack

Jack Leblanc arrived in China in 1989 intending to teach Physics for just two years. He was to spend the next two decades on a very different learning curve as he became involved in a series of business ventures in almost every part of the Middle Kingdom. From farmyard to factory, boardroom to banquet, Leblanc witnessed (and occasionally assisted) the transformation of China from a socialist economy into the world's greatest experiment in capitalism. This book is his guide to the great opportunities and risks of doing business in China.

Performance Appraisal: A Scorecard Model For Staff EvaluationPerformance Appraisal: A Scorecard Model For Staff Evaluation by Alagan, Eric

Performance appraisals have obvious benefits, but everyone hates them - appraisers and appraised. Teamwork determines results, but most models review performance at an individual level. Traditional appraisal models are targeted at line functions (such as sales and production), but are poor at staff functions (such as human resource and finance). This book provides a scorecard model that will solve these issues.

Human Capital Growth Model: Build Best-In-Class TeamsHuman Capital Growth Model: Build Best-In-Class Teams by Alagan, Eric

How do you grow your talent pool? How do we measure pro activity or indeed, any subjective character traits - the traits that differentiate the winners from the starters? Established business-book author and consultant Eric Alagan takes his readers by the hand to develop a Human Capital Growth Model to help build Best-in-Class teams. The book is lean on theory, and rich on doing and getting things done. For the busy business owner and manager.

Real Estate Realities: Accommodating The Investment Needs Of Today's SocietyReal Estate Realities: Accommodating The Investment Needs Of Today's Society by Ku Swee Yong

Following the success of Real Estate Riches and Building Your Real Estate Riches, which were bestsellers in major bookstores, as well as on the Sunday Times bestsellers' list for weeks, property expert Ku Swee Yong now offers an updated essential guide to help investors to maximise their investment returns. Especially for those who are keen on commercial or industrial properties, this book gives practical advice that will help you make sound decisions. Backed by solid research and astute observations, Real Estate Realities cuts through the haze of speculation and advertising clutter. It addresses current issues faced by property investors through a collection of articles previously published in Today and The Business Times, and reveals insights into public and private properties, mixed developments, luxury estates and legacy planning.

Pu Xie Hu Biao Chuan Qi - Hu Wenhu Ji Qi Chuang Ye Wen Hua ShiPu Xie Hu Biao Chuan Qi - Hu Wenhu Ji Qi Chuang Ye Wen Hua Shi by Shen Yiting

This book gives a biographical account of the early life, accomplishments and philanthropy of the Burmese-Chinese entrepreneur Aw Boon Haw (1882-1954), one of two Aw brothers whose names are closely associated with the Tiger Balm heat rub as well as the Haw Par Villas they built in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. In Chinese.

What's The Big Deal With Iskandar Malaysia - A Book On How-To What-To-Do Where-To-Find For Property Investing In Iskandar Malaysia by Khoo, Ryan

A clearly presented account of the Iskandar Malaysia development and its potentials for investors in Singapore. The writer, a property investor, is promoting the positive potentials of Iskandar investment and also utters some warnings for the unwary.

Korean Way In Business, The: Understanding And Dealing With The South Koreans In BusinessKorean Way In Business, The: Understanding And Dealing With The South Koreans In Business by Lafayette De Mente, Boye

South Korean companies and technology have suddenly conquered the world, as have Korean culture and Korean cuisine. With just a fraction of Japan's land area, less than half its population, and no natural resources-how have Korean companies managed to conquer the world in such a short period of time? To find out, readers need more than statistics and company profiles. Learning the basics about Korean culture, about Korean social etiquette and Korean business culture, will enable you to understand for the first time how Koreans think and why they work so effectively to achieve their goals. The Korean Way in Business is a must-read for business professionals who wish to know the secrets underlying the commercial practices and business success of modern-day Koreans.

Lady Boss, The: Women Who Launch In Singapore Singapore Business Gurus Vol. 2Lady Boss, The: Women Who Launch In Singapore Singapore Business Gurus Vol. 2 by

The Lady Boss features the success stories of 28 women entrepreneurs from 28 different industries in Singapore. They share their journeys and winning methods in running their businesses, and will be a source of inspiration for young adults and aspiring entrepreneurs. Among the successful women featured are Vijayah Sigamani, Elizabeth Hsu, Mary Ma, Marine Lim, and Leza Parker.

Developing Business Ethics In ChinaDeveloping Business Ethics In China by Lu Xiaohe; Georges Enderle (Eds.)

