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Godalisation - Singapore Painted: A Personal Primer To Collecting Singapore ArtGodalisation - Singapore Painted: A Personal Primer To Collecting Singapore Art by Teng Jee Hum

Written by veteran art collector Teng Jee Hum, this book offers a wealth of insights and observations on art collecting amassed over a period of 25 years. Sharing his personal framework to considering Singapore's art history, the book presents works by Singaporean artists that narrate the "Singapore Story", spanning the 1950s to the present. In this alternative framework proposed, Teng introduces five original and distinct categories that chart Singapore's art history: the Colonial Period (pre-1965), Nation Building Period (1965-1988), Globalisation Period (1989-2000), Paternal Production Period (2001-2015), and a new era (post-2015). A well-explained collecting methodology grounded in an in depth study of the times, with 60+ coloured images.

Voyages De RhodesVoyages De Rhodes by Thao Nguyen Phan

Voyages de Rhodes re-assembles into a book format watercolour drawings painted directly by the Vietnamese artist Thao Nguyen Phan on the pages of a found publication. The artist used as her canvas a book by French Jesuit missionary Alexandre de Rhodes (1591-1660) that describes his travel experiences and observations, including in the region of present-day Vietnam, during the seventeenth century. The artist started the project Voyages de Rhodes in 2014 and the drawings were first exhibited in a solo exhibition Poetic Amnesia (2017) curated by Zoe Butt at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the process of assembling the drawings back into the codex form, the project Voyages de Rhodes turned into artist's book, whereby the book format is an artistic medium and subject of investigation. Voyages de Rhodes highlights that a book remains inherently open-ended despite its strive for completeness, and is prone to processes of erasure, ongoing interpretation, and new associations.

Malaysia's Canvas: The Blistering Saga Of A Flash In The Pan Art RevolutionMalaysia's Canvas: The Blistering Saga Of A Flash In The Pan Art Revolution by Springer, James H.

In February 2014, an international colony of young, freewheeling and footloose artists held a group exhibition that would stand as a pivotal turning point for the future of George Town, Penang. It was an exhibition destined to make the artists household names, infamous for boldly swinging into parties and installing challenging art onto Southeast Asian walls. In this personal exposé, James H. Springer documents the lives and times of artists during the period of 2010 to 2016, telling the story of George Town's gentrification through their own influential experiences. Through childhood memories, artistic inspirations, fluctuating relationships and artwork - learn how these young artists lay a new path for George Town going into unpredictable times. Malaysia's Canvas lays bare the reality of being an artist in a developing country and the change it can inspire, with no holds barred.

New Media In ArtNew Media In Art by Rush, Michael

Modern art, reflecting and defining new intellectual, scientific, and technological developments, has radically extended the conventional media of sculpture and painting. This pioneering book, originally published in 1999 under the title New Media in Late 20th-Century Art, discusses the most influential artists internationally?from Eadweard Muybridge to Robert Rauschenberg, Bill Viola, and Pipilotti Rist?and those seminal works that have radically transformed the map of world art. For this new and expanded edition, the book has been brought completely up to date to include the latest in digital work as technology takes art in new directions. 258 illustrations, 124 in color.

Art And Soul: 80 Years Of The Nanyang Academy Of Fine ArtsArt And Soul: 80 Years Of The Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts by Leong Wen Kam

From humble art school to renowned international institution in 80 years - this is the awe-inspiring story of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Told through text, photographs and illustrations, it will relate its tumultuous but exhilarating journey from a Geylang shophouse with 14 students to the present-day Bencoolen Street campus with a 12,000-strong enrolment. It will chronicle its evolution from a private school teaching only the visual arts to a government-funded, full-fledged art academy which offers myriad courses including music, dance and theatre.

Ambitious Alignments: New Histories In Southeast Asian Art, 1945-1990Ambitious Alignments: New Histories In Southeast Asian Art, 1945-1990 by Whiteman, Stephen H.; S. Abdullah Et Al.

Ten essays by emerging scholars draw upon unexplored archives and works of art, bearing witness to rich local histories and uncovering complex artistic exchanges across Southeast Asia and beyond. This volume sheds new light on the significance of architecture, painting, installation, photography and sculpture in the historical narratives of this period and offers fresh insights into artistic production and reception within the cultural and political contexts of postcolonialism and the Cold War, the legacies of which continue to shape the region today.

President's Young Talents 2018President's Young Talents 2018 by Toh, Joyce; Andrea Fam Et Al.

