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Artist Speaks, The: Georgette ChenArtist Speaks, The: Georgette Chen by Lee, Joanna, Sara Siew

Through wars and revolutions, triumph and tragedy, loves lost and enduring, Georgette Chen forged an artistic vision that till today continues to enchant and inspire, and that renders her one of Singapore's most prominent artists. Chen's remarkable story is told here through her very own words, selected from an extensive archive spanning five decades. Together with her paintings, they constitute a compelling portrait of the artist's gentle spirit. The Artist Speaks series presents an intimate look at artists through their words and works, tracing the ideas, influences and experiences - as told by artists themselves - that constitute a vision.

Kandy Esala Perahera: A Photographic JourneyKandy Esala Perahera: A Photographic Journey by Nadija Weeraratne (Photos)

The Esala Perahera in Kandy is one of the oldest and grandest of all Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka, featuring dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and lavishly decorated elephants. This labour of love by Nadija Weeraratne is a compilation of beautiful photographs of the pageant taken over a period of eleven years.

Retrographic: The World's Most Iconic Images Transformed Into Living ColourRetrographic: The World's Most Iconic Images Transformed Into Living Colour by Carroll, Michael

Through the careful selection of striking images and dedicated colourization research, Retrographic will take you on a visual tour of the distant past. Many of these moments are already burned into our collective memory through the power of photography as shared by people across the 177-year long Age of the Image. And now, these visual time capsules are collected together for the first time and presented in living colour. Littered with informative gems and a powerful narrative that bounces themes of conflict, exploration, progress, regression, culture and hope across the Age of the Image, Retrographic is the ultimate celebration of human civilization's most impactful medium.

Georgia O'keeffe: Visions Of Hawai'iGeorgia O'keeffe: Visions Of Hawai'i by Papanikolas, Theresa

This book explores Georgia O'Keeffe's love for Hawai'i through more than 15 paintings inspired by the beautiful landscape. In 1939, Georgia O'Keeffe, who at 51 was among the most famous artists in the United States, accepted a commission from the Hawaiian Pineapple Company to produce two paintings for advertising campaigns. Her nine-week trip to Hawai'i resulted in 20 paintings, which reveal that O'Keeffe - most commonly associated with the stark deserts of New Mexico - was profoundly inspired by what she saw and experienced on the lush, tropical Hawaiian Islands. This groundbreaking volume offers a unique perspective by foregrounding the ecological complexity of the Hawaiian Islands - one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth - that is hidden behind O'Keeffe's depictions.

Paper Material, Medium, MagicPaper Material, Medium, Magic by Holt, Neil; Nicola Von Velsen

Wide-ranging and multi-faceted this intriguing and beautifully produced book will change the way you relate to paper in an increasingly "paperless" society. While sheets of paper are disappearing from our homes and offices, the medium is experiencing a renaissance in the worlds of art, design, and architecture. Suddenly, paper is everywhere - but not only in the old familiar places or forms. This fascinating book looks at every aspect of paper: its history, composition, production, application, and trade. Beginning with the anatomy of paper and its earliest forms, this book looks at paper as a symbol of political and economic importance and as a carrier of ideas, from literature to art, design, and music. It looks at the different surfaces, opacities, weights and volumes of paper and how it is used for printing, typography, graphics, and maps as well as a vehicle for origami, architecture, and fashion. Sumptuously illustrated with photographs and drawings, this book includes a variety of papers for readers to examine and feel, highlighting the sensual aspects of this seemingly ordinary product.

After Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal In Asian Contemporary ArtAfter Utopia: Revisiting The Ideal In Asian Contemporary Art by Singapore Art Museum

In naming his fictional island 'Utopia', writer Thomas More conjoined the Greek words for 'good place' and 'no place' - a reminder that the idealised society he conjured was fundamentally phantasmal. Yet, the search and yearning for Utopia is a ceaseless endeavour. Predicated on a sense that the world is not enough, utopian principles and models of worlds have been perpetually re-imagined, and continue to haunt our consciousness through the centuries. Drawing mainly from the Singapore Art Museum's permanent collection, as well as artists' collections and new commissions, the exhibition After Utopia sought to ask where and how we have located these expressions of both our innermost yearnings as well as our contemporary realities. This fully illustrated catalogue features critical essays as well as artwork captions by the curators of After Utopia: Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art.

