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Warm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life Of Georgette ChenWarm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life Of Georgette Chen by Liew, Sonny

Warm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life of Georgette Chen is Eisner-nominated comic artist Sonny Liew's response to the legacy of one of Singapore's most prominent pioneer artists Georgette Chen (1906-1993). The result is a moving portrait of Chen's life, thoughts, and dreams, a charming chronicle of her days as a precocious young painter to her winning of Singapore's prestigious Cultural Medallion in 1982. Richly illustrated in a soft, milky palette, the comic captures the quiet space of art and friendship that Chen sheltered amid a turbulent backdrop of political turmoil and personal hardship.

Space Structure 1983-1986Space Structure 1983-1986 by Huang Rui

As the prominent figure of the Stars Group, Huang Rui spearheaded the contemporary art movement in China. His rebellious spirit and independent creativity have impacted the influential traditional thinking and system pressure. His art works are the most unique and peculiar, but at the same time they are filled with critical thinking towards the nature of art. This catalogue is a review of Huang Rui's early abstract paintings between 1983 to 1986

Space Structure 1983-1986Space Structure 1983-1986 by Huang Rui

As the prominent figure of the Stars Group, Huang Rui spearheaded the contemporary art movement in China. His rebellious spirit and independent creativity have impacted the influential traditional thinking and system pressure. His art works are the most unique and peculiar, but at the same time they are filled with critical thinking towards the nature of art. This catalogue is a review of Huang Rui's early abstract paintings between 1983 to 1986

Stranger's Stranger, The by Ong, Terry; John Clang

"For several years, Mani Rao has been cutting her own fiercely singular path through the thickets of our language; with each new book her compositional values become both more light and more precise, and her gestures - for this is a poetry of intense ellipsis - more sure, more instantaneous, more stunning." ~ Vivek Narayanan"

Art Of Sports Photography, TheArt Of Sports Photography, The by Aspland, Marc

One of today's most accomplished sports photographers, Marc Aspland, presents the highlights of a storied career documenting incredible moments in sports. The Chief Sports Photographer of the London Times, Marc Aspland has been capturing the beauty and drama of sports for a quarter of a century. This elegant and luxuriously designed book contains more than one hundred images from the photographer's personal archive.

Alp: Alpine Landscape PicturesAlp: Alpine Landscape Pictures by Unverzart, Olaf

An accomplished young photographer, Olaf Unverzart, takes on an age-old subject and transforms the way we see the Alps. Disappearing glaciers, the steeply inclined asphalt roads of the Tour de France, machinery crushed by avalanches, or huge cement fortifications imbedded in rock and defying nature - Unverzart's large-format images focus on the marks humankind leaves behind when attempting to master nature.

Dennis StockDennis Stock by Corbijn, Anton (Foreword)

This stunning book is a paean to Dennis Stock, a photographer whose intimate portraits captured iconic figures and historic moments. A member of the historic Magnum Photos cooperative, Dennis Stock took classic portraits of actors, jazz singers, and hippies, as well as photographs of the natural beauty of Hawaii, the Far East, Japan, and Alaska.

Storyteller: The Photographs Of Duane MichalsStoryteller: The Photographs Of Duane Michals by Linda Benedict-Jones

Accompanying a retrospective of the pioneering photographer, this volume of more than 75 original works will thrill Duane Michals aficionados, while introducing younger viewers to an innovative artist who redefined the role of the photograph in artistic expression. Penetrating essays situate Michals within the history of 20th-century photography, explore the artist's images of sexual identity and sensuality, examine his legacy today, and address the childlike aspects of his work.

Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer Of India And Burma, 1852-1860Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer Of India And Burma, 1852-1860 by Taylor, Roger; Crispin Branfoot

This volume on Captain Linnaeus Tripe (1822-1902), who photographed extensively in India and Burma in the mid-19th century, offers brilliant pictures that display the unusual combination of a surveyor's eye and an artist's passion. This sumptuous volume features photographs from Tripe's two major expeditions: to Burma in 1854 and to southeast India in 1857. Essays explore the evolution of his practice and the importance of the sites he recorded.

Floral Jewels: From The World's Leading DesignersFloral Jewels: From The World's Leading Designers by Woolton,Carol

From the vaults of the world's most esteemed jewelers, this lavishly illustrated treasury features gem-laden blooms that will never fade away. Divided into four seasons--and the flowers that bloom in them--this book explores the history of flowers in the fine jewelry world and features dazzling illustrations, original sketches and gouache paintings showing how these blooms have been translated into pieces that are both priceless and ageless.