The President's Young Talents exhibition and awards series is Singapore's premier mentoring and commissioning programme. Inaugurated by the Singapore Art Museum in 2001, it recognises young Singaporean artists whose practices chart new dimensions in contemporary art. President's Young Talents 2018 is the seventh edition of the series, and features new commissions from Yanyun Chen, Weixin Quek Chong, Debbie Ding, Hilmi Johandi and Zarina Muhammad. This catalogue features a dedicated section for each of the five finalists; it includes interviews or essays by the artists' mentors, the curator's illustrated reflections on each artist's working process, and statements from the artists on new commissions and past works, offering insight into the practices of Singapore's most exciting and visionary young artists.

Collectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art From Private CollectionsCollectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art From Private Collections by Lee, Sarah (Ed.)

The catalogue is published on occasion of the exhibition Collectors' Stage: Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collections , organised by the Singapore Art Museum to coincide with Art Stage Singapore 2011, a new international art fair. The exhibition presented some of the most interesting works of recent art to have been brought into private collections across the region. Themes include 'Seeing Anew; In The Name of Progess'; 'Transforming Tradition'; 'Picturing Humanity' and 'Apocalyptic Visions'.

Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum 2007Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum 2007 by

This publication is published in conjunction with the second edition of the Asian Art Museum Directors' Forum (AAMDF), held in 2007 at the Singapore Art Museum. The AAMDF was inaugurated in Beijing to recognise the important role of art museums in the development of culture, and to underscore the importance of interactions and collaborations among Asian art museums for the advancement of art and museums in Asia. The past two decades has seen a growing visibility of Asian contemporary art and a proliferation of international platforms, exhibitions and institutions in the region. Art has become an immense, internationalised industry, and public museums have to rethink the fundamentals of their roles and futures. What is the relationship between the art museum, mega-exhibitions and the cities that house them? This edition of the AAMDF attempts to address these issues and more. The publication is a compilation of the presentations made at the forum, which was attended by museum directors and art professionals from 28 institutions and across 14 countries.

File Not Found/Nouvelles Vagues At Palais De Tokyo, ParisFile Not Found/Nouvelles Vagues At Palais De Tokyo, Paris by Khairuddin Hori; Naomi Wang (Eds.)

The Singapore Art Museum is proud to co-produce File Not Found with Palais de Tokyo (PDT), Paris, as part of the latter's highly anticipated Nouvelles Vagues exhibition, a platform to showcase new curatorial strategies. File Not Found is an experimental presentation to highlight Singapore's important contemporary artists and the various art practices of our generation. It features works by Singaporean architect Randy Chan and artists Zaki Razak, Joel Yuen and Lee Wen. Negotiating on one hand historical past, ideas of spirituality, mortality and death, and positioned within institutional dialogue, File Not Found challenges and puts into context why we collaborate, the intention for co-existence and the result of cultural participation.

Minimalism: Space. Light. ObjectMinimalism: Space. Light. Object by Tan, Eugene; Russell Storer (Eds.)

Minimalism: Space, Light. Object. is an expansive global survey of the movement's influential language of reductive forms, from its Abstract Expressionist colour-field antecedents to Post-Minimalism, and how it continues to speak to artists today. In this timely re-evaluation, the contemporaneous Mono-ha movement, as well as experimentation in video, sound and performance are brought to bear on the Minimalist canon. This richly illustrated exhibition catalogue features essays by the exhibition curators and international contributors, along with conversations with artists, opening up a forum for contemporary readings of this dynamic, multivalent and pivotal movement.

Two Houses: Politics And Histories In The Contemporary Art Collections Of John Chia And Yeap Lam YangTwo Houses: Politics And Histories In The Contemporary Art Collections Of John Chia And Yeap Lam Yang by

Published to accompany the group exhibition Two houses: Politics and histories in the contemporary art collections of John Chia and Yeap Lam Yang, including Aida Makoto, Alfredo Aquilizan and Isabel Aquilizan, Elmer Borlongan, Chang Fee Ming, Dadang Christanto, Tiffany Chung, John Clang, eX de Medici, Heri Dono, Le Quang Ha, FX Harsono, Jeremy Hiah, Ho Rui An, Michael Lee, Lee Wen, Li Shurui, Phuan Thai Meng, Sopheap Pich, Qiu Zhijie, Alwin Reamillo, Chanelle Rose, José Santos III, Hiraki Sawa, Semsar Siahaan, Shi Hu, Shooshie Sulaiman, Manit Sriwanichpoom, Sun Xun, Tang Dixin, Inga Svala Thorsdottir and Wu Shanzhuan, Natee Utarit, Vandy Rattana, Wong Hoy Cheong, Zai Kuning and Robert Zhao Renhui, at the ICA Singapore.

