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Take Control Of Your Sales Now! Building Your Sales Pipeline In The 21St CenturyTake Control Of Your Sales Now! Building Your Sales Pipeline In The 21St Century by Yeo, Norman

Take Control of Your Sales Now! is a book about Lead Generation in the new age. The techniques shared by Norman in this book are from actual experiences. Norman shares his proven process, having worked with multiple clients in growing their businesses. Business owners who are serious about the growth about their businesses need to take control of their sales and scale quickly, and this book provides effective advice and tips.

Why You Should Fail: Practical Wisdom From Twenty-Three Of Singapore's Top EntrepreneursWhy You Should Fail: Practical Wisdom From Twenty-Three Of Singapore's Top Entrepreneurs by Ng, Vincent; Grace Lin

Learn the exact business strategies that helped 23 of Singapore's best and brightest entrepreneurs start and grow their companies to the multi-million empires they are today. From crafting a winning investment pitch to unleashing a consistent stream of customers, this is a book packed with tons of real life examples in every area you need to build a profitable company that lasts.

Team Skills For High PerformanceTeam Skills For High Performance by Ho, Joshua

The premise of this Human Resource guidebook is that organisations are healthier and more productive when staff relationships are strong and people understand how to work together. This guidebook can be used individually or as a basis for team training. When used for team training, team members will have fun while learning principles, making decision and maintaining a positive social environment. Readers will: Value perspectives different from their own; Know how to listen and understand other points of views; Understand the importance of two-way communication; Learn how to handle conflicts directly and in a win-win way; Understand several skills for solving technical problems together.

Preparing For A Property Upturn: Trends And Pitfalls In Real Estate InvestmentsPreparing For A Property Upturn: Trends And Pitfalls In Real Estate Investments by Ku Swee Yong

The property market goes through cycles, and an investor needs to understand market conditions for a balanced view on opportunities and risks. But how can one sift through the noise and formulate a clear strategy? Respected market analyst and fifth-time author Ku Swee Yong looks at market trends, explains the impact of government policies and dispels common misconceptions. The lead articles delve into how the residential sector will be affected by the ageing population and the expiry of many HDB flats' 99-year lease, and offer suggestions for the Concept Plan 2021. Others sketch out how the property landscape will be affected by changes in the retail scene, the adoption of FinTech, the rise of co-working & co-living spaces.

Personal Branding 247: Everything You Need To Know To Unearth And Express Your Authenticity For Personal SuccessPersonal Branding 247: Everything You Need To Know To Unearth And Express Your Authenticity For Personal Success by Chow, Andrew

Successful personal branding is the essence to turning Average Joe into Joe Extraordinaire. It is what makes you get noticed from the crowd. The way you dress, sound and behave for success - both online and offline - will determine the perception others have of you. This book is written explicitly for entrepreneurs and business owners who are keen to gain recognition as experts in their respective fields, establish their reputation and credibility to advance their careers. Personal Branding 247 is about you.

Trust Economy, The: Building Strong Networks And Realising Exponential Value In The Digital AgeTrust Economy, The: Building Strong Networks And Realising Exponential Value In The Digital Age by Diekhoner, Philip Kristian

Trust is a key enabler for economic value creation. This book introduces a world-first cyclical model for building trust in six easy, repeatable steps. Trust - much like anything without a method or systematic approach - is tough to achieve, and this book will make it easier and more effective than ever before to build the trust you need to make your innovation efforts succeed.

Resource Guide (Corporate Governance Guides For Boards In Singapore)Resource Guide (Corporate Governance Guides For Boards In Singapore) by Singapore Institute Of Directors

This Resource Guide provides readers with an overview of all seven Guides in the series, as well as useful navigational tips for both the online and printed versions. Its contents include an overview of the CG Guides series, the structure of the contents, and the format of the printed and online Guide, the key concepts and terms common across the seven Guides, and the full text of the Code of Corporate Governance. The Corporate Governance Guides series is produced by the Singapore Institute of Directors with the support of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the Singapore Exchange Limited.

Leadership Experience In Asia (2Nd Ed.)Leadership Experience In Asia (2Nd Ed.) by Lim Ghee Soon & Richard L. Daft

The Leadership Experience in Asia, Second Edition adopts the leader's perspective in exploring diverse approaches to leading all types of organizations in Asia effectively, with special emphasis on the ways in which leaders in Asia may benefit from using tested concepts and theories that have been proven to be valid in the West. The indigenous element of this Asian edition brings concepts and practices as can be found in Asian organizations to the attention of individual leaders in Asia. Learners will benefit most from this book if they complete all the assessment tools displayed across the various chapters and use the self-profiling results to reflect on their standing against the concepts and theories expounded in the respective chapters. They will learn most effectively if they can relate the contents of the chapters to their past, present, and future or potential places of work.

