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Wu Guanzhong: Beauty Beyond FormWu Guanzhong: Beauty Beyond Form by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

A master of contemporary Chinese art, Wu Guanzhong is celebrated for his distinctive synergy of Western oil painting and Chinese ink aesthetics, as well as his modernisation of Chinese ink painting. This catalogue accompanies the National Gallery Singapore's exhibition that showcases Wu's oeuvre over five decades, and inaugurates the permanent gallery dedicated to the artist. Accompanying essays within expand upon themes of the exhibition, and offer insight into Wu's beliefs in relation to the function of art.

Taxi ArtTaxi Art by West, Allison Haworth

Taxi Art is a celebration of the 'art' on the dashboards of Hong Kong taxis. After many years of shooting and the many adventures and that went with it, Allison West has produced a book of images that portrays the 'worlds' that are created inside their taxis by taxi drivers on their dashboards and hanging from their rear view mirrors. The art of the Hong Kong taxi is a cultural phenomenon. Whether it is a superhero, a cartoon character, a religious icon, a plant, some fresh jasmine or just a line up of multiple phones in stands - many of the dashboards of Hong Kong taxis tell a story. Sometimes carefully curated, other times haphazardly placed, they are part of the driver's world that they share with their passengers.

Catkaling: Bubble InstantsCatkaling: Bubble Instants by Leung, Catherine

Bubble Instants is an experimental photography book, with all the photographs taken from bubbles. Human eyes can hardly see any patterns of the bubbles, but Leung spent her time in experimenting them with many different ways. The outcomes are spectacular. As a poet herself, she complements the photos with poems.

Love Is Wild: Portraits On The EdgeLove Is Wild: Portraits On The Edge by Lee, Sean Davis

Lee-Davies has spent the last four years travelling across Africa and Asia, documenting endangered wildlife and meeting with leading conservationists such as Jane Goodall, Dame Daphne Sheldrick and Richard Bonham. Top Chinese models and actresses Jennifer Tse, Gaile Lok, Mikki Yao, and Jocelyn and Anthony Sandstrom have joined Lee-Davies on a number of expeditions, being photographed in extreme conditions up close to rhinos, elephants, lions and whale sharks.

Sketches Of The Southside: Aberdeen Harbour And Repulse Bay To Stanley Market And Shek OSketches Of The Southside: Aberdeen Harbour And Repulse Bay To Stanley Market And Shek O by Roberts, Lorette

Hong Kong's Southside - the glimmering stretch of coastline from Aberdeen, through Repulse Bay, Stanley and Tai Tam, to Shek O - is a weekend paradise of restaurants, markets and beaches. These attractions are all captured by Lorette Roberts in this book but, in her familiar style, she has discovered much more. There are vignettes of the old villages; sketches from visits to Ocean Park, two museums and a pristine marine reserve; a sampan trip around Aberdeen Harbour, and a secret tunnel to underground wine cellars. Whether you are a resident or a first-time tourist, this book will introduce you to new and delightful aspects of the Southside.

President's Young Talents 2015President's Young Talents 2015 by

The President's young Talents exhibition and award series is Singapore's premier mentoring and commissioning programme. Inaugurated by the Singapore Art Museum in 2001, it recognises young Singaporean artists whose practices chart new dimensions in contemporary art. The 2015 President's Young Talents is the series' sixth edition, and features new commissions from Ang Song Ming, Bani Haykal, Ezzam Rahman, Loo Zihan and Ong Kian Peng. Coinciding with Singapore's 50th year of independence, the exhibition celebrates artistic innovation and the pioneering spirit of contemporary art. The catalogue features a dedicated section for each of the five finalists; it includes interviews, mentors' perspectives and a curatorial essay, as well as showcasing both the artists' past works and their new commissions, offering a comprehensive overview of, and insight into, the practice of Singapore's most exciting and visionary young artists.

