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Loka Made :ArtbookLoka Made :Artbook by

Loka made :artbook is a series of illustrations that started in 2011. Its inception came when FeiGiap had a chance to visit Kuala Pilah. The rustic landscape and architecture inspired him to produce artworks with local influences. Also included in the book are the different stages of his artworks upon the completion of his illustrations.

Complete Essays, 1973-1991, TheComplete Essays, 1973-1991, The by Ghirri, Luigi

Published for the first time in English, this volume comprises 68 texts in which Luigi Ghirri explores the subjects at the core of his photographs - the themes of identity, time, memory, vision, representation, and sense of place. As a voracious reader with a particular taste for the eclectic, Ghirri also reaches outwards from his own practice to explore the history of photography as he considers the work of Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Robert Adams and John Gossage, weaving in references to musicians, writers and painters alike. Together, the essays offer an unintentional yet comprehensive treatise on the history and theory of photography, and above all, they constitute a special form of autobiography.

Anselm Kiefer: The WoodcutsAnselm Kiefer: The Woodcuts by Hoerschelmann, Antonia

Unlike hardly any other contemporary German artist, Anselm Kiefer has rendered the horrors of recent history and created profound works of art with mythological, religious, and philosophical themes. Subtle layers that alternately cover as well as uncover one another; that contain the knowledge of the inevitable transformation and dissolution of all matter monumental and material-related at once. All of these fundamental elements also inform his woodcuts. This catalogue accompanies the retrospective of the same name at the Albertina.

Let's Mix All Media Together & Hans Dieter HuberLet's Mix All Media Together & Hans Dieter Huber by Herausgegeben Von Paflik-Huber; Hannelore

Over the last decades, it has become evident that art theorists no longer pursue a comprehensive cultivation of style analogous to developments in art. In this publication, internationally renowned art theorists, philosophers, and media theorists now approach the concept of the image through classic analyses of images and aesthetic inquiries, as well as through attempts to invent a new scholarly concept of art.

Inabel: Philippine Textile From The Ilocos RegionInabel: Philippine Textile From The Ilocos Region by Valenciano, Al; Regalado Trota Jose Et Al

This book celebrates the weaving traditions of 'Abel' fabrics. It highlights the Ilocano brand of craftsmanship, as well as the local people's ingenuity and industriousness. It recognises the men and women of the Ilocos communities who keep centuries-old weaving traditions alive and flourishing. Authored by scholars and experts on Inabel, this book showcases more than 80 vibrant and colourful Ilocano handwoven textiles from past to present. It illustrates the evolution of the Inabel from the 1800s to contemporary times, highlighting the recurring traditional themes and motifs inspired by nature and man.

Nature Design: From Inspiration To InnovationNature Design: From Inspiration To Innovation by Sachs, Angeli (Ed.)

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the design of the human environment, but in recent years this relationship has grown even more intense. Nature Design brings together projects and objects from design, architecture, landscape architecture, photography, and art that have been inspired by nature to develop complex and innovative works. The protagonists include Werner Aisslinger, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Peter Eisenman, Zaha Hadid, Herzog and de Meuron, Ross Lovegrove, Olaf Nicolai, Francois Roche, and Lars Spuybroek. The book covers the historical and theoretical fundamentals of the themes sea, topography, plants, human beings, animals, scent, and climate. Nature Design is intended to reveal the diversity of possibilities for copying and reinventing nature and to open up new perspectives.

Art-Led Participative Processes: Dialogue & Subjectivity Within Performances In The EverydayArt-Led Participative Processes: Dialogue & Subjectivity Within Performances In The Everyday by Goh, Jay

Art-Led Participative Processes encapsulate artist Jay Koh's public participative methodology, which emphasises agency, critical engagement, the ownership of actions and knowledge, the answerability of self to others, and a contribution to social change. It is the outcome and distillation of 24 years of a rigorous and reflexive practice and of rich experiences in social engagement with others, subjected to cross-disciplinary doctoral research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. This book, condensed from Koh's thesis, offers ALPP as a viable, responsive and dynamic methodology for an inter-subjective participatory art practice that motivates and validates the independence of participants.

Symbols Of Power: Luxury Textiles From Islamic Lands, 7Th-21St CenturySymbols Of Power: Luxury Textiles From Islamic Lands, 7Th-21St Century by Mackie, Louise W.

For centuries, luxury textiles were symbols of status, wealth, and power at Islamic imperial courts from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, setting standards for beauty and fueling prosperous, urban economies. This book offers an unparalleled examination of Islamic luxury textiles, drawn from the Cleveland Museum of Art's exemplary collection as well as from museums on four continents. Leading scholar Louise W. Mackie offers a generous overview of the cultural significance of these textiles, as well as descriptions of primary motifs and patterns, and explanations of various techniques used in their production.

Kamakura: Realism And Spirituality In The Sculpture Of JapanKamakura: Realism And Spirituality In The Sculpture Of Japan by Covaci, Ive (Ed.)

The Kamakura period (1185-1333) is considered a pinnacle of Japanese artistic expression, often described as a renaissance in Buddhist art. This catalogue is the first in over two decades to examine the exquisite sculpture of this period, artwork characterized by an intense corporeal presence, naturalistic proportions, a sense of movement, realistic drapery, and lifelike facial expressions animated by eyes made of inlaid crystal.. Essays by noted scholars explore the sculptures' arresting exteriors and powerful interiors, examining the technical and stylistic innovations that made them possible, and offering new context for their ritual and devotional uses.