Fung Group At 110, The: Four Generations Of Enterprise And EvolutionFung Group At 110, The: Four Generations Of Enterprise And Evolution by Feng Bang-Yan

Chinese family businesses that continue to thrive for more than a century are few and far in between. Fung Group (formerly Li & Fung Group) from Hong Kong is one of them. Founded in 1906, the group underwent several generations of tough challenges through Fung Pak-liu, Fung Hon-chu, Victor Fung and William Fung during its 110 years of history. The group has developed from a traditional trader in the early founding years and evolved into a modern multinational enterprise, Fung Group, with headquarters in Hong Kong to provide global supply chain management services for its clients through businesses in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing, among others. Using concise and fluent expressions and valuable historical photographs, this book presents the Fung Group's 110 years of development history and experiences, in particular the transformation and expansion since the global financial crisis in 2008, innovative developments in supply chain management, corporate social responsibility as well as the development opportunities and vision under China's 'Belt and Road' Initiative strategy.

Art Of Doing Business Across Cultures, The 10 Countries, 50 Mistakes, And 5 Steps To Cultural CompetenceArt Of Doing Business Across Cultures, The 10 Countries, 50 Mistakes, And 5 Steps To Cultural Competence by Storti, Craig

People in other cultures don't always think and act the way you do. If you try to do business your way in their culture, you will make mistakes. And mistakes have consequences. This book describes 50 common cultural mistakes made in business settings in the form of short (8-10 line) conversations. It also provides five easily applicable steps to cultural competence - a framework readers can apply to identify cultural differences and communicate and act more effectively and appropriately.

Auditing: Theory And Practice In MalaysiaAuditing: Theory And Practice In Malaysia by Ferdinand A. Gul

This book gives an overview of auditing theory based on the ideas and concepts underlying agency theory, providing a history on the development of the profession as well as the auditing environment in Malaysia. It then proceeds to explain the entire audit process in a comprehensive but concise manner. Each step of the audit process is covered in detail, from client acceptance and planning, documentation of internal controls and preliminary evaluations, compliance and substantive testing, up till the issuance of the audit report. Each of the important cycles is also covered in separate chapters to give the reader a clear idea of what is needed when auditing each cycle.

Audit Committee Guide (Cg Guides For Boards In Singapore)Audit Committee Guide (Cg Guides For Boards In Singapore) by Singapore Institute Of Directors

This is the definitive guide to the roles, duties, challenges and leading practices of Audit Committees. Aimed especially at Singapore-listed companies, the Audit Committee Guide provides comprehensive coverage of the regulatory and practical aspects of the AC's work. Its contents include: The structure and composition of the AC; The organisation and conduct of AC meetings; The AC's oversight of risk management and internal controls, including control deficiencies, fraud risks, whistleblowing, data analytics, and interested person and related party transactions; The AC's role in relation to internal and external audits, and how it should engage and evaluate the internal and external auditors; The AC's responsibilities with respect to financial reporting, and the significant issues that arise; and AC-related disclosure requirements.

Asia's Financial Industry 1986-2016Asia's Financial Industry 1986-2016 by Au, Lawrence

From its infancy in the 1980's to the vibrancy today, Asia's financial industry has transformed over the past three decades. But it has been a history of boom and bust cycles. Looking back at his career from a new joiner in the industry to regional executive with several custodian banks during this period, the author has captured in this book many interesting stories, episodes and events in this fascinating development process, from the perspective of a custodian, to add some colourful dimensions to the financial history of the region.

Differentiation: How To Win In A Discruptive MarketDifferentiation: How To Win In A Discruptive Market by Chew, Wilson

The age of disruption has arrived fast and furious. Technological advances have revolutionised the global economy in ways not envisaged, engendering major established and traditional industries to wobble and slide. 'Is it too late to do anything?' According to Dr Wilson Chew, author and leading corporate strategist, the answer is an affirmative 'No'. A market that is being fiercely tested by disruptions is also a world bathed with opportunities. What is pivotal for leaders of enterprises big and small to ask is: 'What will the future global economy be driven by, where will it take place, and how do I get a piece of the action?' In Differentiation: How to Win in a Disruptive Market, Dr Chew underlines the imperatives for companies to differentiate in order to create value and win through a series of compelling strategies, bold innovation and perceptive branding. Peppered with case studies and infused with Dr Chew's insights gleaned from advising 250 fast-growing enterprises, this book aims to inspire enterprise leaders and readers to believe that it is possible to reap the fruits of differentiation in a disruptive market when you're determined to do so.