15 Objectifs by

On occasion of its 15th anniversary, Objectifs reached out to 15 photographers and 15 filmmakers from Singapore who have been part of our family over the years. Each artist was asked to share an image that contemplates a significant point in his or her career, a moment of inspiration or a lesson to share.

Latiff Mohidin: Langkawi 1976-1980Latiff Mohidin: Langkawi 1976-1980 by

This book is published to commemorate the first exhibition of the Latiff Mohidin's sculptural paintings after 40 years. The exhibition was titled LANGKAWI (1976 -1980) by Latiff Mohidin, From the Studio Series and curated by Khairuddin Hori. It was presented as part of DISINI Festival 2018 at Block 9, #03-21, Gillman Barracks from 23 June to 22 July 2018.

Silk Through The Ages: The Textile That Conquered LuxurySilk Through The Ages: The Textile That Conquered Luxury by Callava, Trini

Silk is not just a simple fiber - it represents something meaningful, universal, perennial. This book tells the story of how the silk textile conquered the luxury world and remained prestigious throughout the ages. Examining sociological research dating back to Antiquity, the Mongol Empire, and Ottoman Turks, this book demonstrates the value of globalization and the importance of diversity through the lens of silk as an enduring luxury textile. This book will be highly marketable to international business students, and to consumers of sociology and history. It can also serve to inform the political science and international relations practitioners regarding trade debates between globalizers and protectionists.

Shibori For Textile ArtistsShibori For Textile Artists by Gunner, Janice

Shibori is one of the world's richest textile traditions in the world. Commonly associated with Japan, it is in fact a technique long used in Africa, India and South America. Combine traditional Japanese, African and Indian shibori methods with contemporary techniques to create stunning textiles that are bursting with rich, intricate patterns and bold colour. A range of techniques is covered - from tied and stitched designs to ideas for wrapping, folding, clamping, pleating and binding. Simple and safe instructions for a range of dyeing techniques are also included. Practical information is accompanied by clear instructions and diagrams, aimed at quilters, embroiderers and textile artists of all abilities.

Sunset Survivors: Meet The People Keeping Hong Kong's Traditional Industries AliveSunset Survivors: Meet The People Keeping Hong Kong's Traditional Industries Alive by Varty, Lindsay; Gary Jones (Photos)

Sunset Survivors tells the stories of Hong Kong's traditional tradesmen and women through stunning imagery and candid interviews. Covering a myriad of curious professions that are quickly falling into obscurity, from fortune telling to face threading and letter writing to bird cage making, readers soon find themselves immersed in the streets of old Hong Kong. Filled with interviews, photographs and little-known facts about the city's twilight industries, Sunset Survivors is a tribute to those who keep the flame burning in a city besieged by foreign imports and stiff competition. Survivors is more than just a travel or coffee-table book; it is a tribute to the city's character, a celebration of its roots and a guide to its evolution. Survivors is a vital piece of history.

What Is Not Visible Is Not InvisibleWhat Is Not Visible Is Not Invisible by

This bilingual catalogue was published following the What is Not Visible is Not Invisible exhibition featuring the FRAC collections in Asia. It presents the genesis, process and artworks from the exhibition, which was showcased in Singapore, Seoul and Bangkok from 6 October 2016 to 26 July 2017. Together with an essay from art critic Patrick Javault, and the introduction to the exhibition by Laurence Gateau and Anne-Claire Duprat, this catalogue includes contributions from Régine Hatchondo, Pierre Buhler, Philippe Richert, Bernard de Montferrand, Angelita Teo and Iman Ismail, Laurencina Farrant-Lee and Pichaya Aime Suphavanij. The catalogue is published by Platform in partnership with the National Museum of Singapore and supported by Institut fran?ais, Paris.

Redefining The Archaic: The Art Of Lim Tze PengRedefining The Archaic: The Art Of Lim Tze Peng by Tan Yong Jun (Essay)

Redefining the Archaic: The Art of Lim Tze Peng is a new comprehensive publication on Lim Tze Peng's life and art. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Redefining the Archaic: The Art of Lim Tze Peng at Artspace@Helutrans, 28 July - 12 August 2018, the book is authored by young historian Tan Yong Jun. The book comprises 11 chapters of study and 200 artwork images covering the different periods of Lim Tze Peng's artistic trajectory.

Wong Keen: Flesh MattersWong Keen: Flesh Matters by

Wong Keen: Flesh Matters is published in conjunction with the exhibition Wong Keen: Flesh Matters at Artspace@Helutrans, 12 July - 22 August 2018. The exhibition charts the latest development in the New York-trained artist's prolific career, which encompasses oil, ink, acrylic, mixed media, and collage works. The book features almost 100 colour illustrations from the artist's Flesh Series, with an essay contributed by Ms. Lee Chor Lin.