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SulaimanSulaiman by Pocock, Melanie

This is the first monograph on the work of Shooshie Sulaiman. Recognised as one of Malaysia's most important contemporary artists, Shooshie draws on personal experience, emotions and memories to explore the cultural, social and spiritual frameworks that shape human understanding and experience. It charts Shooshie's journey as an artist, organizer and curator from the late 90s to the present, featuring written contributions by friends, writers and curators and illustrations of key works and projects.

Floating Threads: Indonesian Songket And Similar Weaving TraditionsFloating Threads: Indonesian Songket And Similar Weaving Traditions by Achjadi, Judi

Floating Weaves represents an attempt to catalogue float weave techniques used to decorate Batik cloth throughout the archipelago and hints at possible lines of distribution. Being a coffee-table book, photographs are an important part of the story. Our main sources for photography have been collections in Indonesia's own provincial museums and the National Museum of Indonesia with gaps filled by local collectors and foreign museums when not available in Indonesia.

Fascinating VisionsFascinating Visions by Ang Ah Tee

Ang Ah Tee is a second-generation Singaporean artist who was accorded the Cultural Medallion in 2009 by the government of Singapore. Under the tutelage of Cheong Soo Pieng and Georgette Chen, Ang has since created numerous paintings of different mediums. Amongst all, he is known for his acrylics works which allows him to paint spontaneously with speed. Coupled with the use of a knife palette, it creates a textural art form that is unique to Ang. Fascinating Visions was published in conjunction with his 10th solo exhibition, in 2010, at the Nafa Academy of Fine Arts. Featuring over 70 works all painted in different parts of the world from Ang's travels, this book bring about not only a painting but also the artist's travel experiences.

3 Parallel Artworlds: 100 Art Things From Chinese Modern History3 Parallel Artworlds: 100 Art Things From Chinese Modern History by Chang Tsong-Zung; Gao Shiming (Eds.)

This monumental new book, with essays by a spectrum of international art historians, critical theorists and artists, presents a fresh, new approach to understanding the development of modern and contemporary Chinese art through the art historical and critical framework of'three parallel artworlds'. The'100 Art Things' of the book's title refers to the special selection of 100 artworks shown in the 'Hanart 100: Idiosyncrasies' exhibition in January 2014, the narrative of which was constructed around this theoretical framework.

300 Tang Poems - Volumes 1 & 2 In Small-Standard-Script Calligraphy300 Tang Poems - Volumes 1 & 2 In Small-Standard-Script Calligraphy by Lau, Daniel Chak-Kwong

This book represents the culmination of Dr Daniel Lau's pursuit of Chinese calligraphy. Adopting the traditional format of horizontal handscrolls, the original 18-metre long work that forms the basis of the book presents an intriguing synergy between Lau's exacting transcriptions of Tang-era poems in small character standard script, and complementary self-inscriptions in big-character seal script. Characterised by a strong sense of pliancy in handling the brush, Lau's work emphasizes the rhythm of the 'lifting' and 'pressing' of the brush tip and the contrast between light and heavy strokes. The results are enchanting, tinged with expressive touches and rich tonal variations.

Story Of Cheong Soo Pieng, TheStory Of Cheong Soo Pieng, The by Ho Sou Ping

This is the first bilingual publication on the life and art of revered art master, Cheong Soo Pieng. A pioneer of the Nanyang art movement and an eminent figure in the development of fine art in Singapore, Cheong Soo Pieng (b. 1917 - 1983) is widely regarded as one of the most prolific artists of his generation. The book contains up to 200 artwork illustrations, including a large number of never-been-seen works in various private collections. Apart from discussing Soo Pieng's multifaceted practice, the content has been chronologically outlined to help readers understand the diverse styles that emerged and were synthesized during the different periods of the artist's career.

