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Quaint Quarterly Issue #01: NostalgiaQuaint Quarterly Issue #01: Nostalgia by Gonzalez, Jonathan (Ed.)

Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal curating curiosities from the four corners of the web. Primarily focused on long-form articles and eye-catching illustrations, all the content is handpicked for readers who want to read challenging and insightful materials in a well-crafted format. This issue, number 01, features the work of thinkers, writers, and artists whose work is heavily influenced by the idea of Nostalgia. From personal blogs to international publications, from opinion pieces to academic papers, from amateur photographers to award-winning painters, the work gathered is a snapshot of all the incredibly thought-provoking content that can be found online and yet does not necessarily reach all constantly-connected people.

Equilibrium: Wong Perng FeyEquilibrium: Wong Perng Fey by Kiwitt, Ronald; Martina Ziesse; Haffendi Anuar

This large format book is a groundbreaking body of work by Wong Perng Fey. Wong Perng Fey (b. 1974, Kuala Lumpur) is an artist that has built his reputation as an experimental and versatile painter. His works are in many prominent public collections. His gestural paintings of figures, nature and natural vistas fluctuate between abstraction and figuration with an acute sensitivity to colours, layers and textures.

Edward Hopper MasterpiecesEdward Hopper Masterpieces by

This glorious book allows the reader to revel in Hopper's most well-known and masterful works; but it also enables you to rediscover the artist, to delve further than the obvious paintings in order to fully understand his motivations, and then to reassess his works in a fresh light. All the while his works are cross-referenced, so you get the most out of the paintings.

Japanese WoodblocksJapanese Woodblocks by

Woodblock printing is a traditional artistic medium in Japan most renowned for its use in ukiyo-e or 'floating world' prints. Both moving and mesmerising, this medium captures scenes with considerable atmosphere and vibrancy. Beginning with a fresh and thoughtful introduction to Japanese woodblock art, this book goes on to showcase key works by artists such as Katsuhika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige.

Sculpture Square/ Re: Defining SpaceSculpture Square/ Re: Defining Space by

In 1999, history was made when a 130-year-old former chapel at 155 Middle Road became the venue for Sculpture Square, Singapore's first arts centre for contemporary 3D art. Fifteen years and hundreds of exhibitions later, SSQ, as the arts organisation has come to be known, moves on from its historical space to take on a new role in the advocacy of visual arts. This book tells the story of the first 15 years of SSQ, from the time it boldly redefined what an old dilapidated chapel could do, to defining the visual landscape of Singapore.

Pesona Hulu Keris: The Beauty Of Kris Hilt From The Collection Of Aswin WirjadiPesona Hulu Keris: The Beauty Of Kris Hilt From The Collection Of Aswin Wirjadi by

The various shapes of kris hilts are an art manifestation, often with mythological contents and background stories. This beautifully illustrated book, bilingual in English and Bahasa Indonesia, showcases the beauty of a range of kris hilts. Includes bibliographical references in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Bromo: A Perpetual ReminderBromo: A Perpetual Reminder by Sigit Pramono

One of Sigit Pramono's collections of photography, the photos in this book were taken over a time span of more or less six years, and also contains poems from a prominent poet and senior journalist Goenawan Mohamad.

Bromo: The Majestic Mystical MountainBromo: The Majestic Mystical Mountain by Sigit Pramono

Bromo has become the icon that represents the entire Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Sigit Pramono's choice using the panoramic format in creating material for this BROMO photography book is an optimal choice for presenting the astonishing soul of the Tengger area.

Dunia Batik: Seorang JultinDunia Batik: Seorang Jultin by E.A Natanegara: Judi Knight Achjadi

Sejak Dahulu berbagai peristiwa ekonomi, sosial, politik, budaya telah membuat Jawa Barat menjadi belanga pencampuran berbagai budaya. Ini semua terlihat dari kain yang diproduksi, terutama pengaruh dari provinsi tetangga (Jawa Tengah), sebagai salah satu pengaruh tebesar yang jejak-jejaknya begitu jelas selain pengaruh bangsa asing yang kental mewarnai batik di pesisir Pantai Utara Provinsi Jawa Barat. Buku ini bukan saja membahas perkembangan batik Jawa Barat, tetapi juga memperkenalkan secara singkat budaya tekstil/kain di Tatar Sunda. Koleksi pribadi Jultin H. Kartasasmita yang ada didalam buku ini menjadi cerminan kayanya budaya batik di Provinsi Jawa Barat.

EastwardEastward by Westlake, Martin

Martin Westlake is a British photographer who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 1988. His photographs have been published in magazines, newspapers and books worldwide. This book is a compilation of his works over 20 years of living and travelling in Asia.

Warm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life Of Georgette ChenWarm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life Of Georgette Chen by Liew, Sonny

Warm Nights, Deathless Days: The Life of Georgette Chen is Eisner-nominated comic artist Sonny Liew's response to the legacy of one of Singapore's most prominent pioneer artists Georgette Chen (1906-1993). The result is a moving portrait of Chen's life, thoughts, and dreams, a charming chronicle of her days as a precocious young painter to her winning of Singapore's prestigious Cultural Medallion in 1982. Richly illustrated in a soft, milky palette, the comic captures the quiet space of art and friendship that Chen sheltered amid a turbulent backdrop of political turmoil and personal hardship.