Medium At Large: Shapeshifting Material & Methods In Contemporary ArtMedium At Large: Shapeshifting Material & Methods In Contemporary Art by Singapore Art Museum

Medium at Large explored the idea of medium in contemporary art, probing some of the most fundamental and pressing questions of art - its making, and also our experience, encounter and understanding of it. The exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) revelled in the rich expanse of materials that contemporary artworks can be made of, and from, with artwork media ranging from oil paint to rattan, human hair, bullet shells, as well as 'dematerialised' media like sound and language. Encompassing 31 Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary artworks that were largely drawn from SAM's permanent collection, the exhibition examined the fluid nature of art as concept, process, method, and material. This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue features five curatorial essays that reflect upon a range of issues surrounding contemporary art, such as the notion of time as a material, the relationship between painting and photography, the meaning of material(s), and how contemporary art is collected in a museum.

Bencharong: Chinese Porcelain For SiamBencharong: Chinese Porcelain For Siam by Rooney, Dawn F.

Bencharong, a unique class of Chinese export ware, was made exclusively for Thai royalty and the ruling elite in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Enamelled porcelain containers and dishes for the table and boudoir are resplendent in kaleidoscopic colors inspired by verdant, tropical vegetation. Lai Nam Thong ('gold-washed'), a variant, takes the opulence of this ware to a pinnacle by adding gold as an embellishment. Although Bencharong belongs both in place and time to the broader tradition of Chinese export art for the European and American markets, it is distinctively Thai in style and aesthetics. A wealth of lavish illustrations, many never before published, are visual revelations of Bencharong's splendor. The author traces the history of Bencharong from the renowned kilns of Jingdezhen to enamelling centres at coastal ports in southern China and its final destination - Ayutthaya and Bangkok.

Vibrancy In Stone: Masterpieces Of The Da Nang Museum Of Cham SculptureVibrancy In Stone: Masterpieces Of The Da Nang Museum Of Cham Sculpture by Tran Ky Phuong, Vo Van Thang Et Al

This catalogue assembles sumptuous photographs of the world's leading collection of Cham sculpture, along with the most recent insights of Vietnamese and international scholars. The Champa culture thrived in magnificent temples, sculpture, dance and music along the central and southern coast of today's Vietnam from the 5th to the 15th centuries. A focused exploration here uncovers this brilliant yet almost lost culture to newcomers as well as experts. To mark its centenary, the Dà Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture has been expanded and refurbished to appropriately house the world's leading collection of Cham art. The museum staff, supported by the Southeast Asia art programme of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SoaS), London University, funded by the Alphawood Foundation, worked in concert with researchers from around the world to present these masterpieces.

Chasing DreamsChasing Dreams by Swiatkowski, Dennis

Growing up between the Netherlands and South Africa, Dennis Swiatkowski knew early on that sunny climates suited him best. As a result, much of his fashion photography emanates with warm, dreamy light. This gorgeous book features signature works including spreads in Glamour, Elle, and Vice and for brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger. Many of these photographs feel like cinematic stills, capturing moments of a larger story. Others celebrate expansive landscapes - beaches, mountains, grassland, and forests. Together they show why this young photographer is one of the most sought-after in his field.

Graphic Design For Art, Fashion, Film, Architecture, Photography, Product Design & Everything In BetweenGraphic Design For Art, Fashion, Film, Architecture, Photography, Product Design & Everything In Between by Cooke, Andy

This guide explores ways in which graphic designers can successfully collaborate with other creative professionals and sectors, whether it be a more sophisticated logo for a product, a better-designed lookbook for a fashion brand, or a more intuitive wayfinding system for a museum. The book features exceptionally conceived design solutions across a variety of industries - from architecture and product design to art, fashion, and film. Through dynamic spreads, readers will discover the Berlin-based studio Hort's transformative campaign for Nike; Base's responsive, flexible logo for Munich's Haus der Kunst museum; how design agency Bond worked with ArtRabbit, a website and app that catalogs contemporary art exhibitions, on a clever identity rollout; and how John Haslam, managing director of bespoke paper company G.F Smith, feels about the process of working with designers. Each example illustrates the significance of the graphic designer's role in making a campaign marketable and successful. Insights from clients and the designers themselves reveal the inner workings of the design process. An indispensable reference for the graphic design industry, this visually arresting and informative volume shows how excellence can be achieved when creative minds work together.