Time Of OthersTime Of Others by Hashimoto Azusa; M.Juri; S.Meiko; F.Yasuko (Eds.)

Time of Others features works of artists responding to social, historical and geopolitical concerns at this present juncture of living in a more interconnected world today, where notions of boundary, difference and Otherness have also become more complex. A survey of contemporary art from the Asia Pacific region, the exhibition is co-curated by Singapore Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, National Museum of Art Osaka and Queensland Art Gallery, and will travel to the four museums from 2015 to 2016. This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue features essays and artwork captions by the international curatorial team of Time of Others.

Art.Lifestyle.Environment: The Farrer Park Company Art CollectionArt.Lifestyle.Environment: The Farrer Park Company Art Collection by Helfer, Richard (Ed.)

This is a book about the unique and intuitive process of creating an art collection. It chronicles a three-year journey - from genesis of vision to the reality - of conceptualising and commissioning a rich collection. Over 700 original two- and three-dimensional abstract and contemporary artworks, 90 percent of them specifically commissioned for spaces where they have been installed, are by established and emerging artists from Greater Asia. Art. Lifestyle. Environment bears testament of the daring endeavour of The Farrer Park Company to present the possibility of how art can infuse style and life into a space.

Eurasian Collection, TheEurasian Collection, The by

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday, the Eurasian Association published "The Eurasian Collection", a compilation of artefacts and family heirlooms, some more than 100 years old, displayed at the Eurasian Heritage Centre. Each item has its own symbolism, sharing Eurasian history, traditions and culture. Under the categories of family & home, jewellery & apparel, sports & music, religion, wedding and World War Two, this book features items such as household ornaments, kitchenware, pottery, old photos, books, traditional clothes, toys, jewellery and accessories, sports equipment, musical instruments, religious and wedding items, as well as documents, medals and swords from WWII.

Boo Sze Yang: Forever At Crossroads Conversations With The WorldBoo Sze Yang: Forever At Crossroads Conversations With The World by Wong Shu Yun

Boo Sze Yang, born in Singapore in 1965 has devoted his life to painting. His works have travelled the world in both solo and group exhibitions to Asia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. This first monograph on the artist documents his work from 1995 to 2014. It includes biographical details and a survey of his oeuvre. Essays by Kwok Kian Chow, Michael Lee, Seng Yu Jin, Ian Woo and Wong Shu Yan meditate on Boo's artistic expressions and preoccupations.

Batik, Traditional Textiles Of Indonesia: From The Rudolf Smend & Donald Harper CollectionsBatik, Traditional Textiles Of Indonesia: From The Rudolf Smend & Donald Harper Collections by Smend, Rudolf; Donald Harper

Batik occupies a special place in Indonesian culture. The extraordinary textiles in this book are from the collections of Rudolf Smend and Donald Harper. Most date from the period 1880 to 1930 when the art of batik reached its apogee. Having collected historic batik for over thirty years and published two books on the subject, Rudolf Smend has invited his friend and fellow batik specialist Donald Harper to contribute his fine collection to this publication as well. None of the batik in this book have been published before. They represent an exquisite cross-section of the batik production of Java-the most important batik-producing region in the world.

Making Of National Gallery Singapore, TheMaking Of National Gallery Singapore, The by Ang, Pauline Et Al

The National Gallery Singapore is one of the largest art institutions in the region. The buildings of the Gallery are themselves works of art, rich with culture and heritage. Housed in the City Hall and former Supreme Court, the Gallery was developed over a period of 10 years, including painstaking restoration and conservation of the two buildings. This beautifully illustrated volume tells the story of the making of the Gallery.

Seeing The Kites Again: The Wu Guanzhong Donation CollectionSeeing The Kites Again: The Wu Guanzhong Donation Collection by Siew, Sara (Ed.)

This book features all 128 Wu Guanzhong works in the National Collection of Singapore. It is complemented by four essays which contextualise the artist's life and practice, as well as a biographical timeline.

