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High-Rise City Frankfurt: Buildings And Visions Since 1945High-Rise City Frankfurt: Buildings And Visions Since 1945 by Schmal, Peter Cachola; Philipp Sturm (Eds.)

There are more than 100 buildings in Frankfurt that stand over 50 metres tall. This book examines the most historically and architecturally significant of them, placing them in the socio-political, economic and cultural contexts of their respective periods. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings, plans and building models, the volume examines not only existing buildings but also those that were either never developed, or that have been demolished.

Best High-Rises 2014/15: The International High-Rise AwardBest High-Rises 2014/15: The International High-Rise Award by Schmal, Peter Cachola

The latest volume in this annual series of outstanding architectural projects profiles the most innovative buildings in Germany and by German architects. This edition of the well-established DAM series of architecture annuals offers a close examination of the winning project--a primary school in Munich that ingeniously blends an urban housing development for the whole community with an optimal learning environment for students.

Golden Lands, The: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam - Architecture Of The Buddhist WorldGolden Lands, The: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam - Architecture Of The Buddhist World by Lall, Vikram

This is a groundbreaking survey of the Buddhist architecture of Southeast Asia, abundantly illustrated with new color photography and 3-D renderings. It is the first volume in a projected six-volume series that will take a new multidisciplinary approach in showing how Buddhist thought and ritual have interacted with local traditions across the Asian continent to produce masterpieces of religious architecture. The Golden Lands is devoted to Southeast Asia. Following a general introduction to the early history of Buddhism and its most characteristic architectural forms (the stupa, the temple, and the monastery), Lall examines the Buddhist architecture of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos in turn. For each country, he provides both a historical overview and case studies of noteworthy structures.

Black And White: The Singapore House 1898-1941 (Updated) by Davison, Julian

The unique Black and White house in Singapore is the most distinctive and imposing of the island's colonial architectural legacy. Surviving examples are testament to their physical and aesthetic durability - a unique tropical style with a colourful pedigree of architectural influences. In this updated edition, an additional chapter on residential life in these extraordinary homes adds depth and added information to an already comprehensive book. The colonials of yesteryear enjoyed a life of undisputed privilege - and even today, many of these beautiful houses continue to serve their original purpose as gracious family homes. Others have been adapted successfully as restaurants, offices and artisan's studios. Researched, written and photographed with flair, Black and White traces their evolution through the architects and practices that designed them - houses as relevant today as when they first appeared over 100 years ago.

Sthapatyakam: The Architecture Of CambodiaSthapatyakam: The Architecture Of Cambodia by

This magazine pamphlet features seven essays about Cambodian architecture, as well as a student response to what Cambodian architecture means to them. Featuring topics from low-cost housing in Phnom Penh to the relocation of citizens to Borei Keila, the guide is helpful for those studying the culture of this country, and for architects with a vested interest in heritage development.

Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee's: Shen Zhi Jia Shu And Hai Ji ZhanKapitan Chung Keng Kwee's: Shen Zhi Jia Shu And Hai Ji Zhan by Tan Yeow Wooi

One of the most remarkable personalities of nineteenth century Malaya, Chung Keng Kwee - millionaire philanthropist, tin mining pioneer, political leader, founder of Taiping - left an indelible contribution to Penang's cultural heritage. He commissioned two adjacent buildings, the magnificent ancestral hall Shen Zhi Jia Shu and the prestigious family mansion Hai Ji Zhan, that stand today as a lasting testimony to another age. This innovative and beautifully-illustrated book offers a unique insight into Chung's life and how it found expression in the splendour of his architectural creations.

Wild ConcreteWild Concrete by Jacquet-Lagreze, Romain

Wild Concrete is a series about resilience of nature in an urban environment. Focusing solely on the phenomena of trees sprouting from residential buildings in the busy districts of Hong Kong, Wild Concrete compares the living conditions between plants and humans both growing in a harsh surroundings. In pursuit of a small patch of blue sky in the vertical city of Hong Kong, Romain looked up to the skyscrapers and developed the Vertical Horizon series. Returning with Wild Concrete, Romain has continued with his fla nerie through the same concrete jungle.

Vertical Horizon (Second Edition)Vertical Horizon (Second Edition) by Jacquet-Lagreze, Romain

This is the second edition of Vertical Horizon. Vertical Horizon is a photographic journey between the buildings of a relentlessly growing city. It is a deep immersion into the city s thick atmospheres, and a visual record of clues in a search for the missing element that brings unity to its wildly diverse built environment. Both introverted and extroverted, Vertical Horizon is a contemplative dive into the raw nature of Hong Kong and an expression of its vertical elan.

Art Of Living, The: Residential Architecture In The Islamic WorldArt Of Living, The: Residential Architecture In The Islamic World by Guaita, Ovidio

A publication by Italian photographer and architecture historian Ovidio Guaita, "The Art of Living - Residential architecture of the Islamic World" is supplemented by a wealth of colour photographs, detailed architectural sketches and charming anecdotes. The far-reaching influence of Islamic culture is apparent in the images of the dwellings featured in this historical, geographical and cultural documentary. The areas covered in this publication are the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. It was produced in conjunction with the photo exhibition on 'The Art of Living'.

Norman Foster: Works 6Norman Foster: Works 6 by Jenkins, David

Norman Foster is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking architects at work today. This volume features more than 1,000 plans, sketches, and photographs of some of Foster's most renowned projects, including London's new Wembley Stadium, Germany's Dresden Station, and Beijing's new international airport. In addition to offering insights into individual projects, this volume contextualises Foster's work, identifying themes and connections, discussing influences and inspirations, and invoking a host of historical, cultural, and architectural references.