Fashion GermanyFashion Germany by Rink, Martina

This book presents Germany's increasingly important role in the world of fashion and tells the inside story of the designers, creative directors, stylists, and photographers, who have placed the country on the style map. In this striking collection of profiles, personal interviews, and photographs, author Martina Rink has assembled a fascinating and comprehensive picture of the people who have helped establish Germany as a driving force in cutting edge fashion.

Portraits: 50 Paintings You Should KnowPortraits: 50 Paintings You Should Know by Finger, Brad

This wide-ranging collection of 50 iconic portraits includes works by many of the world's most renowned artists, each with their own style, technique, and story to tell. Arranged chronologically, each of the 50 masterworks in this book exemplifies a moment in history, or a turning point in the artist's career. An introductory essay on the history and importance of the portrait in art history and brief biographies of each artist round out this survey.

Degenerate Art: The Attack On Modern Art In Nazi Germany 1937Degenerate Art: The Attack On Modern Art In Nazi Germany 1937 by Peters, Olaf

This book accompanies the first major museum exhibition devoted to a reconstruction of the infamous Nazi display of modern art since the presentation originated by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1991. The book contains reflections on the genesis and evolution of the term "degenerate art" and details of the National Socialist policy on art. The book also presents the after-effects of the attack on modernism that are felt even today.

Nick Cave: EpitomeNick Cave: Epitome by Bolton, Andrew; Elvira Dyangani Et Al

As electrifying and colorful as the "Soundsuits" it features, this survey of the renowned artist Nick Cave also features his latest performance work, public installations, and sculptural assemblages. The most comprehensive survey of the artist's work to date, this large-format volume compiles the fantastic Soundsuits, for which the artist is best known, together with his other sculptural work and related projects in video and live performance.

Ai Wei Wei: EvidenceAi Wei Wei: Evidence by Sievernich, Gereon (Ed.)

Accompanying a major new exhibition of Ai Weiwei's work, including many pieces made especially for the show, this book features numerous illustrations, texts by the artist as well as informed essays by leading scholars. From large installations to smaller dioramas, these works present Ai's most recent artistic expressions of resistance, courage, and historical truth.

Max Beckmann: The Still LifesMax Beckmann: The Still Lifes by Schick, Karin; Hubertus Gassner Et Al

Presenting work from every stage of the versatile artist's career, this book is the first to focus solely on Max Beckmann's still lifes. In his still lifes, Max Beckmann juxtaposed vitality with death, permanence with ephemerality. Featuring nearly eighty paintings and watercolors, this volume covers a half-century of the artist's forays into the genre.

Miro: From Earth To SkyMiro: From Earth To Sky by Fischer, Gisela; Jean-Louis Prat

Bringing together paintings, drawings, and objects by the renowned Catalonian artist Joan Miró, this book emphasizes the poetic quality of the artist's extraordinary pictorial language. This beautiful collection of works is arranged chronologically, allowing readers to appreciate the evolution of Miró's themes based on his observation of nature and its transformation in his symbolic language. Each chapter opens with an introductory text and features full color illustrations.

Alphonse MuchaAlphonse Mucha by Husslein-Arco, Agnes; Jean Louis Gaillemin Et. Al.

Now available in a new edition, this gorgeous volume surveys the entire breadth of Alphonse Mucha's work--from illustration and decorative arts to his photography and the historical paintings that were his life's passion. A stunning selection of nearly 500 color illustrations is accompanied with essays that explore Mucha's style and inspirations, his transition away from the decorative arts, and his forays into photography.

Wild LifeWild Life by Wilson, Brad

By bringing wild animals into his studio, Brad Wilson offers a unique and beautiful perspective on our non-human neighbors that sets a new standard in animal photography. This book allows the reader to fully appreciate each animal's expression, posture, size and the remarkable textures and colors of fur, hides, or feathers. From giraffes and zebras to owls and eagles, this gorgeous collection celebrates the beauty and dignity of the animal kingdom like no other book before it.

Picasso's AnimalsPicasso's Animals by Friedewald, Boris

This beautifully designed book is filled with illustrations and photographs of the many animals in Picasso's life--those he painted and drew, as well as those he loved. Organized around the different types of animals that played a role in the artist's life and body of work, each chapter offers personal accounts, amusing anecdotes, and wondrous works of art. The perfect gift for lovers of animals or Picasso's art.