Chua Ek Kay: After The RainChua Ek Kay: After The Rain by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

Chua Ek Kay is one of Singapore's leading ink practitioners. This National Gallery Singapore exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Chua's artistic development as well as pivotal milestones in his career. It features key works, ranging from 1975 to 2007, including some of his final works. This is the first time such a comprehensive survey has been carried out. This publication documents the artist family's generous donation to the national collection and provides an overview of Chua's career through his key works and major thematic series. It also contains newly commissioned essays and a detailed biographical timeline.

Between Declarations And Dreams: Art Of Southeast Asia Since The 19Th CenturyBetween Declarations And Dreams: Art Of Southeast Asia Since The 19Th Century by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

The National Gallery Singapore's opening exhibition "Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia since the 19th Century", featuring more than 300 artworks, aims to provide a regional narrative of the modern art of Southeast Asia from the 19th century to the present. This exhibition catalogue, which includes a number of important essays, was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Siapa Nama Kamu? Art In Singapore Since The 19Th CenturySiapa Nama Kamu? Art In Singapore Since The 19Th Century by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

The National Gallery's exhibition "Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th Century" aims to provide visitors with an understanding and appreciation of Singapore art, its development and links with Southeast Asia, Asia and other parts of the word. It features more than 400 artworks, each significant in it own respect. This exhibition catalogue, which includes a number of important essays, was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Park Seo-Bo: From Avant-Garde To EcriturePark Seo-Bo: From Avant-Garde To Ecriture by Lim, Kate

The story of Park Seo-bo is not simply the biography of a unique, highly disciplined master whose work defies categorisation, it is the story of the evolution of modern art in South Korea. Kate Lim shows how the artist's development exemplifies the cross-fertilisation of eastern and western thinking that is reaching out to international audiences in the first truly globalised era of art. This book offers an important in-depth evaluation of the artist's work that continues to evolve into the present.

Seasons - Lim Yew KuanSeasons - Lim Yew Kuan by Tan, Bridget Tracy

Lim Yew Kuan's early paintings offer a rare glimpse into an archive of his unpublished earlier works, unfolding aspects of his training, practice and travels around Southeast Asia and the world. They open up to viewers Lim's personal development, change and culmination of experience as an artist, traced across 60 years of artistic practice. Of the works created during the art residency in Paris, Lim offers a fresh perspective for how his painting and vision have matured thus far. At 87 years, Lim Yew Kuan remains inspired, interested and involved. He is a consummate artist. His desire to keep developing his practice is telling of his perseverance as an exemplar, a key icon who continues to contribute to and expand the national canon.

25 Years Of The Substation: Reflections On Singapore's First Independent Art Centre25 Years Of The Substation: Reflections On Singapore's First Independent Art Centre by

This book features the accounts of 25 artists and people who have been associated with The Substation since its founding in 1990. The book is organised around 25 words, which serve as entry points for an extended conversation about The Substation, its stakeholders, and Singaporean society and the arts.

Yonfan's Bugis StreetYonfan's Bugis Street by Chan, Kenneth

Bugis Street was famous for being a haunt of transgender prostitution in the early decades of postcolonial Singapore. Since then the site has been a source of touristic obsession and local cultural anxiety. In his 1995 film Bugis Street, director Yonfan brings the short lane back to vivid cinematic life. By focusing on the film's representations of queer sexualities and transgender experience, this book contends that the under-appreciated Bugis Street is a significant instance of queer transnational cinema. The film's playful yet nuanced articulations of queer embodiment, spatiality, and temporality provide an unexpected intervention in the public discourses on LGBT politics, activism, and cultures in Singapore today. This book's arrival at a much more complicated and contradictory picture of the discursive Bugis Street, through the examination of Yonfan's film and a range of other cultural and literary texts, adds a new critical dimension to the ongoing historical, geographical, sociological, ethnographic, and artistic analyses of this controversial space.