GodsmackedGodsmacked by Teng Jee Hum

Through the 90-odd paintings in this book, Teng Jee Hum hopes to share his feelings about what it has been like to be a Singaporean in the last 50 years or so. Many of the images are the artist's take on the first Prime Minister of Singapore and his policies in governing Singapore.Critiques of Teng's work are also included in the book.

Quaint Quarterly Issue #03: IdentityQuaint Quarterly Issue #03: Identity by Gonzalez, Jonathan (Ed.)

Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal focused on long-form articles and lively illustrations. Curated from the four corners of the web, the content aims to bring unique ideas and challenging points of view to readers. Issue #03 includes the work of writers and visual artists who are fascinated by the concept of identity and its many socio-cultural ramifications. From the brain's ability to process memories and thoughts to the complex social constructs that lead to habits, convictions, and beliefs, all the contributors featured in this issue try to make sense of the elements that define who a person truly is.

My Friendship With Singapore's Greatest PainterMy Friendship With Singapore's Greatest Painter by Ch'ng Poh Tiong

This is the first English biography of Tan Swie Hian, who holds the record for the highest price for a painting by a living South-East Asian artist. The biography also reveals how Tan Chan Pok, the artist's father and the wealthiest man in Bagansiapiapi, Sumatra, escaped an assassination attempt. Drawings by the painter's beloved mother, Madam Lie Soie, are also published for the first time. So too the latest calligraphy by Tan Swie Hian, his only self-portrait, early works from the 1970s, and an extensive portfolio.

Russian Modernism: Cross-Currents Of German And Russian Art, 1907-1917Russian Modernism: Cross-Currents Of German And Russian Art, 1907-1917 by Akinsha, Konstantin (Ed.)

Russian Modernism is dedicated to the radical modernist movements in Russian and German art during the early years of the 20th century. It explores the direct connections and collaborations of German and Russian artists and the affinities between both countries' artistic development. Russian Modernism maps the Russian version of expressionism and puts it in the context of the history of 20th century art.

Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso by Duchting, Hajo

Now available again, this lively and accessible introduction to one of the world's most beloved artists is filled with color illustrations, fascinating biographical information, and insight into Picasso's artistic development. This book not only provides a solid background on Picasso's monumental body of work, but also offers entertaining anecdotes, historical context, and a fresh perspective on an enigmatic and endlessly compelling figure.

Henri Matisse: Drawing With Scissors: Masterpieces From The Late YearsHenri Matisse: Drawing With Scissors: Masterpieces From The Late Years by Berggruen, Olivier; Max Hollein

Henri Matisse's paintings and drawings are some of the most revered in the art world and his cutouts are widely believed to represent the zenith of his artistic career. When Jazz, Matisse's revolutionary handmade book of paper cutouts, was published in the early 1940s, it was considered a dramatic departure for the artist. Eventually he came to consider the cutout as his primary artistic medium. This collection of superb reproductions and critical essays offers a chance to appreciate the full spectrum of Matisse's work.

Marc Chagall: Drawings For The BibleMarc Chagall: Drawings For The Bible by Bachelard, Gaston; Beatrice Hernad

Marc Chagall was captivated by the Old Testament, and its stories and heroes were a major influence on his work. First published in 1960 as a limited edition artist's book, this series of lithographs depicts some of the Bible's most beloved stories, including the Creation, the expulsion from Paradise, the rivalry of Cain and Abel, Hagar's escape to the desert, and Job's travails. Like all of his work, Chagall's depictions of these stories are filled with color and bold strokes, symbolism and tradition, humanity and poetry.

Klee And Kandinsky: Neighbors, Friends, RivalsKlee And Kandinsky: Neighbors, Friends, Rivals by Baumgartner, Michael; A. Hoberg; C. Hopfengart

Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky were towering figures of the modernist movement and were close, both as friends and artists. This unique book explores their 30-year relationship, from the time of the Blue Rider group around 1912, to the Bauhaus years in Weimar and Dessau until the late 1930s.

50 Artists You Should Know50 Artists You Should Know by Koster, Thomas; Lars Roper

This attractive, useful, and entertaining collection of great artists and great art is a course in art history for readers of all ages. This bestselling reference guide profiles 50 major artists alongside their representative works. The entries are presented in an eye-catching format that features superb illustrations, brief biographies, and critical analyses. Arranged chronologically, the selection of artists includes every major artistic movement and development since the Gothic period, giving readers a clear understanding of the evolution of the visual arts. Perfect for casual reading or easy reference.

Fact Has No Appearance, A: Art Beyond The ObjectFact Has No Appearance, A: Art Beyond The Object by Chikiamco, Clarissa; R. Storer; A. Tan (Eds.)

This publication is the catalogue for A Fact Has No Appearance: Art Beyond the Object, an exhibition curated by Clarissa Chikiamco, Russell Storer and Adele Tan at National Gallery Singapore from 22 January to 19 June 2016. The exhibition looks at the impact of new ideas on art in Southeast Asia during the 1970s through case studies on three artists: Johnny Manahan (Philippines), Redza Piyadasa (Malaysia), and Tan Teng-Kee (Malaysia/Singapore). It will feature essays by the curators on each artist, as well as rich images of the artists' work, installation views and biographical information.

Earth Work 1979 - Tang Da WuEarth Work 1979 - Tang Da Wu by Toh, Charmaine (Ed.)

Earth Work 1979 is the exhibition catalogue of Tang Da Wu's Earth Work 1979, an exhibition curated by Charmaine Toh in Concourse Gallery 2 at National Gallery Singapore from 22 January to 29 May 2016. The catalogue includes essays, interviews, newspaper articles and artwork and exhibition images.