Myanmar Architecture: Cities Of GoldMyanmar Architecture: Cities Of Gold by Ma Thanegi

Spanning a period of more than a thousand years, Myanmar Architecture captures the historical essence of a rich culture influenced by trade, Buddhism and colonialism. From ruined temples that are all that remain of the long-lost Pyu to the magnificent richness of the bejewelled, golen form of the Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar is home to some of the most magnificent structures ever built. Splendid ruins dot the plains of Mrauk U and there is no other place quite like Bagan, the kingdom of the Four Thousand Temples. Behind the facades of the royal cities of Ratnapura, Amarapura and Yadanabon is a marvellous history of kings and ancient customs. Explore the traditions that dictate every fine detail in the design, contruction and decoration of palaces, places of worship and even ordinary homes. See how colonial influences have left their mark in the modern cities of Mandalay, Yangon and Mawlamyine. Myanmar Architecture represents a rare chance to gain an insight into the rich traditions, culture and history of a country long-hidden from the outside world. Full-colour photographs capture the ancient spirit of this beautiful land and an informative text reveals the secrets behind its architectural treasures. New in paperback.

Amanah: An Architect's JourneyAmanah: An Architect's Journey by Longuet, Christine Rohani

AMANAH: An Architect's Journey traces the works of Nik Mohamed Mahmood, a pioneer in Malaysian architecture. It showcase the works closer to his heart, the private residences and mosques, besides snapshots of his achievements. His journey provides a glimpse of a gracious man whose dedication to his craft is well known, garnering a professional reputation in South East Asia.

Global DesignGlobal Design by Anker, Peder; Louise Haroman; Mitchell Joachim

This book examines the possibilities for scaling design solutions to global warming. By placing human rational, emotional, technological, and social needs at the center of our environmental concerns, this book proposes a new global design initiative. The aim is to develop a language of design that can create proximity between individual responsibility and the current global environmental crisis.

Velo City: Architecture For BikesVelo City: Architecture For Bikes by Blyth, Gavin

From racetracks to commuter paths and from bike sharing to bridges, this comprehensive survey details every aspect of this brave new cycling world. Drawing on the latest trends in bike design and fashion it places each project in context to provide an eclectic visual record of the world built around cycling.

Incubations: A Guidebook To Procuring Innovative ArchitectureIncubations: A Guidebook To Procuring Innovative Architecture by Lee, Andrew; Jeremy Chia

As Australia celebrates the blossoming of its architectural and design culture in recent years, AA Asia embarked on a journey to discover and investigate some of the factors behind this success in the cities of Melbourne and Hobart. Incubations is a compilation of spontaneous impressions during the journey - expressed in essays, maps, images and conversations - as well as a visual celebration of original, inventive architectural manifestations.

Urban Growth Strategies: Mumbai LessonsUrban Growth Strategies: Mumbai Lessons by Apte, Prakash Madhusudan

What should be a city's Vision Plan? How should a Region and City development plan be prepared? What is the impact of liberalization and policies like the establishment of Special Economic Zones? How can urban floods be contained in cities closer to the sea coast? The author has answered these questions by drawing lessons from his Mumbai experience as an urban development specialist.

Story Of Romanesque Architecture, TheStory Of Romanesque Architecture, The by Prina, Francesca

Part of a new, accessibly written, and generously illustrated series on architecture through the ages, this book features Romanesque architecture's most important architects, buildings and cities, interior and exterior photographs, detailed images, drawings, and plans. The book offers a general introduction to Romanesque architecture, discusses the characteristics of the style, and the commonly used techniques and materials.

Insular Sight: Where Art And Architecture Conspire With NatureInsular Sight: Where Art And Architecture Conspire With Nature by Muller, Lars; Akiko Muki (Eds.)

The islands of Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima in Japan's Seto Inland Sea are places of pilgrimage for friends of contemporary art and architecture. Alongside works in public spaces as well as site-specific installations, the islands are also full of numerous museums and collections of contemporary art. This publication offers a comprehensive documentation of this unique cultural landscape surrounded by Japan's inland sea. The photographs by the Dutch photographer Iwan Baan, ranging from tiny details to giant panoramas, create a comprehensive portrait of the islands with their fluid transitions between nature, art, and architecture.

Public Space In Urban AsiaPublic Space In Urban Asia by Lim, William S.W.

These 20 papers by architects, designers, historians and planners drawn together in Asian Urban Lab offer forward-looking views of public space needs and usages in today's ever-developing Asia. They include ten case studies on: Singapore's Bukit Brown graveyards, the Railway Corridor, void decks and hawker centres; on carnivalism in Chongqing; public space policy in Hong Kong, in Jakarta, in the historical diversity of Kuala Lumpur and in relation to illegal architecture in Taiwan. Three commentaries on underlying political public issues follow. In the five papers in Part 2, doyen William Lim and others look at many necessities for future change and power rebalance in Asia and at spatial justice issues. With bibliography, black-and-white photographs, graphics and index.

Balinese ArchitectureBalinese Architecture by Davison, Julian; Bruce Granquist

Traditional Balinese houses, temples and pavilions are designed to allow man to exist in harmony with the natural forces of the universe-reflecting core Balinese beliefs about man's place in relation to the cosmos, the gods, the ancestors, and the world around him. In this one-of-a-kind book, author Julian Davison provides a comprehensive guide to Balinese architectural forms, the Balinese belief system, the rituals associated with building, the materials and construction techniques, and the intricate ornamentation used.