Space Structure 1983-1986Space Structure 1983-1986 by Huang Rui

As the prominent figure of the Stars Group, Huang Rui spearheaded the contemporary art movement in China. His rebellious spirit and independent creativity have impacted the influential traditional thinking and system pressure. His art works are the most unique and peculiar, but at the same time they are filled with critical thinking towards the nature of art. This catalogue is a review of Huang Rui's early abstract paintings between 1983 to 1986

Space Structure 1983-1986Space Structure 1983-1986 by Huang Rui

As the prominent figure of the Stars Group, Huang Rui spearheaded the contemporary art movement in China. His rebellious spirit and independent creativity have impacted the influential traditional thinking and system pressure. His art works are the most unique and peculiar, but at the same time they are filled with critical thinking towards the nature of art. This catalogue is a review of Huang Rui's early abstract paintings between 1983 to 1986

Reflections In Nanyang: Recent Works By Alumni Artists - Club Nafa 10Th Anniversary Art Exhibition by Lim, Iris

105 alumni and friends of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) from Singapore and beyond have come together for a joint exhibition, 'Reflections in Nanyang: Recent works by alumni artists', to celebrate Club NAFA's 10th anniversary. Club NAFA was established in 2004 as a platform for alumni, staff and friends of NAFA to network and foster deeper friendships while promoting artistic dialogue among the community. 'Reflections in Nanyang' showcases a medley of subject matter depicted in oil, acrylic, watercolour, Chinese ink, mixed media, print, metal relief and ceramic, representative of the various art forms taught at NAFA. The visual language of 105 artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia offers a fresh perspective into art-making in the Southeast Asia region today, a language which imbibes the Nanyang spirit of creative pursuit underwritten by a strong artistic tradition. The participating artists include second generation artists Tay Chee Toh and Tan Kian Por who are also Cultural Medallion recipients, Young Artist Award recipient and NAFA lecturer Lim Poh Teck as well as former NAFA presidents Choo Thiam Siew and Ho Kah Leong. Many of the alumni artists were taught by the pioneer artists of Singapore who were an integral part of NAFA in its early days, and many returned to their alma mater to nurture the next generation of arts talents.

Fan Chang Tien: The Literati Artist 1907-1987 by

Fan Chang Tien was an influential Chinese-Singaporean ink artist. He was taught by Wang Geyi and was a second-generation disciple of the grand master of the Shanghai School, Wu Changshuo. After arriving in Singapore Fan went on to teach a whole generation of important Singaporean artists that included Chua Ek Kay and Ling Cher Eng. Fan Chang Tien: The Literati Artist brings together over 160 of the artist's finest works, many from his family's private collection and previously unpublished. This book is separated into four main sections: Landscapes & Figures, Bamboo and Other Black and Whites, Birds, Flowers & Fish, and Selection from the National Collection, Singapore. There are also informative bilingual essays from pre-eminent experts in Chinese ink art as well as pieces written by Fan's daughter that give an insight into his life and inspiration. The poetry that is featured on many of Fan's artworks has been translated into English for the first time.

Stranger's Stranger, The by Ong, Terry; John Clang

"For several years, Mani Rao has been cutting her own fiercely singular path through the thickets of our language; with each new book her compositional values become both more light and more precise, and her gestures - for this is a poetry of intense ellipsis - more sure, more instantaneous, more stunning." ~ Vivek Narayanan"

Art Of Sports Photography, TheArt Of Sports Photography, The by Aspland, Marc

One of today's most accomplished sports photographers, Marc Aspland, presents the highlights of a storied career documenting incredible moments in sports. The Chief Sports Photographer of the London Times, Marc Aspland has been capturing the beauty and drama of sports for a quarter of a century. This elegant and luxuriously designed book contains more than one hundred images from the photographer's personal archive.

Alp: Alpine Landscape PicturesAlp: Alpine Landscape Pictures by Unverzart, Olaf

An accomplished young photographer, Olaf Unverzart, takes on an age-old subject and transforms the way we see the Alps. Disappearing glaciers, the steeply inclined asphalt roads of the Tour de France, machinery crushed by avalanches, or huge cement fortifications imbedded in rock and defying nature - Unverzart's large-format images focus on the marks humankind leaves behind when attempting to master nature.

Dennis StockDennis Stock by Corbijn, Anton (Foreword)

This stunning book is a paean to Dennis Stock, a photographer whose intimate portraits captured iconic figures and historic moments. A member of the historic Magnum Photos cooperative, Dennis Stock took classic portraits of actors, jazz singers, and hippies, as well as photographs of the natural beauty of Hawaii, the Far East, Japan, and Alaska.

Storyteller: The Photographs Of Duane MichalsStoryteller: The Photographs Of Duane Michals by Linda Benedict-Jones

Accompanying a retrospective of the pioneering photographer, this volume of more than 75 original works will thrill Duane Michals aficionados, while introducing younger viewers to an innovative artist who redefined the role of the photograph in artistic expression. Penetrating essays situate Michals within the history of 20th-century photography, explore the artist's images of sexual identity and sensuality, examine his legacy today, and address the childlike aspects of his work.