Asian Management Insights, V.3(2): Building Asian Business Schools - Hindsight, Insight & ForesightAsian Management Insights, V.3(2): Building Asian Business Schools - Hindsight, Insight & Foresight by Singapore Management University

The November 2016 focuses on how digital technologies have permeated every aspect of our lives, be it macro issues like economic development and sustainability or their impact on specific industries such as finance, education and media. Interestingly, our authors, who range from leading academics to industry experts and business analysts, are looking at innovation as a mind-set - the way business is done and the way business is run - rather than a set of activities restricted to certain silos of the organisation. The articles illustrate how governments, large corporates, and young start-ups alike are leveraging technology to achieve business and social success. Key highlights of the November 2016 issue include: ASEAN's leap to the forefront of the global digital economy; connecting India: Economic development through technology-enabled innovation; building Asian Business schools: Hindsight, insight, and foresight; Grab Taxi: Navigating new frontiers of the shared economy; is Artificial Intelligence here to stay?; the digitisation of media, and on Japanese corporate groups.

Boardroom Matters Volume Iii: Towards Effective BoardsBoardroom Matters Volume Iii: Towards Effective Boards by

The short and punchy articles by Singapore Institute of Directors Council and Committee members, and staff in this volume, range from age-old issues of directorship such as director independence and boardroom dynamics, to more contemporaneous topics such as digital disruption, black swans, and sustainability reporting.

New Era Of Management In A Globalized World: An Asian PerspectiveNew Era Of Management In A Globalized World: An Asian Perspective by Lim Ghee Soon; Chua Siew Beng Et Al

This book brings the many tested models of decision making to the Asian context. It delves into many critical aspects of organizations that junior, middle-level, and senior management must all deal with on a daily basis. These include keeping pace with a turbulent environment, key elements of various models of management thinking, management ethics, corporate culture, small business management, planning and goal setting, strategy design and implementation, decision-making processes, adaptable organizational design, change and innovation management, managing people, diversity management, human behavioral dynamics, leadership skills, employee motivation, communication, teamwork, and quality management.

Human Resource Management: An Asia EditionHuman Resource Management: An Asia Edition by Lim Ghee Soon; Robert L. Mathis; John H Jackson

In a globalized economy, students of human resource management must not only be knowledgeable about the best and universally applicable HRM theories and practices that are available, but also be informed about the contextual conveniences and limitations that may affect the actual operations of HRM in a specific country or region. This updated edition highlights universally usable HRM theories and practices sourced from leading research and reports that may be applicable to HRM in Asia, as well as case studies from countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and China to facilitate student discussions.

Competition Law, Regulation And Smes In The Asia-Pacific: Understanding The Small Business PerspectiveCompetition Law, Regulation And Smes In The Asia-Pacific: Understanding The Small Business Perspective by Schaper, Michael T; Cassey Lee (Eds.)

SMEs account for more than 90 per cent of all businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Yet SMEs are almost invisible when those competition policies and laws are developed and enforced. This book seeks to rectify the relative neglect in research and policy discussions on the role of the SME sector in competition policy and law. Drawing on contributions from a wide range of competition regulators, lawyers, academics, consultants and advisers to the SME sector, it addresses such important issues as: perceptions and views of small businesses about competition law; regulator engagement and education of the SME sector; the link between competition law and economic growth; franchising, SMEs and competition law; issues in enforcing competition law against SMEs; the role of Chinese family firms; trade, professional and industry associations; country case studies from Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR, Japan and the Pacific Islands.

First-Time Manager In Asia: Maximizing Your Success By Blending East And West Best Practices (2Nd Ed.)First-Time Manager In Asia: Maximizing Your Success By Blending East And West Best Practices (2Nd Ed.) by Tan B H

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging experiences in a person's career. It is both a time of great excitement as well as uncertainty and insecurity. First-time managers who succeed are able to make profound adjustments and adapt themselves quickly. By developing new competencies, they start to become value creators to their teams and companies. They position themselves better for greater responsibilities in the years ahead. But those who aren't able to make the critical shifts will struggle. This book will help you maximize your chances of success as a first-time manager.