50 Contemporary Artists You Should Know50 Contemporary Artists You Should Know by Weidemann, Christiane; Brad Finger

From painters and photographers to sculptors and performance artists, fifty of the most influential contemporary artists are profiled in this colorful and engaging book that traces the various artistic movements and radical changes of the second half of the twentieth century. Presented chronologically, each artist is featured in one or two double page spreads that include brilliant reproductions of their most important works, a succinct text about their work and life, an insightful biography with key dates in their career, and informative background on major developments in the art world. As diverse and inspiring as the artists themselves, this book is a voyage of discovery into art's cutting edge.

50 Impressionist Paintings You Should Know50 Impressionist Paintings You Should Know by Engelmann, Ines Janet

No artistic education is complete without a healthy dose of Impressionism. Here fifty of the most important works from the early nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries are gorgeously reproduced, including the best of Monet, Degas, van Gogh, Renoir, Cézanne, Cassatt, Manet, Seurat, and Pisarro. Each piece is given a brief overview establishing its place in the Impressionist pantheon as well as in its artist's oeuvre. An introductory text explains the Impressionistic style, tracing the movement's development, while an appendix offers biographies of the artists. The result is a veritable tour on Impressionism, offering an enjoyable and practical art history lesson that everyone can enjoy.

Mohan Samant: PaintingsMohan Samant: Paintings by Samant, Mohan

Mohan Samant (1924 - 2004), among the earliest of the post-Independence modern Indian artists to train in India and settle as a successful mature artist in the West, has been called 'one of the few artists who has successfully made the bridge between Eastern and Western traditions.' This volume, the definitive work on the artist, presents a comprehensive overview of Samant's life and work, and includes essays on his place in the development of modernism in post-Independence India, a chronological survey of the styles, techniques, and themes employed by the artist and analyses of the media and techniques he utilized.

Chandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier's City TodayChandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier's City Today by Fynn, Shaun

A photographic journey through a remarkable modernist landscape, it pays homage to the works of Le Corbusier with reflective observations on Chandigarh.

Yan Wang Preston: ForestYan Wang Preston: Forest by Cheatle, Zelda; Amy Cutler (Text)

Planting trees, you put down roots. And what about those who dig them up? In China, the country where cities are springing up, transplanting nature is big business. In the photo series Forest Yan tracks down many uprooted creatures that are now in concrete deserts, once again questioning our sense of the meaning of homeland.

India: Art NowIndia: Art Now by Gether, Christian; S. Hoholt; R. Hoskute Et. Al.

Contemporary art in India has enjoyed a tremendous flourishing since the early 1990s. As Indian artists establish an ever-stronger presence on the global art scene, India: Art Now shows how their negotiations of the global and the local are yielding fascinating fruit. Leading Indian critics, scholars, writers and artists discuss new developments and artistic positions in Indian contemporary art, and its role on the global art scene.

Contemporary Korean PhotographyContemporary Korean Photography by Suejin Shin (Ed.)

The 77 photographers selected in this project observe and interpret social and cultural changes in Korea from their own perspectives. Korea is expressed through portraits, cityscapes, records of daily life and digitally reconstructed works by, among others, Bien-U Bae, Sungsoo Koo, Soonchoel Byun and Sanghyun Lee.

Michael Rakowitz: Backstroke Of The WestMichael Rakowitz: Backstroke Of The West by Kholeif, Omar (Ed.)

Iraqi-American Michael Rakowitz's provocative multimedia projects confront popular political histories, particularly those of the US and Iraq. Whether serving Iraqi cuisine from his Enemy Kitchen food truck alongside Iraqi refugees and war vets, or recreating items lost during the 2003 looting of the National Museum in Baghdad, Rakowitz works to address the trauma created by Saddam Hussein's regime and the US. The book explores ten of Rakowitz's most renowned works and a new commission.

In The Fields Of Empty Days: The Intersection Of Past And Present In Iranian ArtIn The Fields Of Empty Days: The Intersection Of Past And Present In Iranian Art by Komaroff, Linda

The past is a continuous and inescapable part of Iranian art and culture. This book beautifully demonstrates this notion with examples dating from the 1970s to the present - a time of turmoil and political upheaval. Featuring a dizzying variety of works - from paintings and photography to political cartoons and posters - this volume shows how contemporary artists appropriate and recontextualize myth and history to tell powerful new stories about life in Iran.