In an attempt to investigate business ethics in China, Lu and Enderle, go beyond sound bites and analyse multiple challenges for the years to come. This book explores the role of different ethical traditions, the creation of ethical corporate cultures, corruption and the lack of confidence, consumption patterns and income distribution, globalization, WTO, information technology, and more. Nearly two dozen scholars and business leaders from China, South Africa, Japan and the United States investigate these issues, taking the first steps for a desperately needed dialogue for China as well as for the world community.

China Cmo - Best Practice In Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency In The Middle Kingdom by Paull, Greg; Goh Shufen

China is now the world's second largest locale for branded marketing. Marketing in China of course offers many challenges to Western marketers. This study is based on 2012 interviews with successful and significant marketers in China. Among the aspects discussed are: how to engage Chinese consumers; building brand equity; and identifying opportunities for business growth. The conclusions draw on the experience of well-known brands including: AB InBev, the Bank of Communications, adidas, Coca Cola, Ferrero, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley-Clark, Mondelez, Lenovo, Nestle, Philips, Starbucks, Visa and Volkswagen. Photosets and glossary.

Dynamics Of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business CasesDynamics Of International Business: Asia-Pacific Business Cases by Ramburuth, Prem; Cristina Stringer Et Al.

These 24 real-life case presentations for senior business students illustrate some of the fundamental economic, social, political and intercultural issues which impact on today's international business. Discussion topics and questions relevant to business development are highlighted. The case studies are clearly set out and highlight aspects of the current environment of international business including the political, economic, social and cultural diversity of today's rapidly changing Asia Pacific region. With graphics, reference and reading lists, and discussion topics.

Salesman's Lessons, A: What I Studied Is What I Failed To SeeSalesman's Lessons, A: What I Studied Is What I Failed To See by Jena, C.R.

What is the ground reality for a Salesman? Do the various laws, theories, hypotheses, anecdotes and sayings of science, mathematics, literature, engineering, management, history in fact, everything that we painstakingly read and absorb in order to gain our college degrees before we start working, equip us for field situations when we actually go into the all too real world of Sales? Can we really use the academic learning we struggled with and paid so much for, to sell better? Are there certain factors (which do not appear in the pages of any college or business school text), that are crucial to success in Sales? In an engaging narrative based on his own 15 years in the field, the Author explores the answers to just these questions. The book is light reading and fun but the lessons it contains are both down to earth and serious.

Zense For An Evolved LeadershipZense For An Evolved Leadership by Ugesh A. Joseph

Zense is the essence of Zen for an individual's positive transformation into a holistic and effective Leader and Manager. This book takes a refreshing new look at the principles and practices of Zen and Meditation, that have growing even critical, relevance today in the spheres of Leadership and Management. Contemporary research and management literature reiterates what Zen Masters and adepts have been telling us for years-how to create a stress-free environment where synergy and innovation happens and people s potentialities come to fruition. These principles are now being recognized and incorporated into best management practice.

Singapore Business Gurus 2013: The First Chair Success Stories From Entrepreneurs Who Made It HappenSingapore Business Gurus 2013: The First Chair Success Stories From Entrepreneurs Who Made It Happen by Dove, Angela; Jeff R. Cuellar (Eds.)

The First Chair features the success stories of 30 entrepreneurs from 30 different industries in Singapore. It is packed with valuable experiences and tips on starting and building businesses, and will be a source of inspiration for young adults and aspiring entrepreneurs. Featured entrepreneurs include: Jean Soh of Aamor; Mohd Nor of Amani Weddings; J.S. Gill of Gill Capital; Eldwin Chua of Paradise Group; Vincent Ng of R.J. Crocker Consultants; and others.

Will To Win: Igniting The Entrepreneurial Passion WithinWill To Win: Igniting The Entrepreneurial Passion Within by

The 10th anniversary of Singapore's non-profit Spirit of Enterprise is celebrated in this illustrated volume. Part 1 recounts the story of SOE's first ten years of development. Part 2 looks at the achievements and working principles of 10 award-winning entrepreneurs. Part 3 gives summary profiles of the 60 very different entrepreneurs of diverse experiences who were nominated for consideration by the adjucators.

Building Your Real Estate RichesBuilding Your Real Estate Riches by Ku Swee Yong

Intended for the individual and relatively inexperienced investor these articles are by a local property expert. In Part 1, eleven articles ruminate on the property scene and Singaporeans' approaches to it. Part 2 looks at pricing, overpricing, and other aspects of residential property largely in the Outside Central Region. In Part 3 the place and potentials of commercial and industrial property investment are discussed. A final look is taken at the government's October 2012 cooling measures. Graphics and black-and-white photographs.