Milenko Prvacki: E La Nave Va (And The Ship Sails On)Milenko Prvacki: E La Nave Va (And The Ship Sails On) by Prvacki, Milenko

This exhibition features a new series of works on long-format paintings and works on paper, which were developed during the artist's residency at 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, California. Following his major survey exhibition in 2012, these new works find Milenko Prvacki venturing into the reflexivity of his own longtime artistic oeuvre, opening up his thick visual dictionary and letting its content afloat on the table. This comprehensive catalogue features over thirty paintings and one hundred and seventy works on paper made in the past three years, including an incisive essay "Learning to float, Or meditating on the table" by contemporary art historian, writer and curator Prof. Tony Godfrey.

Born In Malaysia: A Photographer's JourneyBorn In Malaysia: A Photographer's Journey by Loh, Kenny

In 2010, Kenny Loh came back to Malaysia after almost two decades and found that so much has changed. Everything was different and new. With camera and notebook in hand, he set out to rediscover the land of his birth. Born in Malaysia is the result of this three-year journey. It highlights a Malaysia in transition. Many of the traditional crafts and businesses that once drove the local economy had entered their twilight. It celebrates the individuals from all walks of life who have played their part in building this nation.

Art Plural: Voices Of Contemporary ArtArt Plural: Voices Of Contemporary Art by Peppiatt, Michael

Art is now a globalized phenomenon, with artists from all corners of the world showing their works on an international stage as never before. How do we begin to understand the ensuing multitude of different directions in contemporary art? In Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art world-renowned art historian and writer Michael Peppiatt joins with Swiss gallerist Frédéric de Senarclens of Art Plural Gallery, as well as over 25 leading contemporary artists, to share their thoughts on this diverse art scene. While Peppiatt frames their work in a historical context, the artists themselves reflect deeply on their influences, styles, techniques and messages through personal interviews in this lavishly illustrated book.

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist As CollectorMagnificent Obsessions: The Artist As Collector by

Throughout history artists have collected objects for professional and private reasons. Picasso, for example, collected African and Oceanic art. This book takes a look at the private collecting habits of modern and contemporary artists including Arman, Peter Blake, Hanne Darboven, Edmund de Waal, Damien Hirst, Howard Hodgkin, Dr Lakra, Sol LeWitt, Martin Parr, Jim Shaw, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andy Warhol, Pae White, Martin Wong and Danh Vo. Their holdings range from mass-produced memorabilia and popular collectibles, such as cookie jars and children's toys owned by Warhol, to unique curiosities and specimens, like Blake's collection of Walter Potter taxidermy and other curios and rarefied artifacts, such as Japanese antiquities owned by Sugimoto. Presented alongside key examples of their work, these objects provide insight into the inspirations, influences, motives and obsessions of their owners.

Paintings That Revolutionized Art, ThePaintings That Revolutionized Art, The by

What makes the Book of Kells such an extraordinary example of illuminated manuscript? Why is Durer's self-portrait so iconic? How did Turner's Rain, Steam, Speed turn the art world on its head? Art history is filled with paintings that shocked, intrigued, enraged and mystified their audiences - paintings that exemplified the period in which they were created and forever changed the way we think. Here, one hundred examples of these icons of art are presented in beautiful, high-quality reproductions. Each double-page spread features lavish illustrations and details as well as engaging texts that explain why the painting belongs in the pantheon of world-changing art.

Sanyu: Catalogue Raisonné Drawings And WatercolorsSanyu: Catalogue Raisonné Drawings And Watercolors by Wong, Rita

This is the third in a series of four books that is dedicated to documenting all known artworks by Sanyu. This catalogue includes 211 known watercolors by Sanyu, as well as selected drawings that serve as a sampling of Sanyu's drawing styles. As the sheer number of drawings (1,840) precludes any practicality of printing them all on paper, a complete image index on flash drive is included. Previously published catalogue raisonnes include two volumes of Sanyu's oil paintings. The fourth book, planned for publication in 2015, will catalogue the artist's prints. This series of publications devoted to the art of Sanyu is part of the Archives of Modern Chinese Art, a program of the Li Ching Cultural and Educational Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan.

Quaint Quarterly Issue #02: ProgressQuaint Quarterly Issue #02: Progress by Gonzalez, Jonathan (Ed.)

Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal curating curiosities from the four corners of the web. Primarily focused on long-form articles and eye-catching illustrations, all the content is handpicked for readers who want to read challenging and insightful materials in a well-crafted format. Issue #02 includes the work of writers and visual artists who greatly contributed to imagining the future, be it from a literary standpoint - science fiction - or from an institutional perspective. From new modes of transport and communication machines to transformed social norms, these thinkers defied the unwritten laws of academia and the known limitations of technology to envision countless advances that would, for better or for worse, completely change the way we live.

Luminous Depths: A Contemporary Project On The MuseumLuminous Depths: A Contemporary Project On The Museum by Lee Mingwei; Alan Chong

This book chronicles, through photographs and an extended interview with the artist, an installation at the Peranakan Museum. Artist Lee Mingwei that explored issues of archaeology, memory, connoisseurship, and rebirth in this work of art that invited visitor participation. Lee's creation was inspired by his first visit to the museum: upon entering, he recalled his grandparents' home, where light cascading from the skylight, sounds, and aromas coming from different floors, "became a sort of multisensory symphony in my mind".

Vision And Verity: Works In Bronze And Marble By Anna Chiara SpelliniVision And Verity: Works In Bronze And Marble By Anna Chiara Spellini by

This publication featuring 57 works in bronze and marble by Anna Chiara Spellini was published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title held at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2013.

Everywhere I Went, My Sketchbook Was Sure To GoEverywhere I Went, My Sketchbook Was Sure To Go by Drewscape

A book of sketches around Singapore by Drewscape. Self-published, off-set printed on the best papers he could find, and with flaps, this 64-page book contains some of his favourite black and white sketches created between 2008 and 2014. You will find drawings from his daily life wherever he went because he always brought his sketchbook and pens with him. These pages also contain notes/stories about each drawing, entirely written with drewscape's own hand. And not just notes but also some essential "secret" drawing tips that he abides by.

Journey In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao HuaJourney In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao Hua by

To record the artist's 40 years' journey in painting, this book is published on the occasion of Journey in Art: Retrospective Exhibition by Fan Shao Hua, organised by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, from 21 March - 8 April 2015. This richly illustrated publication contains extensive writing from art critics, and includes many pages of artworks from the artist's early works as well as his sketches and paintings in various mediums and themes.

Journey In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao HuaJourney In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao Hua by

To record the artist's 40 years' journey in painting, this book is published on the occasion of Journey in Art: Retrospective Exhibition by Fan Shao Hua, organised by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, from 21 March - 8 April 2015. This richly illustrated publication contains extensive writing from art critics, and includes many pages of artworks from the artist's early works as well as his sketches and paintings in various mediums and themes.

Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize 2014Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize 2014 by

The triennial Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize was inaugurated in 2008 by the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation and Singapore Art Museum. Recognising the most outstanding contemporary work by both emerging and established artists over the last three years, the prize puts the spotlight on compelling works of visual art from across the Asia Pacific region. This comprehensive exhibition catalogue features works nominated and exhibited during the third edition in 2014. A total of 105 works were nominated from 24 countries and territories, and a juried panel selected 15 finalist works which were shown at the museum. Staying true to contemporary practice, the entries for the 2014 edition demonstrate a diversity of medium, innovative approaches to genre and materials, and strong conceptual ideas. The critical essays and artist and nominators' statements in this volume address topical issues and collectively shed light on the region's contemporary art landscape and also on concerns and conversations relevant in society today.

Auspicious Designs: Batik For Peranakan AltarsAuspicious Designs: Batik For Peranakan Altars by Lee, Peter; Fiona Kerlogue

This catalogue focuses on a group of 72 batik altar cloths recently donated to the Peranakan Museum. Families traditionally used embroidered cloths made in southern China, but in the early 20th century, the cloths began to be made of Javanese batik. Essays by Peter Lee, discussing the use and historical context of altar cloths in Southeast Asia, and by Fiona Kerlogue, on the significance of the designs on the cloths, complement beautifully illustrated entries on each cloth.